Riordan Sr-Rm-022

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Service Request SR-rm-022 - HR System Analysis
Robert Tursugian
BSA 375 - Fundamentals of Business Systems Development
April 15, 2013
Didier Opotowsky

Service Request SR-rm-022 - HR System Analysis
Riordan Manufacturing is an organization that manufactures plastics. The organization has sites throughout the United States of America, and one manufacturing plant in China. The decision to enhance and upgrade the Human Resources (HR) department system was inevitable. With various sites established at various times in the organization’s history the choice to integrate the different systems into one cohesive system was proposed by the Chief Operating Officer, Hugh McCauley. This decision to initiate the integration project was a development that came from the disparate tools on hand used by HR in the different manufacturing plants. The proposal to integrate the existing variety of tools into one application is to take advantage of a more advanced information system and technology to service HR needs and requirements.

Riordan Manufacturing is a manufacturer of plastics. With projected annual earnings of $46 million it is a fortune 1000 enterprise with revenues over $1 billion. Employing more than 550 people the organization has a global footprint where it produces beverage containers at its Georgia site, custom plastic parts in Michigan, and plastic fan parts in Hangzhou, China. Riordan Mfg. has its research and development center at its headquarters in San Jose, California. Its customer base includes the Department of Defense, appliance manufacturers, and beverage bottlers (Apollo Group, Inc., 2013). The company, founded by Dr. Riordan, is wholly owned by Riordan Industries. Dr. Riordan, a professor of chemistry, obtained several patents relative to plastics, and foreseeing the commercial applications, he started the company in 1991 (Apollo Group, Inc., 2013). In addition to the brief history, the mission statement is posted with the...
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