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A study of the boutique and its marketing technique
1、 Main body of the assignment:
This paper discuss as a marketing consultant how can I task to do the following question. The case study show Ms Jacqueline Perci Koh is the owner of a medium size boutique in downtown Orchard Road.The boutique was setup by her mother ,Mrs Mary Koh,who lived in UK for many years.Jacqueline was born in UK and at the age of 15,the family moved to Singapore.She worked very hard and rose quickly to become the Senior Manager.The boutique was painfully build up by her mother over the past 20 years.Her mother needs new plan to turn the business around,cause have lot of competitor around her boutique .But she is getting old and not as energetic as before,so she needed helps from someone with good management knowledge and skills to run the business and inject some fresh ideas.After some serious thinking numerous discussion with her mother,Jacqueline decided to take up the challenge.She do a lot of research ,and discussions with groups of consumers confirm that wearing up-market fashion clothing is emerging as an important lifestyle symbolizing everying that is modern,young ,trendy and desirable.Presently,the main business of her boutique comes from the regular customers who her mother acquainted over the years.As a good friend and a marketing consultant for help Jacqueline.

Q1、Research on the marketing approach adopted by some successful boutique. In this paper we will discuss about the marketing approach adopted of Zara. It is now one of the most valuable, in fact 2nd, brands in the world. In 2006, its brand value was more than 5,100 million dollars. In fact, Zara is the only brand from Spain which belongs to the list of top 100 valuable brands in the world. Currently Zara is the second most valuable brand in the world with respect to growth. Business Week, the leading business magazine, and Interbrand, a brand consultancy of US, has rated Zara just after Google in their list of 100 most valuable brands. Zara is the only brand from Spain that has made it to the list of top 100 valuable brands across the globe. In 2006, Zara's brand value was 5,165 million dollars. The brand Zara is basically famous for children, men and women's wear. It is a global brand that has numerous retail settings in several countries. It belongs to one of the largest fashion retail organization in the world, Inditex. Zara-The middle-age mother buys clothes at the Zara chain because they are cheap,while her daughter in the mid-20s buys Zara clothing because it is fashionable.Clearly,Zara is riding two of the winning retail trends-being in fashion and low prices-and making a very effective combination out of it.Zara can success because have a good strategy. Zara brand essences is High-Street Fashion,Attributes:Fashionable clothes varied assortment trendy colors and feminine cuts. Benefits:Fashionable product line for moderate costs customer-centered business,runway trends adapted for the streets.Values:Fashionable-oriented woman trendy in every situation feeling good about looking good.Personality:Fashion-friendly feminine hot and trendy.Five keys of the Zara business model 1、customer: “Main driving force behind the Zara brand.”Starting point for all Zara activities. 2、store: “Meeting point between the customer and the Zara fashion offer.” They have1520 stores collect information regarding customer demands, new product introducted twice a week,top lacation,meticulously designed shop window,and maximum attention to interior&exterior architechual design. 3、Design&production: “Inspiration comes from the street, music, art…but above all,the store.” Proximity of production facilities,immediate reaction to trends,continuous work for all teams,manager-teams-customer demand-forms,designs,fabrics,compliments.Zara have 1186 suppliers and 200 designers. 4、Logistics: “Highly frequent and constant distribution permitting the offer to be constandly renewed.”697...
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