Kudler Fine Foods Frequent Shopper Program

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  • Published : November 28, 2011
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* Kudler Fine Foods Frequent Shopper Program
* Heath Arsenault, Learia Cox, Katelynn Barkley, Joseph Austin * University of Phoenix
* Fundamentals of Business Development
* BSA/375
* Dr. Mark Revels
* April 25, 2011

* Kudler Fine Foods Frequent Shopper Program
The design team from Team A devised this business proposal as a response to the Service Request: SR-kf-013. This proposal includes the business goals, scope, requirements, feasibility, and information flow involved in the Shopper Rewards Program of Kudler Fine Foods (Kudler Fine Foods, Inc., 2008). Moreover, the budget, timeline, trainings, implementation and support for the said program were also explored. The group will also tackle the different technologies, specifically software and hardware that are used to implement this new program. Finally, the stakeholders for the said program are also identified and their role in the success of the project will also be depicted in this paper. Upon mention of a gourmet specialty store in California, Kudler Fine Food would be one of the first stores that will be mentioned. It is one of the most famous food retail stores that started in California. Currently, the store’s products are sold in their own retail stores as well as other grocery shops. The mission of the business is to offer customers with only the best selections of food and wines that most chef and food lovers would love to have in their own kitchens. Kudler makes sure that they remain to be the number one choice for various food ingredients (Kudler Fine Foods, Inc., 2008). In 2007, Kudler’s targeted on attaining higher number of loyal customers. They did this by adding more interactive and rewards programs for their existing customers to enjoy (Kudler Fine Foods, Inc.,2008). Scope: * Design

* Tracks Purchases
* Awards Points
* Company Benefits
A Point-of-Sale design is necessary for the frequent shopper program to systematically keep track of every purchases made by a customer and associate point to it. Aside from enhancing the rewards program process, Kudler will also benefit from this tracking system by seeing the most purchased item, and other product trends. Goals:

* Increase Sales
* Focus of Quality Food & Products
* Customers’ Privacy
* Shoppers’ Experience
The goals of the new frequent shopper program will increase sales by having customers coming into Kudler Fine Food to purchase goods that will count points towards the frequent shopper points. With having customers earning points towards there frequent shopper program it will give then incentives to make purchases through Kudler Fine Food to earn those points. This will give the company an idea of which customers purchase which goods and how frequently. Another goal that will be met will be to focus of quality food and products, with meeting this goal it will allow for Kudler Fine Food to only sell top quality food and products. Having only top quality food and products will attract customers from around. This will also bring not just the personal but also will bring in the business customers in to purchase products. Keeping every customers information private is the most important to protect our customers. With the frequent shopper program we are going to have personal information from the customer, for example name, address, and phone number. That information will have to remain secured. With keeping the customers information private it will gain trust from the customers. This frequent shopper program will be the goal to have sure the shoppers experience is excellent. This is going to give the customer surveys that they can complete so the Kudler Fine Food knows what they are doing well and what they have to improve on. This will then go to the company and then they will know what they have to improve on to make the shoppers experience better than...
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