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Old Age

1.Is old age a positive or negative for you? Growing old is a positive for me. Growing old shows that you have over come life's obstacles. It shows a sense of strength. 2.Has old age made you look at life different? It never made me look at life different but it help me understand what life means. 3.If you could had been any age your entire life, what would it be? I would be somewhere around my early 30's. I still felt alive but at the same time I lived long enough to learn from...

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Old Age

Old Age, Socialistic, and Acceptance Old age should be a time of enjoyment and being social. Sociologists feel that being socialistic begins at birth and ends when you die. Growing old does not mean you have to go into seclusion. Therefore, with this in mind, old age could be a time of traveling, exercising, and visiting others. This is a time for acceptance also since old age does mean that time is limited. From the time we are born, we are that much closer to death. Not a good way of...

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Old Age and Cheerios

poem “Cheerios” is that with old age come more wisdom, but how Americans always over look what has already been established for the newest attraction. He uses Cheerios and himself to show how capitalism has taken over Americans. The poem starts off by setting us right in chilly Chicago on a bright morning. Chicago is the 3rd most populous city in the United States. He then goes on in his first stanza, “I opened the Tribune only to discover / that I was the same age as Cheerios” (Collins 3-4). The...

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Old Age

Old Age Homes/ Day Care Centres/ Elder Residential Complexes For many older people who don't have a roof over their heads or a place to call their own, HelpAge-supported old age homes & day care centres are safe havens where they can live their lives with dignity and interact with their peers. A rising trend is being noticed among the urban elderly also, who move out of their homes and into habitats especially catering to their needs, in order to spend their later years in comfort. HelpAge...

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old age

shameful state of affairs that there has arisen a need for old age homes in modern times. Why do we need these homes? Why are we considering our older relatives as a burden on us? Not too long ago we used to have a strong joint family system. It was an unquestioned norm of the society to take care if of the elderly. It was considered an honour and a blessing. Sadly, joint families have become relics of the past. In this nuclear age, old people are considered a liability. Time is money. And time...

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No Old People

people can agree with me when I say that we use a lot of our money on old people. Us Americans work hard for that money and we are just giving it up to help support the elders across the nation through Social Security and Medicare. What do we get in return for this noble act? Nothing, we get to watch the old people soak up our money and not give us anything back. So, I created a simple solution to this problem. Once a person hits the age of 62, we just end their life and see them no more. That would end...

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Seven Ages

Jacque's Seven Ages of Man -The poem basically starts by saying that this world is a stage and all the people are actors, actress, playing different roles depending on the stages of their lifes. Everyone is here to play their part of the role. Everyone was born because they had to play a part in this world. And this play of man's life starts from the time of his birth when he just an infant, and then comes the second stage which is of a crying school going boy who doesn't want to go to school. Third...

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Old People

PSY 212 April 23, 2004 "Old People: Individual Blessing or Societal Disaster?" The University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey in combination with New Jersey Medical School held a symposium on April 30 dealing with the topic of aging in our American society. One of the sessions on the agenda for the symposium dealt with whether or not aging in our society was a blessing or a disaster. I found the introduction to the presentation to be an interesting article, and I can imagine that...

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Age of Responsibility

AGE OF RESPONSIBILITY The “Age of Responsibility”, 21, is a completely arbitrary age chosen unintelligibly by a group of men because twenty year olds still aren’t fully developed or trusted by society in general, and people don’t even develop at close enough rates to have a universal “Age of Responsibility”. No two people exactly the same, so people develop at different rates. “The fact that every person is different and develops at his own pace doesn't make the creation of policy any easier...

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An Old Woman

An old woman clutches a tourist's sleeve and tags along with him. She wants a 'fifty paise coin'. For this she offers to show him 'the horseshoe shrine'. This refersto a legend centred around a horse-shoe shaped depression in a rock about Khandoba, the presiding deity at Jejuri, who leaped from that rock onto his horse ashe carried his wife with him. This is a legend that the true believer reveres and the sceptic doubts.The tourist moves away as he has seen the shrine already. The old woman 'tightens...

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