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College Administration System

Submitted:October 2012
Student Reg #:MIF223
Supervisor:MR. R. GOTORA

A research project submitted to Midlands State University in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Bachelor of Science Honors Degree in Management Information Systems.

* 1.0 Introduction
Colleges play a very important and transforming role in our societies and are responsible for offering the best educational quality, efficiently without questionable integrity. From the inception of Hill College News, school’s records and activities have been manually processed. The manual paper record based system employed was not very efficient, a lot of paper work had to be done, receipting, irrespective of students payment records, which took longer to retrieve. Due to the increasing demand of education, records of students and staff administration which serves as the foundation information for preparing managerial decisions were very difficult to locate manually. Therefore because of this problem and error arising from such a system, the computer based system becomes a basic need. This has called for the development of a proper College Administration Information System for Hill College News.

1.1 Company Background
Hill College News was established in 1998 in the Central Business District of Harare. The college is a private institution that offers professional courses in the field of Information Technology (IT) as well as some in the commerce.

Over the years the institution has developed closer ties with the companies who have IT based systems. Their graduates are now being recruited by several highly recognized companies who now have confidence with the institute .Hill College News has grown from strength to strength and is now enrolling hundreds of students with different backgrounds and qualifications starting at certificate and diploma level (2 years) while those with higher qualifications are enrolled for higher courses at degree level (3 to 4 years).

Hill College News being a privately owned institution relies heavily on the fees paid by its students for sustainability. The institution almost closed off at the end of 2006 due to bankruptcy that failed to pay employees as well as failing to settle its debts. It was in a financial mess as most of its students had gone for months without paying their fees, which the institution authorities were not able to really track using their manual system since they had misplaced some physical files with students payment records. It is against this background that the idea of a computerized Institute Management System was mooted.

* Values
Integrity: HILL COLLEGE NEWS upholds the highest standard of ethics in its academic excellence with its Internal and external students. Commitment HILL COLLEGE NEWS is committed to achieving corporate objectives in creating Value for its stakeholders including its students. ProfessionalismHILL COLLEGE NEWS optimizes the knowledge and skill base of all its employees, offers opportunities for development and career growth. Innovation
HILL COLLEGE NEWS strives to offer new improved courses to meet its customer needs at all times and to continually reduce costs in its value chain. Health and safety
HILL COLLEGE NEWS adheres to the highest health and safety standards to ensure well being of its employees, students and the community.
In addition to these, HILL COLLEGE NEWS operates on an open door policy where transparency is practiced. No unethical or backdoor...
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