Kudler Eco 365

Topics: Monopoly, Perfect competition, Monopolistic competition Pages: 3 (970 words) Published: March 19, 2013
Kudler Fine Foods

Kudler Fine Foods
Kudler Fine Foods (KFF) is a specialty gourmet store established in 1998 in La Jolla, Ca by Kathy Kudler. Kudler has since opened two additional stores in Del Mar and Encinitas. Kathy Kudler is requesting a market analysis, a review of competitive strategies and recommendations based on the results to maximize profits. The consultation will cover marketplace competition while defining the strengths and weaknesses of KFF. Positive and negative points of KFF’s market structure will show competitive strategies that can contribute to long-term profitability. Currently, KFF has minimal competition and owns a substantial portion of its market share. From the 2010 and 2011 customer marketing surveys, strengths and weaknesses of KFF strongly identify with the consumers view. The 2010 market survey shows KFF’s strengths to be convenient store hours, appealing atmosphere/décor, attractive displays, merchandise satisfaction, and the overall satisfaction of the store. Each category listed as strengths from the 2010 survey shows that less than 20% of the customers shopping at KFF express dissatisfaction in these areas. This analysis leads to the weaknesses shown in 2010. The weaknesses would be any category that has a customer dissatisfaction rate above 20%. Listed from weakest to weak; good value, good selection, courteous, and knowledgeable staff categories show red flags. These four categories alone define Kathy Kudler’s mission for creating an upscale gourmet shopping experience. The areas KFF most wants to prevail are the areas given the most dissatisfaction by customers. Looking into the 2011 market survey, it shows that dissatisfaction is rising in other categories. KFF strengths in 2011 according to its consumers are, store hours and the atmosphere/décor. Of the nine categories, customers show satisfaction with only two of the nine survey categories. This is a significant decline from the five satisfied categories...
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