Nutrition and Fitness Paper

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Nutrition and Fitness Paper Paradigms of Health SCI/100

NUTRITION AND FITNESS PAPER Nutrition and Fitness Paper


For the ease of reading while fulfilling the needs of the paper, the first person will be used for the narration of this paper. APA standards will be used for the balance of the information used and applied. Currently I participate in a daily exercise routine and follow a special diet for post gastric bypass patients which include daily vitamin supplements, along with a low carbohydrate high protein diet. In addition to the supplements and dietary needs I have made a note to avoid various common types of fried or high carbohydrate foods. Following the regiment for a number of years I have had success with maintain my current weight while keeping my cholesterol down at healthy levels. Having lived a portion of my adult life with obesity I know firsthand the negative effects these include and not limited too high blood pressure (hypertension), diabetes/hypoglycemia, sleep apnea, high blood cholesterol, and debilitating strain on the joints and muscles. These and other issues are progressive in nature as each hinders physical activity and as activity is held back the lack of activity combines with a poor diet the escalation of obesity may increase. After some very careful and internal examination of my fitness habits the three new habits I could easily employ and will employ into my lifestyle includes building better personal relationships, growing and employing more extensive weight training, and utilizing varied cardio workouts (Men's Health, 2006). Having better personal relations is important for a new fitness habits. Personal relationships are the circle of support that surrounds individuals. A positive group means positive outcomes (Men's Health, 2006). Growing my personal relationships will help me with my daily fitness habits. Having a supportive circle of friends is beneficial to those...
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