Gander Mountain Analysis

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  • Published : October 3, 2012
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Gander Mountain’s Website
Gander Mountain has a tremendous website. Not only is it easy to navigate from page to page, but it also catches the viewers eye. Many of the pages on their website will have suggestions, consumer reviews, and knowledge about the specific product. They also list alternative products that would also fill the consumer’s needs. They have an interesting way the company utilizes e-business, has a specific target market for a variety of products, as well as filling the consumers needs. The company’s website also follows quite a few of the concepts described in our textbook. Analysis

Since Gander Mountain has had great success in their brick and mortar stores, their online sales have immensely helped their bottom line at the end of every fiscal year. This is through their utilization of e-business, their products, and also their target market. Form of E-business

According to our textbook, Gander Mountain’s website is a business – to – consumer website. They use the internet to connect their company directly to consumers where they can purchase products and have them shipped. This increases access and convenience, as well as a personalized service to the consumer. They also use marketing promotions on their website for promotional sales both in their store fronts and online. (Boone/Kurtz, 2012) This will generate higher click rates as well as increase revenue for the company. Gander Mountain also utilizes their website to provide the consumer with corporate information. Target Market

Gander Mountain has a very interesting target market. Overall, they cater to consumers that have a passion for the outdoors. They also target consumers have hobbies of hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, and other outdoor related activities. Gander Mountain has departments in each of these areas of interests, so each store has a philosophy of bringing top customer service to their customers. (Gander Mountain Website, 2012)...
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