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How to make the library more interactive

Library project By: Kevin Fernando Class: 9 RoC Word count: 1,387 Children Interactive Library (Age Group targeted: 3-7 year olds) Adding physical installations in the library can make the library more fun and educational. What is it? Obtaining information through any means of medium like sound, touch, smelling and seeing is known as a physical installation in a library. How does it work? The children get to see new things, touch them and play with them. Visual design and choice...

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Cover Letter Guide

interview.” Language Ensure that you:    Convey genuine interest and enthusiasm for the opportunity, via the language and phrases you’ve used Thoroughly check all grammar and punctuation: use a good dictionary and people – don’t rely solely on your word processing application’s spell check function Use appropriate language – do not use SMS abbreviations, and do not use uncommon acronyms without explaining them 2 ...

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Human Resource Letter for Internship Positions

the four Office applications: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access. We also need students capable of working with our IT Services Help Desk. Sincerely, Evelyn Stone Human Resources Director Alberto_Benito_wrd01_Interns Office Assistants Internship Positions We need students with a high level of organizational skills to assist office managers with various projects such as organizing outings for the Parks and Recreation Department. We need interns who can use Word to write business style memos...

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Computer Concepts

CONCEPTS A computer is a machine that processes data and performs tasks according to a set of instructions. To do anything, computer must be give specific directions to follow. They get these directions from software. Software, such as that used for word processing, is a set of step-by-step instruction for the computer, written by computer programmers in a programming language like BASIC, Pascal, or C. Computers also get instructions from you, the user. When you use the mouse (more in a moment...

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matter—from menus and local newsletters to books, magazines, and newspapers—without the sometimes-prohibitive expense of commercial printing. Desktop publishing methods provides more control over design, layout, and typography than word processing does. However, word processing software has evolved to include some, though by no means all, capabilities previously available only with professional printing or desktop publishing....

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Preventing Falls

NRS ASSESSMENT ITEM 2: INDIVIDUAL ESSAY   Current Issues in Nursing & Recommendations for Professional Development for Nurses     Weighting:     60% Total marks:  100 Due Date: 17th May Task Description You are required to write a 2000 word essay on a current nursing topic that you have observed in clinical practice. You must choose a nursing topic that you feel needs to be addressed in order to improve nursing standards/ practise. You are required to develop recommendations for future...

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MGT2540 20 20Individual 20Assignment 2

grade] – Research notes (max 1200 words) outlining research undertaken using a variety of independent sources of information to prepare the presentation. – The notes should provide evidence of the research undertaken and its substance. – The notes should be accompanied by a Table of Reference in the correct format. – The Table of References is excluded from the word limit. 2.  PowerPoint presentation [40% of the assignment grade] –  A slide presentation using words, images, charts and tables (if/as...

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Past, Present,, and Future of Computers

affordable to the public. During this time, Microsoft developed MS-DOS operating system and the business renowned Microsoft Windows. Smaller companies contributed to the computer industry by creating with the creation of WordStar, which is the first word processing software, and VisiCalc Spreadsheet, which was the first software which had a similar function as Excel.(Bellis 1) Computers in the present day are part of our everyday lives with its increased availability to everybody, the convenience...

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Engineering Management

following sections and attributes; 1. A 300 word (-10%) executive summary. This information must be on its own page and be the first page after the cover pages. [10 Marks] (Hint: Your MD is a very busy person and has instructed their secretary to bin any reports from the managers that goes over 300 words and less than 270 words, if you fail in this aspect you would be sacked, in this essay you will score zero marks to reflect that scenario) 2. A 1500 (+/- 10%) word document that explains and presents your...

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Instructional Technology

projects and study groups. A number of the faculty uses the e-mail system with students to ask and answer questions about course content. The majority of the professors in the University of Maine system require students to use Microsoft Word programs or some other word processing software for research and term papers. If a student is in need of either a computer or any software the University of Maine has a campus store on most campus’s where all students and faculty can purchase personal computers...

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