System Development Life Cycle

Topics: Systems Development Life Cycle, Software development process, Software engineering Pages: 2 (361 words) Published: October 28, 2012
Systems Development Life Cycle
The term systems development life cycle (SDLC) is used to indicate traditional development methods which are used by organizations on large-scale IT projects. There is a structural framework in SDLC comprised of processes that are executed in sequence during the development of information systems. Step one involves a feasibility study for the product. During this step, the software analyst’s job is to work with strategy makers to establish an agreed upon definition of the project’s scope and define its goals and related objectives. Step two requires specifications definition. The analyst makes refinements to previously define goals during this step. Functions of operations for the software application will be broken out here. Step three involves systems analysis. The analyst reviews the end-users requirements and develops a specific plan of action to address these information needs. Step four involves the design of the system by the software development team. The team defines each of the required functionalities, features and operations. They provide detailed level information on the SDLC process, layouts of each screen, relevant business rules and standards, diagram process and DFD, pseudo-code and other related documentation. Step five is called implementation and is where the actual program code is written and developed. This work is divided and assigned to specific team members. Step six is called integration and testing. During this step the developers bring together of all the developed modules into one coherent system and test case studies for errors, interoperability and bugs. There are standard testing methods that are applied for this step. Step seven involves the operation of the SDLC product. The team imports the software package onto an end-user unit and runs the business target data sets. Step eight is the maintenance of the product to...
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