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 Field of Gerontology Deborah Quinn HCS/548 December 1st, 2014 Professor Cynthia Hovland-Scafe The field and study of Gerontology The field of gerontology is the systematic study of the health and well-being of the elderly. Study and research in gerontology help us to understand the health of the elderly but also our own. Everyone will benefit from the study of gerontology on social issues. Gerontology helps provide an individual with the opportunity to compose a plan for their future needs...

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A Career In Gerontology

process and problems older adults face as they age. Although Gerontology is based on those three reasons, it is critical that the problems they face are much more important. Everyone is going to age at some point in their lives, and a huge part of those adults will face a problems or diseases, whether it is an organ malfunction, sight problems, brittle bones, weakness and the sixth leading cause of death, Dementia and Alzheimer's. Gerontology focuses on adults only and the goal as a gerontologist is...

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Gerontology Conference Presentation

Gerontology Conference Presentation HCS/548 Introduction Gerontology is the study of the aging process. “It includes the study of physical, psychological and social changes in older individuals and the investigation of societal changes resulting from the aging of the population” (What is Gerontology? 2015) This field is also concerned with the use of this knowledge to policies and programs. Current population trends in the U.S. show that people are living longer and the number of older adults is...

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Gerontology and Social Exchange Theory

variability is frequently confounded by the symptoms of underlying pathology and invariably increases between individuals with aging. First Transformation of Theory The beginning of social gerontology began as general perspectives on aging rather than as actual scientific theories. Prior to 1961, social gerontology attempted to explain how individuals adjusted to aging from role and activity perspectives. Growing old was seen as an inevitable process that led to the development of problems an individual...

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Gerontology Exam I Review

Gerontology Review for Exam 1 * Define & distinguish it from other concepts (health & life expectancy) * What does health incorporate – how do you determine difference btween health&wellness * Health- presence or absence of disease – but not just absence – incorporated in wellness in making someone healthy * Wellness- psychological and physical state of being healthy * Active life expectancy & disabled life expectancy (dependent) * Not...

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Gerontology Research paper

November 23, 2007, from https://vpn.nacs.uci.edu/+CSCO+c0756767633A2F2F6A6A6A332E7661677265667076726170722E6A7679726C2E70627A++/cgi-bin/abstract/1127750 34/ABSTRACT?CRETRY=1&SRETRY=0 PsycINFO. Ruckenbauer, G., Yazdani, F., & Ravaglia, G (2007). Gerontology and geriatrics. Suicide In old age: Illness or autonomous decision of the will? Retrieved November 23, 2007, from http://cat.inist.fr/?aModele=afficheN&cpsidt=18620702. ...

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Gerontology Case Study

 Comprehensive Scholarly Paper Gerontology is the scientific study of old age, the process of aging, and the particular problems of old people. With maturation the elderly suffer from age-related changes that effect their overall health and day to day living. Even those these changes provide limitations that can be lived with, these changes can also exacerbate many medical conditions. The elderly client I decided to evaluate, H.J.is a 76 year old...

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Gerontology Interview

Interview Paper My grandfather recently passed away 6 months ago. So I have personally witnessed my grandmother go through the grieving process as well as deal with her own sickness. Unfortunately my grandmother will have to enter a nursing home because my mother can no longer tend to her needs. This is a difficult time for my family because my grandmother doesn't want to go into a nursing home, but she requires 24/7 care. For my interview I chose the neighbors mother who’s situation,...

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Gerontology Aging Simulation

Age Simulation Reaction I often times sit back and think of myself as elder later on in life. So many thoughts come to mind about my physical appearance; not so many thoughts in regards to my own mindset or the mindset of others that surround me, both seniors and young people. I have never been a person to care how others feel about me, but this one day in particular when I was put in the shoes of an elderly person my world was turned upside down by the words, looks, and thoughts of others. Going...

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Aging: Gerontology and Future Speech Therapists

To work together on the article, we chose to alternate turns, each first reading out a passage and then summarizing what he had read to the others. As future speech therapists, we will often be in contact with and assist elderly people. This is why we follow neurology classes on aging to explain the normal and pathological losses related to that process. We are also asked to do an internship in an elderly residence to get better acquainted to aging issues. Due to our future profession, we...

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