Eating Right for a Healthy and Long Life

Topics: Nutrition, Health, Personal life Pages: 4 (1476 words) Published: June 23, 2012
Everyone asks themselves the question at one time or another if life is worth living. Usually the answer is, of course it is. Considering the fact that everyone wants to live happy and have long lives, then every meal is a chance for that to happen. The benefits of eating healthy have shown that a long and healthy life can be achieved by that one step. Healthy eating can improve the quality of life and enable sustained healthy living for a long time. Some of the many benefits seen from eating healthy are a heart that keeps pumping well into the twilight years, a well deserved payback of a sharp mind, and a solid structural system that supports the body. When the choice is made to eat healthy foods, there is not only an investment in keeping the body and mind in prime shape, but also the emotions are empowered with balance and stability. It seems that when the body aches, so does the rest of the human experience. As mentioned in an article by Dr. Ian K. Smith; (‘EAT’: A simple plan for a healthy, happy quality of life.) he says; “Healthy eating will make you happier and can add years to your life.” Consequently, when keeping healthy and vibrant, there is a picture of a hopeful future that can support the human desire to dream of an optimistic world. Family, friends and coworkers benefit as well because a healthy, happy person is a positive contribution to many aspects of living. When people put efforts into eating healthy, they find that they can have a very rewarding and satisfying life in the workplace and at home. Most of all, investing in a healthy eating lifestyle will contribute to ending a satisfying but laborious day of work with a full nights rest. Healthy people get to sleep better with less aches and pains, and this allow enough restful sleep to ensure another consistent level of productive energy for the next day’s adventure. Undoubtedly, it sounds inviting to have a strong body, a sharp mind, and an optimistic attitude. However, as humans, people...
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