Agile Development Methodology

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Agile Development Methodology


Why are agile development methodology considered by many to be the best approach to software development for small projects? Also briefly explain the agile software development methods. Answer


Agile methods have become so popular in last few years because of their in time development, total quality management and continuous process improvement. Their main principles and emphasis areas are to remove waste, having interaction with customer, prioritizing activities, requirement evolution, and welcoming change. In agile development methods all team members are included in all phases for discussion and suggestions and almost all are highly efficient in all phases. Communication level is rich in all of them.

Brief Explanation of Agile Methods :

Extreme Programming (XP):
It is such a method which intends to improve software quality and responsiveness to change customer requirement considering that change is inevitable.

This method is based on an iterative and incremental development model. As requirements are not clear when project is commenced so requirement evolution process is done through iterative and incremental activities and this model is useful in all phases.

Dynamic Systems Development Method:
It is based on rapid development methodology on an iterative and incremental model with continuous involvement of user and customer in order to deliver the product in time and error free.

Adaptive Software Development:
This development process evolved from rapid application development. It encompasses the principle that consecutive adaptation of working process should be considered a normal working mode.

The Crystal Family:
Intention of this method is to put on working small teams on low criticality projects.

Agile Development Methodology is best for Small Projects (Arguments):

In agile there are small teams so small teams can do small projects.

In agile an...
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