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American English

American English and British English Communication may seem easy, but sometimes it is hard to understand between people even though they share the same language. American and British English have the same origin, which is the Elizabethan English. This means that Americans and the British speakers share the same language; but nowadays, these two varieties somewhat differ from each other. We can find both similarities and differences in both varieties. Even though American and British people can...

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English Colonization

before England finally got colonization and advancement right. The lack of English government intervention, the treatment of local Native Americans, and the location of settlements produced rapid establishment of a thriving Western culture on the continent. The English took a different approach to colonizing America compared to the previous settlers. Instead of government-funded exploration like the Spanish, the English colonization was started by a joint-stock company. James I chartered the...

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The English Settle America

The English Settle America The Pilgrims were not the first group of English people to live in America. The first group came in 1585, but their colony failed. They cam e for three reasons, to get rich, freedom of religion, and many people came because they wanted a better life. In 1607 the English started Jamestown in America. This town was in the Virginia colony. The English came to Jamestown to find gold and get rich. But they never found any. At first the Jamestown settlers didn't want to grow...

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British English vs. American English

A Brief Comparative Analysis of the Differences Between American and British English Syntax As English continues to assert its dominance as a leading language used worldwide, it’s no wonder to learn that it is now an acknowledged global language and the standards that its users hold it to will splinter and change over time. Most of the variance can be attributed to differing national histories and cultural development. Today, English is used in a range of contexts around the world as the native...

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Black Vernacular English: A Unique Form of American English

Vernacular English from Virginia Black Vernacular English, a dialect at times used by as many as 80 to 90 percent of African Americans and long identified by whites as substandard English, is in fact a different and unique form of American English. Black Vernacular English (BVE), or Black English, is fundamentally a spoken language derived from the slaves and still remarkably consistent throughout African American culture. Because of the roots and many unique aspects of Black Vernacular English, it...

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English Colonies North and South

 During the sixteenth-century in the English Colonies, in this time there was a process where the people that owned some of these colonies were going through a time where immigrants were migrating to the new world. Forty-five thousand Puritans left England between 1620 and 1640 and created religious societies in another part of the world also known as the New World. The English people wanted their colonist to learn more about God and his most holy and wise providence, the people wanted to have...

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Effects of slang language in the english language

report describes and evaluates the reference of ‘slang’ being incorporated into the English language. Qualitative research in the form of a questionnaire has been used to conduct the research and gather the necessary information needed to compile this research report. With the research conducted, it was found that students are very keen and do not mind ‘slang’ being incorporated into the school syllabus and into the English language. With careful evaluation, it has been identified that ‘slang’ is used...

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Language in America

Blakemore November 27, 2012 American Language The universal country of America is the globe’s salad bowl. America is known for its diversity. The country should not be restricted to only English and Spanish when there are thousands of other languages being used all around the world. People in America are expected to speak English, but by having multiple languages, such as English and Spanish, forces those Americans to involuntarily have to learn Spanish. It isn’t fair for Americans having to learn Spanish...

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American English Began as the First of Britain's Colonial

History | * American English began as the first of Britain's colonial (and later postcolonial) offspring, and it went through the same process of linguistic and cultural appropriation that has shaped other postcolonial varieties * The first English-speaking permanent settlers founded the South Atlantic colonies (beginning with Jamestown, Virginia, in 1607) and New England (where the Mayflower landed the Pilgrim Fathers in 1620). * the original bridgeheads via urban hearths like Boston, Massachusetts...

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hey hey

organize your essay in a clear and logical manner, including an introduction, body, and conclusion. use well-structured sentences and language that are appropriate for your audience. edit your work to conform to the conventions of standard American English. Use any of the tools available to you, such as the Checklist, Spellchecker, or GraphicOrganizer. Animal Testing Cosmetic and drug companies continually face opposition due to the fact that they use animals for the testing of their products...

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