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gyung sang region dialect. My dad was born and raised jealla area till he got married so my dad and his all family speak jealla region dialect. These two region dialects have pretty different accents. I speak the standard Korean because I born and raised Seoul. Also, since my mom and dad speaks different dialects, I am able to speak my parents’ directs consciously. As I grow up, I realized that people in these two area have different characteristics in society. That is related to dialect and social prejudice...

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The Cockney Dialect

History, Dialect, and Slang of East London Christopher Sharpe Ohio University November 7th, 2011 It’s rhyming slang you know, like bee’s honey… money. Like I could say give me the bee’s (TV Movies, 2011). This is an example of the Cockney Rhyming Slang from the dialect of the same name produced in East London. The Cockney dialect has not only been prominent in East London but in London as whole. The lower working class of London has spoken the Cockney dialect for centuries...

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Dialect and Accents

Strong accents and dialects are dying out because of the world today needs standard clear communication where everyone speaks and writes in the same way. It is better not to reveal your wealth and status with your accent. Discuss with reference to your own regional voice. We all speak with an accent and we all speak a dialect these include both the Standard English dialect and the Modern Non-standard Dialects. There are variations of accents according to a speaker’s age, gender, ethnicity and social...

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Patidarangia Dialect

SYNOPSIS The problem to be investigated: The dialect of Palashbari (Palashbaria) and Pati Darrang (Patidarrangia) : A comparative study. Introduction: Because of some political, social, cultural and geographical causes, if a particular area with certain language is not communicated in a regular basis, then the language of that area forms regional dialects. The Assamese language which is used and spread in a large area of both the two banks of the Brahmaputra valley also gives birth to various...

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Dialect Continuum

A dialect continuum is a range of dialects spoken across a large geographical area, differing only slightly between areas that are geographically close to each other, and gradually decreasing in mutual intelligibility as the distances become greater. Dialects separated by great geographical distances may not be mutually comprehensible. According to the Ausbausprache - Abstandsprache - Dachsprache paradigm, these dialects can be considered Abstandsprachen (i.e., as stand-alone languages). However...

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Regional and Social Dialects

prerogative of young people and generally sound old in the mouth of and older person. Slang is so ephemeral; vocabulary can be a real give-away of you are trying to guess a person´s age on the telephone or radio. AGE AND SOCIAL DIALECT DATA • Social Dialect= research has provided a great deal of information about patterns of pronounciation and grammar for different age groups. • Social Dialectologists= found adolescents use the highest frequencies of vernacular forms, especially...

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The Use of Concept Dialects in the Entertainment Industry

Behavior Critically Evaluate the Effectiveness on The Use of The concept Dialects in the Entertainment Industry I declared 1,130 words are used in this paper. CONTENTS 1. The Culture. The Dialects. The Entertainment Industry 3 2. Segmentation. Market Segment 4 3. Market Specialization. Target Marketing 5 4. Brand. Brand Identity 6 5. Conclusion 7 1 The Culture. The Dialects. The Entertainment Industry Culture can be defined as all the ways...

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Dialect in America

March 29, 2013 Essay #2 Dialect in America What is diversity to you? From the streets of San Francisco you are transported into many different countries. You smell different foods, see different looks, and hear different languages. These diverse cultures make San Francisco special. If the city of San Francisco introduced a law to adopt a standard language it would end the diversity that San Francisco stands for. In Northern California we speak our own dialect which consists of slang words...

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Describe Concepts of Dialect, Context of Situation, Native Speaker and Lingua Franca

From the list of concepts stated above, I have chosen to describe the concepts of dialect, context of situation, native speaker and lingua franca with regards to the local context in my discussion. Dialect In Singapore, the racial groups are categorized into their ‘dialect groups’, meaning their ‘ethnic’ groups. It is stated that “every Singaporean has an officially allocated ‘dialect group’ which normally corresponds to the paternal ancestral language, but does not necessarily to anything in the...

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The Trends of Dialect Leveling and Internal Variation in the Process of English Development

Explain the trends of dialect leveling and internal variation in the process of development of new varieties of Englishes. "Dialect differences are reduced as speakers acquire features from other varieties as well as avoid features from their own variety that are somehow different. This may occur over several generations until a stable compromise dialect develops."(Siegel, 1997) The writer here is referring the linguistic accommodation made by speakers with different dialects to eventually converge...

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