United Ostomy Network (Uon) Meeting the Differentiation Challenge

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The demographic profile of the general ostomy population and the results from the surveys has created the facts needed to make the following recommendations on the following: 1. What does the survey tell us about the demographic profile of the general ostomy population within North America

2. Is the current survey constructed well enough to collect decisionable / actionable data in the future?
3. Should UON invest in designing a website which will differentiate themselves from others with quality information which is not available on other websites Before I analyzed the data from the surveys, I looked at several websites which offer similar information. I found the websites very unorganized and not user friendly or intuitive. The data was also not very specific to the general ostomy population. One link on a website will take you to reference materials that are not specific about ostomy conditions. Although these are opinions, I feel they are well substantiated through my years of experience as a web designer. Beginning to unravel the facts around what does the survey data tell us about the respondents? The data collected from the surveys paint an interesting story. In order to make a decision on investing in a redesign of the UON website, the data must tell us that there are people wanting this kind of information and are comfortable in using the internet for it. So what are the characteristics of the respondent?

Let’s discuss what the respondent of this survey looks like. 55% of respondents were female and 45% male with an average age of 60 years old. Of these individuals, there is a balanced distribution of age and stoma type and age to gender type. There are only a few data points which are higher and that’s for men with ileostomy and females with colostomy in the 60 – 70 year range as shown in graph 1.


Female - multiple
Female - colostomy stoma


Female - ileostomy stoma

Female - I'm not certain what it is
Female - urostomy stoma


Male - multiple

Male - colostomy stoma
Male - ileostomy stoma


Male - I'm not certain what it is
Male - urostomy stoma

26 30 34 37 40 42 44 46 48 50 52 54 56 58 60 62 64 66 68 70 72 74 76 78 80 82 84 86 88 93

Graph 1 – Age by stoma and age by gender
How is the overall health before and after surgery?
United Ostomy Network (UON) Meeting the Differentiation Challenge

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When you look at the condition of the individuals before and after surgery, 56% of the respondents have had the surgery over 3 years ago and 44 % less than 3 years ago. Over 63% knew they needed to have the surgery and 90% have this as a permanent condition for their entire life. These facts are important because it tells us it makes a major life change on the individuals. The second data set which is important to understand is that when you look at what has caused this stoma, it’s clear that there was an existing condition which was in place. Over 86% of those surveyed had either cancer or a chronic bowel disease. This is significant as it starts to point to sources where the surveyed may be linked up with good information on care and management of this stoma in their life. Cancer and chronic bowel disease are the most common diseases and the information available is enormous. Cancer centers, support/discussion groups, and rehabilitation are amongst the highest support types with these diseases. Once an individual has been diagnosed with this disease, the information they use is more linked to the cancer and chronic bowel diseases. Graph 2, shows the distribution of responses and how it links to cancer, or chronic bowel disease. 160




Ostomy surgery is result of:


Ostomy surgery is result of:
Chronic bowel disease




Ostomy surgery is result of:


Colostomy Urostomy Ileostomy Multiple

I'm not
what it is

Graph 2 –...
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