Impulsive Buying and Retail Therapy

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Table of Contents

S No| Chapters| Page No|
1.| Chapter 1Introduction| 4|
2.| Chapter 2Review Of Literature| 5|
3.| Chapter 3Methodology| 6|
4.| Chapter 4Data Analysis| 7|
5.| Chapter 5Summary| 13|
6.| Chapter 6Conclusion| 15|
7.| Chapter 7Bibliography| 16|
8.| Chapter 8Appendix| 17|

List of Tables

Table N o.| Table name| Page No.|
1.| Demographics of Respondents| 7|
2.| Modes of Shopping| 8|
3.| Modes of Payment| 8|
4.| Credit/ Debit Cards Owned by the Customer| 9|
5.| Impact of Shopping on Mood| 10|
6.| Traits and behaviours about the Customer during shopping| 11| 7.| Experiences of customers during shopping| 12|

List of Figures

Figure No.| Details of Figure| Page No.|
1.| Modes of Payment| 8|
2.| Card Holders (Users of plastic money)| 9| 3.| “Happiness” factor of shopping| 10|
4.| Different “Buying Behaviours” exhibited by shoppers| 11| 5.| Shopping ambience experience| 12|

Chapter 1

Over the last decade, India has seen a drastic change in how an average-income citizen shops. There has been a sharp rise in the organized retail sector especially after the relaxation of FDI restrictions, resulting to these changing patterns. Instances of impulsive buying have risen due to reasons like higher disposable income with the younger generation, improvements in the income levels of the people and emergence of the new higher middle class. This study will also look into whether both credit and debit cards haveeased the fear of people running out of cash while shopping. Such occurrences if observed may help the organized retail sector in its enlargement across various cities in India.

1. To analyze the intensity of the use of plastic money while buying. 2. To identify the importance of visual merchandising in impulsive buying and retail therapy.

1. The study was limited to buyers in Pune.
2. The study is limited to mall shoppers.

Chapter 2
Review of Literature

Jiyeon Kim conducted a study on College Students’ Apparel Impulse Buying Behaviors InRelation To Visual Merchandising, with a sample of 240 students, in the year 2003, in Korea. He found that: The result of the study proved that there is a pivotal relationship between college students’impulse buying behaviors and two types of visual merchandising practices: in-storeform/mannequin display and promotional signage. It also suggests thatvisual merchandising practices serve as stimuli that provoke a desire thatultimately motivates a consumer to make an unplanned purchase decision upon entering the store that significantly influence consumers’ impulse buying behaviors. Also, window display and floormerchandising appeared not to be significant factors that influence college students’impulse buying behavior.

HettyKaruniaTunjungsari, in year 2011, conducted a study on Retail Therapy: Do Foreign Brands Give More Satisfaction than Local Brands?With a sample of 200 students in Jakarta(Indonesia). She found that Indonesian consumers did not buy local brands’ gadget, but 6.5 percent of gadgetwith foreign brands were bought during retail therapy shopping. Indonesian consumers’ perceived that foreign brands will create better satisfactioncompared to local brands.The study investigated the underlying reasons for this circumstance to better understand Indonesian consumers’ product preferences. Other product categories such as electronic and home appliances, automotive accessories, jewelry andothers also differ in percentage between local brands and foreign brands.

Chapter 3
1. Selection of Topic:
The topic selected for the research was “The Emerging Instances of Impulsive Buying and Retail Therapy”.

2. Sample Size:
Samples were taken from people going to mall and organised retail...
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