Managing the IT System in an Efficient Manner

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  • Published : April 28, 2013
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G64MIT Individual coursework

School of Computer Science G64 MIT Management of Information Technology Title: Invitation for tender By Vishnuvardhan Subbaiah Balasubramanian

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G64MIT Individual coursework

Introduction: Overview:
The Jubilee International University has recognised that there is a fundamental need to manage the IT systems in a structured and efficient manner. So, it has decided to upgrade the IT systems and wishes to invite appropriate software companies to tender for the design and implementation of the student management system. The system should track the details of the student from the time of application process, enrolment, examinations, and graduation and follow up when there are alumni. The new system should be able to take application submitted by agents across Asia on behalf of the students. The University has 2+2 Programme which allows the student to move to UK for further studies. The direct transfer of student data to the University in UK should also be facilitated in the new system.

The Jubilee International University which started out as a college running diploma programme is being upgraded into a University. The university has acquired a new site for the construction of the building. The Management has devised a five year plan for the university which includes the upgrading of the student management system. The University currently holds about 400 students and 30 academic staff. The number is expected to rise to 4000 students and 300 staff over the next five years. The university expects to start all its activities in the new building in 16 months’ time.

Brief Scope of Work:
The new student management system is to be complete as per the given technical specification and schedule rates as enclosed in the bidding document. The system needs to be rolled out within 16 month’s time. The completion time shall be the date from which the owner has signed the acceptance letter or the bidding document.

General Requirements:
The Jubilee International University intends to build a new student management system. The existing system cannot be upgraded because the university expects around 1500 students every year. The University has proposed for the complete overhaul of the current system. Page | 2

G64MIT Individual coursework The University Management has proposed some specific hardware and software requirements which would satisfy their need. The basic requirements for the university are as follows: Requirements Cloud Provider Description A cloud solution will be used instead of purchasing 6 individual servers for mail, web ,backup servers etc. Desktop Computers It forms the basic requirement for the student to get access to the learning material Laptops Laptops can be provided to all academic staff No. These give access to staff on various online details at all times Laptops should only be given to head staff Laptops with high configuration which includes graphic card can be given Multimedia Systems Multimedia systems include Speakers, Projectors etc. Yes. The students require the multimedia systems for elearning. Email Software Office 365 is suggested as the software Yes. Cloud solution is provided for the mail service. Operating Systems The operating system is necessary for the Yes. It forms the basic necessity for the system. Cloud solution for the email service does not crash often. The operating system should be of the latest Not required for students from all departments. Eg:( pharmacy) The devices are required in less number and should be ordered correctly. The email service should have improvement in quality of service. The operating system should be upgraded to Yes. The desktops are necessary for all lab activities The desktop should be in sufficient number for the students Desktops with TFD monitor can be provided. Mandatory Yes. The use of Cloud solution helps in reducing cost and lost maintenance. Highly Desirable It is highly desirable to have...
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