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Different Types of Application Software

Different Types of Application Software Word Processing Software: This software enables users to create and edit documents. The most popular examples of this type of software are MS-Word, WordPad and Notepad among other text editors. Database Software: Database is a structured collection of data. A computer database relies on database software to organize data and enable database users to perform database operations. Database software allows users to store and retrieve data from databases....

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Data Processing

Drives, Floppy Disks etc.. Output Devices: Printers types and usage (Dot Matrix, daisy wheel, laser printer, Thermal printers, ink-jet printers, graph plotter, computer output on microfilm (COM), fax, VDU, voice data output. Computer Memory: RAM, Processor Registers, Cache Memory, Virtual Processing and the execution cycle. Batch, On-line, Real-time processing. PREPARED BY O. NDHLOVU – 2009 BS240 Page 2 3. COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEMS The Communications Model: General Layout, Need for communication,...

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Computer Literacy

demonstrating outstanding computer skills, he or she may take a job that formerly belonged to another employee if that employee doesn't even know how to check his e-mail. A good computer class would teach the basics of computers: typing a document in a word processor, running a specified program, and using a modem to check e-mail and access the Internet. Personal computers now have a tremendous entertainment value due to their versatility. Not only can a computer do all the things that are unique to computers...

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History Of Data Processing

Visual Basic and QuickBasic. Programming is used to tell a computer what to do. Using code you can make programs that can answer math problems, which would take someone, days to calculate in a brief second. In data processing we also learn to word process. Word processing is taking written text and being able to save and manipulate the text as desired. We also use databases in organizing large sums of information. Another thing we learn to do is make web sites, using Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)...

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Computer System

of Hardware A computer's hardware devices are categorized as follows: • Processor • Memory • Input and output (I/O) devices • Storage devices Looking Inside the Machine - The CPU The procedure that transforms raw data into useful information is called processing. This function is divided between the computer's processor and memory. The processor is also called the central processing unit (CPU). It manages all devices and performs the...

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Ms Office

Microsoft Office applications help keep track of various forms of information. Microsoft Word for example helps in typing and processing Word documents. PowerPoint helps in the delivery of business presentations. The Office suite of programs like Word, Excel, Powerpoint and probably Access, makes the compilation of all the information a relatively simple process compared to doing the work by hand. You can make edits to content and check for and correct errors without having to start over. When all...

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computer using word processing software (e.g. Microsoft Word). Due to the nature of their work they are often mobile and require access to computing resources as they gather information on the move. Six Copy Editors (Editorial Department) The copy editors are specially trained to read the stories that others have written to ensure that the grammar and style are appropriate. They read the stories electronically, via their PCs, using a variety of software (e.g. PDF, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Image...

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Computer System

reduced to A REFERRAL or at worst you could be excluded from the course. Scenario New Eastern Campus is a newly established private Institute in Sri Lanka that has planned to build two new computer labs. One of the labs will be used only for word processing and programming. The other lab will be used for graphic application development. As a systems administrator the management has requested your expertise on selecting proper system configuration and necessary hardware equipment and software...

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Employment Studies: Question 4 Chapter 12

Barnes read an ad in the Chicago Tribune that Pentrix was seeking experienced word processors to work in its Chicago office. Pentrix is a national corporation specializing in the design and manufacture of hand-held computers. The ad stated that Pentrix was looking for “experienced word processors seeking a career in a stable and growing company.” On March 8, 1998, Barnes interviewed with Renee Thompson, the head of Pentrix’s word processing department in Chicago. Thompson was impressed with Barnes’s prior...

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Importance of Computer Skills for an Effective Health Administrator

Administrators must have up-to-date computer skills in order to be an effective employee to any business operation. Health Administrators must be familiar with the particular scheduling program and databases used by the company, including spreadsheets, word processors, e-mail, and any other programs typically used in the industry. Additionally, a Health Administrator must be efficient at data entry because at any point in time, an administrator may be called upon to step in and complete the day-to-day operations...

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