Effectiveness of Website as a Promotional Tool for Aarong

Topics: Sampling, Research, Stratified sampling Pages: 16 (4550 words) Published: November 19, 2011
Problem Definition

This is the first phase of the Marketing research project. Along with the background of the problem, in this section, we have stated the Decision and Research Problem, Both of which were influenced by the environmental context of the problem.

At the beginning, the purpose was to find out if there were any setbacks of the website of Aarong. A small scale qualitative research (pilot survey) was conducted among few people who had visited Aarong’s website previously. Interestingly, finding people who had already visited Aarong’s website was a problem itself. Nevertheless, the findings were quiet enlightening.

According to the respondents, the Likeable factors of the website were its simplistic appearance, amount of information etc. Conversely, the unlikeable factors were visibility of links, errors, no price related information and so on. Though there were few likeable elements, almost all the respondents had a negative impression of the website in total. In some cases, what one respondent liked about site was disliked by another. These insights lead to the inference that, not many people knew about Aarong’s website, nor they have ever browsed it, and the site requires heavy improvement. This survey also raised one important question; will it be worthy enough to perk up the website?

After evaluating the environmental context and the findings of the qualitative research, we developed the decision and research problem by following the six steps of problem definition:

1. Aarong’s Management is the decision maker.
2. We are the marketing researcher.
3. The DM is opting for a planned change, i.e. to improve the current website of Aarong. 4. Basic options are : 1) To improve the website 2) Not to improve the website 5. Decision Problem: Should Aarong improve the overall quality of its website? 6. Research Problem: To determine whether improvements in the website will acquire greater number of users and create enhanced awareness of the brand.

The research should answer the following questions:

1. Are Aarong shoppers aware of Aarong’s website? 2. What information do website viewers seek from Aarong’s website? 3. How useful is the site in terms of meeting website viewers’ requirements? 4. How the website viewers rate the overall performance of the website? 5. What features they want to be tailored into the website? 6. What are the reasons for Aarong shoppers not to visit the website? 7. If the site is improved, will the traffic also increase?

Approach to the Problem

Theoretical framework

In this particular situation, it was difficult to obtain the theories that tell what variables should be investigated. Instead of relying on the theory, we relied on the qualitative survey findings for pointing out key variables and their organizations.

H1: Improvement of the website will benefit Aarong
H2: Improvement of the website will not benefit Aarong

Specification of information needed
No research question was developed, as components of the research problem were more or less specific. Similarly, information requirement was pretty much straight forward; anything that answers those components is the information being looked-for.

Factors that influenced the research design
In this research, the first objective was to review Aarong’s website to check if it was a well known, standard website. The pilot survey indicated that neither it was a good website, nor it was greatly promoted. Which lead to the second objective, to figure out - what can be done to improve the website? Since the factors were unidentified, to answer such query, we decided to conduct an exploratory, qualitative research. Research Design

a) Types of research design

The research design we have used for our research is Exploratory Research which falls under the broad category of Qualitative Research. The reason behind...
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