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Topics: Initial public offering, General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, Underwriting Pages: 8 (974 words) Published: January 7, 2013
1. The simplest and least expensive way to conduct international business is through:

a. foreign licensees.

b. the World Wide Web.

c. joint ventures.

d. trade intermediaries.

2. In a ________, two or more AMERICAN small businesses form an alliance for the purpose of exporting their goods abroad. The companies get antitrust immunity and share responsibility for the business equally.

a. foreign joint venture

b. trade intermediary

c. export ventures

d. export management company

3. If you can't afford to invest in foreign facilities, don't have time to even learn the foreign market, but you are willing to give someone else the right to make and market your product for a fee and royalties, your best bet for entering the foreign market is:

a. a foreign management company.

b. joint venturing.

c. foreign licensing.

d. international franchising.

4. Domino's Pizza, McDonald's, etc., in Japan and Europe are examples of:

a. foreign management companies.

b. joint venturing.

c. foreign licensing.

d. international franchising.

5. The tax that a government puts on products that are imported into a country is called a/an:

a. embargo.

b. tariff.

c. quota.

d. non-tariff barrier.

6. The General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade has had what effect on tariffs around the world?

a. Average tariffs in industrialized nations fell to 4.7%.

b. It has eliminated tariffs among member nations and raised them to nonmembers.

c. It has had no effect.

d. It has reduced them by 90% since 1947.

7. After launching the Web site, companies must follow-up by:

a. redesign Web site and buy more hardware to support Web site

b. automating or expanding warehouse to meet customer demand

c. integrate Web site into inventory control system

d. increase customer call center capacity

e. All of the above

8. Sites that ________ may never have the chance to sell because customers will click to another site.

a. move quickly

b. download slowly

c. don’t have e-mail

d. don't have toll-free numbers

9. Another word for browse-to-buy is:

a. Conversion

b. Controller

c. Tracker

d. Browse-to-purchase

10. What software is ________ essential for any company doing business on the Web for constantly monitor the activity on a company's network server and sound an alert if they detect someone breaking into the company's computer system?

a. Firewall

b. Alarm detention program

c. Intrusion detection software

d. Artificial Intelligence

11. The reason b2b e-commerce is growing is because:

a. Web-based retailers are connecting their front office sales systems and their back office purchasing and order fulfillment systems with those of their suppliers.

b. It is extremely profitable

c. It is easier to commit fraud

d. All of the above

12. Less than ________% of all U.S. companies are publicly held corporations.

a. 1

b. 5

c. 10

d. 12

13. The document outlining the details of the agreement between the entrepreneur and the stock underwriter is called:

a. Regulation D.

b. a filing.

c. the letter of intent.

d. the registration statement.

14. A lock-up agreement:

a. prevents the sale of "insider" shares for a specific period of time often 12 to 36 months after an initial public offering (IPO).

b. prevents a small company from signing on with other underwriters to make an IPO.

c. prevents a company about to make an IPO from signing a union contract.

d. establishes the final price of the IPO so that it cannot fluctuate before the stock offering is actually made.

15. The formal underwriting agreement is signed:

a. on the last day before the registration statement becomes effective.

b. when the statement of registration is filed.

c. during the road show.

d. at the time of the letter of intent.

16. To qualify for a Rule 147 Intrastate public stock offering, a company...
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