Business Requirements Report

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Bazaar Arts Ceramics
Technical Requirements Report

Prepared by:
Ian Saunders

Submission Date


Executive Summary

This purpose of this report is to provide an analysis of the business and user requirements for the Bazaar Ceramics website.

Bazaar Ceramics has been operating for 20 years and have grown to a point where they need to reach a wider audience in both a sales aspect and an advertising one.

The website will provide an avenue for exposure to the international world for advertising purposes and also allow for the sale of items over the internet through an online store.

Advertising costs have risen in recent times and is becoming an expensive way to promote their products, the website will provide will help reduce a number of advertising running costs.

A number of data gathering techniques have been used to assess the project, including: • Interviews
• Questionnaires
• Workshops
• Research

From these a list a Functional and Non Functional requirements have been found. Amongst the key requirements were the online shop/catalogue, gallery, mailing lists and online order forms (See Appendix F for full details).

Interviews have been held initially with the key stakeholders to get an overview and direction for the project. A workshop was held, this workshop provided the foundation for the Functional Requirements

The only thing left open at the end of the workshop was the ‘Look and Feel’ component, the use of Autumn colours with highlights is the direction we have been given, along with the ‘Crisp’, ‘Contemporary’ and ‘Arty feel’ keywords describing the website as mentioned in the initial interviews.

Questionnaires to all the Account holders were sent, this was to gain some feedback as to customer requirements for using the site.

It is recommended that we split this project into 2 stages. The first stage will be used to lock down the ‘Look and Feel’ component of the website. As this company is in the creative arts field, the ‘Look and Feel’ of the website has an important role to project the right image for the company. The second stage will then add the Functional requirements to the site.

Table of contents

Executive Summary1
Table of contents3
Report Purpose4
Company Background4
Project Background4
Problem/Opportunity Statement5
Functional Requirements6
Mandatory Functional Requirements8
Desirable Functional Requirements8
Non-functional requirements9
Technical requirements for external suppliers10
Technical output requirements for customers11
Technical requirements for interfacing with internal systems13 Technical requirements for system procedures and processes14 Data Flow Diagram.19
Technical specifications.21
Specification development sheet25
Report on Authoring Tools27


Report Purpose

The purpose of this report is to provide the business and user requirements for the Bazaar Ceramics Project.

The project is to provide a dual main purpose website, to both advertise and sell their ceramic products online. The main purpose of the site is to provide an avenue for customers to order their products online. The secondary purpose of the website is to be a medium for the business to further advertise and expand their market coverage, due mainly to rising costs of advertising in magazines and to keep up with their competitors.

Company Background

Bazaar Ceramics is a medium sized manufacturer of ceramics that have been operating for about 20 years now, having grown from a small collective of artists, into the ceramic company it is today. They produce for corporate clients and individuals, producing both exclusive art pieces and domestic ware.

Their reputation has grown steadily in recent years, to the point where they are now...
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