Eating Right

Topics: Nutrition, Health, Obesity Pages: 2 (748 words) Published: June 12, 2011
Healthy Eating Can one hundred candles truly fit on a birthday cake? For those who have successful at overcome the challenges that are associated with transitioning to healthy eating habits, have a greater chance of answering this question. The purpose for changing eating habits may be demanded or welcomed. A doctor may diagnose a condition that can be reversed or prevented by simply changing eating habits. There are a vast number of diseases that are associated with bad eating habits such as diabetes. The National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse's website has an enormous amount of information in regards to every aspect of the disease. The costly doctor's visits and prescriptions, to cure or stabilize diseases and other health issues that are acquainted with poor eating habits, can be greatly reduced by choosing to eat foods that will not be detrimental to one's health. For the person that may want to change their appearance by losing weight, and eating healthy can be an essential tool in obtaining this goal. When following a healthy diet plan, along with exercise, the amount of time that is invested with this process can be decreased. For whichever path that may have led to the decision to make changes in a persons eating habits, will have obstacles to overcome. Adapting to new foods, fighting temptations, and developing healthy eating habits are a few examples of the obstacles that a person may experience. Fast food restaurants are appropriate for situations that only allow enough time to gulp down a burger and fries and arrive at the desired destination on time. The restaurants are plentiful and precisely located for convenience purposes. On the other hand, the choices are extremely narrow if a person has to choose a healthy meal while on the go. Individuals that practice healthy eating habits, are forced Healthy Eating to strategically plan for these situations and have bottled water and health bars stashed in the trunk of the car, or adapt to the food...
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