System Development Methods

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  • Published : January 22, 2013
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Methodology-Spiral Model
As per the name, spiral model is a software development methodology that is arranged in a spiral shape. It was proposed by Barry Boehm and is mostly used to handle high risk and also large projects. The spiral model uses iterations, meaning similar steps that are repeated until the needs are satisfied. This methodology is suitable when requirements are not clear to the software developers. Prototypes are made in this methodology and given to the users to be tested to change the requirements to make sure it fulfills all the user requirements. Examples of systems that might utilize this methodology would be large systems like airport terminal systems, large information systems and so on. To further elaborate on the methodology, it is compared with several other commonly used methodologies in the table below.

Advantages and Disadvantages
Methodology| Advantages| Disadvantages|
Spiral Model| * Flexibility, development phases can be customized according to complexity of project * Low risk * Easily changeable * System is built early in the lifecycle * Easy project monitoring * Highly customized system| * Skills and expertise needed * Software created are highly customized, rendering them unusable for other projects| Rapid Application Development| * Minimal planning * Involves user participation * Product is completed quickly| * Requires tools and experts * Not suitable for unique projects * Require team members to cooperate closely| Waterfall Model| * Steps are systematic and detailed * Complete documentation * Simple | * Slow and inflexible * Requires high amount of documentation * Unable to move back a step| Table 1: Advantages and Disadvantages of Spiral, RAD and Waterfall models (self-made) The table above clearly illustrates all the advantages spiral model has. This model is proposed for the EasyRent Video to develop the e-commerce website for the said company because it...
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