Proposal of Student Jnformation System

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Proposed Research Topic:
Shortcoming of IFM Student Management System
Meaning of Student information system
Student information system is a software application for education establishments to manage student data. Also known as student information management system(SIMS),student record system(SRS), student management system(SMS).

Objective of proposal:
IFM’s students claim that student management system is very inconvenient to them as the end users of the system during day to day operations. Due to this fact, we will concentrate on enhancing the system functionalities that have proved to have weakness such as to enable the system to calculate GPA at the end of each semester and make the system reliable and available for student to view their results and fee payment.

The background of student information system starts from manual management of information like the result to be provided to the notes board where as the area of student to access the result. This were difficult for the student to access the information due to increase number of student, and the system were moved to computerized that start with SARIS and now SIS but there are a sort of problem. Not only student but also management increased their performance due to shifting from manual operations to computerized operations.

Therefore, this project shall be conducted in team work by four members in the IFM (The Institute Of Finance Management)premises which I located at city center opposite to national Museum. The first member is a team leader and he is specialized in projects management, the second member is specialized in research and data analysis, the rest two members are specialized in system development and maintenance process.

Shortcoming of Student Management System
IFM student management system has proved to have a several problems (shortcoming) regarding to the user who are students. The system seems to be very inconvenient to the users as it is viewed from its different functionalities as demonstrated below: Lack of relevance information

Lack of relevance information such as in the module section, because it contains non-relevant subject for example for Bsc.IT module, Audit has been indicated as one of the subject to be selected during second year study where as it not part of subject to be selected or studied by IT student so it lead to confusion and inconvenience during selection of module. It also has poor organization of necessary information, module should be divided based on semester and not year. It should enable user to see the overview/content of each subject for example in case of” IS project” it should shoe the content of this subject so as student should get a picture of what is going to cover regarding to the subject, this will enable student to be aware when selecting an option subject. In case of GPA

The system should calculate the students’ GPA at the end of each semester. This shall make student aware of his academic performance so helping him/her to make strategic plan on how to improve his/her performance and enhance seriousness of the student System reliability

The system is not reliable because when maintenance or updating information in one of its functionality negatively affect the other functionality for example during uploading of result, student may not even be able to access other functions such as fee payment, home as well as student profile despite the fact that only function that deal with result is maintained. Instead message that says ”system is undergoing maintenance” appear and no any function can be accessed. Poor interface

System interface should not require user to scroll down or up so as to access some information instead all information should be arranged in a manner that all features appear to fit to the screen width and height. In results and payment link

Information are not...
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