College Management System

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Computerized college management system is developed to facilitate the general administration system to manage the various information of student and employees involved in college. So, that college can access accurate information quickly and easily as and when required, thereby improving its operational efficiency and effectiveness.

1.1Problem Statement

In case of manual system they need a lot of time, manpower etc. Here almost all work is computerized. So the accuracy is maintained. College Management System mainly deals with Employee Profile, Payroll Management and Fee collection which can be managed by the Admin.

1.2 Objectives

• Create employee details, achievements and workshop they have conducted

• Calculate the employee salary in payroll management

• Store the fee details of students and view



2.1 Introduction
Today in colleges student details are entered manually. The student details in separate records are tedious task. Referring to all these records and updating is needed. There is a chance for more manual errors.

By developing the system we can attain the following facilities. ➢ Easy to handle and feasible.
➢ Cost reduction.
➢ Fast and convenient.

2.2 Existing system

In early days College management system used to manages all the details manually. Which is difficult in conventional management system which maintains the records manually, which slows the operation of storing, retrieving of records from the files, also led to drawbacks like data redundancy and inconsistency.


In early days College management system used to manages all the details manually.

2.3 Proposed system

To overcome the drawbacks faced in conventional systems we are moving towards modern approach in which we automate these processes, for efficient management of organization. By building customized application software, computerized maintenance of these details by the use of this application will provide ease-of-use, efficient store/access to data and prevents data redundancy. In our application we have computerized all the manual system. In this application admin will enter the details of employee and also enter the salary details. Admin enter the details student fee details.



3.1 Software Requirement Specification


A Software Requirements Specification (SRS) is a complete description of the behavior of the system that is to be developed. Use Case technique can be used in order to find functional requirements of the software product. Functional requirements are statements of services the system should provide, how the system should react to particular inputs and how the system should behave in particular situations. The functional requirements also explicitly state what the system should not do.

SRS also includes Non-functional (or supplementary) requirements. Non-functional requirements are constraints on the services or functions offered by the system. As system grew more complex, it becomes evident that the goal of the entire system cannot be easily comprehended. Hence the need for the requirement phase arose.


This SRS describes the software functional & non functional requirements. This document is intended to use by the members of the project team that will implement and verify the correct functioning of the system. Unless otherwise noted, all requirements specified here are high priorities and committed. A complete understanding of software requirements is essential to the success of a software development effort. No matter how well designed or well coded. A poorly analyzed and specified program will disappoint the client....
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