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Which of the six design principles do you see being used in this website? Provide examples I chose the website www.amazon.com for examples, using the six design principles which are layout, content awareness, aesthetics, user experience, consistency, minimize user effort. The layout I think is consistent for different purposes, the search navigation is right at the top easy to find and the other departments are listed on the left. Content awareness is easily read the information is displayed at the top of the page for each department plus each individual item. Aesthetics are good on the website, interfaces are functional, good use of white space, colors and fonts, it’s not to overcrowded to where you don’t know what to look at first. User experience, the website is easy to use and easy to learn, after shopping frequently and logged in, also has the items you’ve looked at and might be interested in listed for you. Consistency, the interface design is usually the same when I check out the website, making it easier to navigate because I don’t have to relearn how to use the site. Minimize user effort, the interface is simple to use and easy to read, the layout is easy to navigate, spaced out so its not too overcrowded.

Using the website that you chose for Discussion 1, what are some changes that could be made to the design of the website to better incorporate the six design principles? I chose amazon.com to use for the six design principles in discussion 1, I visit the website frequently to look up items and shop and I overall like the website. I like the layout and the navigation, how easy it is to read and search. I can’t think right now of any way to better incorporate the six design principles in the website to change it, I think the six design principles are already incorporated in the website.
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