Rational Unified Process (Rup)

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An Abstract

Rational Unified Process (RUP) methodology is a software engineering tool which compounds development aspects such as manuals, documents, codes, models, etc. with the procedural aspects of development such as techniques, mechanics, defined stages, and practices within a unified framework. This report has 4 major section of defining RUP, current status of RUP, how RUP used for development of School Management Information System and lastly the future direction for RUP. After surfing around the net, that my main source of information I went to Tupou Tertiary Institute library to borrow few books and journal for more information such I borrowed UML A beginner’s Guide by Jason T. Roff and System analysis and design in changing world(4 rd Ed) by Satzinger, J. W, Jackson, R. B. & Burd, S. D (2007)

An Introduction

To develop a School Management Information System for an organization is not an easy job to do. Because if we straightly built and develop that system, maybe we end up at the hospital or we end up with problem to that system. So we have to ask ourselves some questions such as is there any easier way for development of that system ?, or Is there any methodology that we can use to tackle down this situation. For answering for those questions, yes there are lots of methodologies and model available to develop that system right away. In this given task, I choose Rational Unified Process methodology for development of given School Management Information System including sub-system of Student Registration Management (RRM), Human-Resources Management (HRM) and Finance Department. In this report, I would like to present out of how RUP help to develop School Management IS.

Section 1: -“Clear and complete definition and description of Rational Unified Process (RUP)”

Ivan Jacobsen Definition for RUP
Rational Unified Process is considered a state-of-the-art, object-oriented methodology with a focus on iterative and incremental development features and has been promoted as a solution to a problematic issues in system developments such as unfinished project, budget and time overruns, erroneous system and system with lacking functionality (Boehm, 1988; Jacobsen et al , 1999)

Section 2: -“Explanation the current status of Rational Unified Process (RUP) (how it is used at present in industry)”

RUP was originally developed for traditional and large-scale systems development, but it is not only a single process. RUP provides a generic process framework, which can be customized to fit many different projects, different types of organizations, different levels of competence and different project sizes (Jacobsen et al., 1999). RUP is characterized as a use case driven, architecture centered, iterative and incremental process model. Use cases define the functionality of the system and each use case describes the step by step actions, which the system performs to provide the user with a result. Use cases are used for requirement specification and for splitting a project into suitable and manageable increments. For each increment one of the most important activities is to find, test and evaluate the architecture, i.e. the technical systems design consisting of the infrastructure, components and interfaces, which make up the system. The RUP terminology contains 4 phases, called the inception, elaboration, construction, and transition phase. The inception and elaboration phases are also labeled the engineering stage and during these phases the analysis, design and planning activities are undertaken. During the construction and transition phases, also called the production stage, the coding, testing and deployment activities are performed. A project is divided into a number of iterations, and for each iteration the project goes through all four phases.

Section 3: -...
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