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  • Published : July 8, 2012
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Suzanne Marcelous
Professor Paul Sam
24 June 2012

1. What internet business model would be appropriate for the company to follow in creating a Web site and why? The company that has been chosen is a clothing company called Az Well out of Flowood, MS. The internet business model that I feel is appropriate for Az Well is Product Sale. I fell that product sale is best because it’s about selling a “physical,, shippable product online.” With that, there are three top ways to sell a product online: storefront, auction, and/or the online mall which is a site that offers customers products from many different vendors. 2. In what ways can the company benefit from a Web site? What functions should it perform for the company (i.e., marketing, sales, customer support, internal communications, etc.)? A website for Az Well will not only allow the small boutique, to offer more to its target audience but it will also provide away to generate more business. A web site will gain the attention of your target audience by a different means of advertising. Az Well also will be able to market itself globally. It will help to build credibility, help to improve customer relations and provide a new venue to gain a profit.

3. In what other ways might the company use the Internet for its own benefit? Electronic commerce (e-commerce) should be part of Az Well if the company is provided with the proper network that should be able to provide customers with speedy, secure and accurate commerce from the company in 24 hrs, 365 days, anywhere on the globe. Az Well providing business on the web will also provide their employees with eh ability to follow competitors, scout new customers, provide and receive information; e-mail could be implemented in order to keep in-touch with co-workers, customers, suppliers and any other needed contacts.

4. Prepare functional specification for the company’s use of the...
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