Methodology of the Study

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College of Computer Studies Chapter 3 Methodology of the Study

The proponents decided to make use of the SDLC (see figure 3.1), because its framework provides system designers and developers with a sequence of procedures essential in accomplishing the objective of the study. The System Development Life Cycle consists of six stages; Preliminary Investigation stage, Analysis stage, Design stage, Development stage, Implementation stage, and lastly the Maintenance stage, in which each of the stages uses the result of the previous. Preliminary Investigation






Figure 3.1 System Development Life Cycle
Online Student Information Management System for the Office of the Registrar

College of Computer Studies Preliminary Investigation Preliminary investigation is the first stage in System Analysis and Design. In this stage, the target subject is identified. The appropriate method to conduct the investigation on the target subject is carefully chosen. This is to come up with the best possible investigation, for the proponents to be able to gather the right information regarding the subject matter. Several factors have been considered in making the investigation. The proponents made an interview to know the subject’s problem, to be able to set the needed tools to build the right system for the subject matter. Analysis This stage deals with the analysis of the information gathered from preliminary investigation. The proponents in this stage analyze the data and determine the necessary approach to solve the current situation with the appropriate solution. The proponents in this stage were able to conduct a decision of what would be the best possible solution for the problems which is based on the information and the systems requirements of the office. The proponents came up with “Online Student Information Management System for the Office of the Registrar”. Design The objective of the Design Phase is...
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