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GERIATRIC ASSESSMENT: MALNUTRITION Geriatric Assessment: Malnutrition In a continuously growing geriatric population, malnutrition is one of the most common and most undiagnosed problems. Malnutrition is not only the indicator of existing medical and socio-economic problems, but can also be a cause of physiological and psychological dysfunctions. Proper nursing assessment in the elderly should be applied in order to identify and address this problem. In this paper I would like to focus on two...

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Successful Aging for the Geriatric Population

 Critical Review of Quantitative Research Successful Aging for the Geriatric Population GizetteKhamphong Washington Adventist University NURS 370 Cheryl Robertson MSN CRNP-A December 16, 2013 Successful Aging for the Geriatric Population This review will compare and contrast two related nursing research papers: a cross-sectional descriptive quantitative study by Kozar-Westman et al.(2013), which examined the suitability of using the Successful Aging Inventory (SAI)...

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Chronic Pain

resident fourteen days before and after the use of self report diary. The data findings show that there is significant increase in the pain levels, pain – related nursing entries, need for the schedule and prn medications. As per American Geriatrics Society, 2002 (pS205), a chronic pain is defined as a painful experience that continues for a longer period of time that may or may not be associated with a recognizable disease process. In nursing home residents, the rate of chronic pain varies...

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Trend Article Analysis

conducted a search by hand to ensure the accuracy of the electronic search (Buchanan, Husfeldt, Berg, & Houlihan, 2008, p. 69). Results At the conclusion of the research study it was found that the number of articles located that contained geriatric information publications was 13 that were published in 1980 and prior and 96 were published after 1980 and the publication JABA had the most studies that were reported each year which was about 0.81 articles (Buchanan, Husfeldt, Berg, & Houlihan...

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Risk Management in Health Care

Care Management, 52(2), 10. Pop-Vicas, A., Mitchell, S. L., Kandel, R., Schreiber, R., & D'Agata, E. C. (2008). Multidrug-Resistant Gram-Negative Bacteria in a Long-Term Care Facility: Prevalence and Risk Factors. Journal Of The American Geriatrics Society, 56(7), 1276-1280. doi:10.1111/j.1532-5415.2008.01787.x Kehinde J. Instruments for Measuring Fall Risk in Older Adults Living in Long-Term Care Facilities. Journal Of Gerontological Nursing [serial online]. October 2009;35(10):46. Available...

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Medicine Personal Statement

I have always had a very philanthropic approach to life. Living with my one hundred year old grandfather has allowed me to appreciate the frailties of the human body. When he had prostatitis, I went with him to hospital where he was taken to the geriatrics ward. This experience provided me with a valuable insight into care of the elderly at a professional level. From this experience, I discovered that a career in medicine could be very rewarding. Being a naturally compassionate person, I take great...

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Background information about dementia and home care services

rehabilitative and/or nursing care); integrated. Integrated Home Care Services: is a combination of integrated and coordinated health and social activities which seek to keep an elderly person at home as longer as possible. Health services are medical care (Geriatric, Psychiatry), nursing, rehabilitation, medicines and prosthesis supply. Social services are: personal care, meals, house work, laundry, administrative services. Day Centres: semi-residential structure, within the District, which hosts disabled elderly...

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The Joint Commission

portion of injuries in hospitalized patients, long term care residents, and home care recipients.” All organizations are instructed to evaluate their residents who are at risk for falls and take action to reduce them. This goal is crucial in the geriatric patient. An evaluation of a patient’s fall history regarding gait and balance screening, use of walking aids or assistive devices, and environmental assessments should better help evaluate a patient’s risk (Rose, 2005). The Fall Prevention Journal...

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HCS/466 Facility Planning I

services to families throughout their community and surrounding areas,” (FCFFHC, 2013, p. 1). , ‘ Franklin C. Fetter Center’s services includes: (FCFFHC, 2013) Prenatal Care Infant and Adolescent Care Adult and Geriatric Care Behavioral Health Breast Examinations Cervical Cancer Screening Skilled Home Health Service Prenatal Care (OB/GYN) EPSDT/ Immunizations Family Planning The health center offers many more services to the local community (FCFFHC, 2013)...

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Organizational Change Plan - Part 1

in bypassing their competitors in their industry. It will also provide the access to care that is needed to current patients as well as bring in new business due to the extra added service. According to a recent article in the journal Clinics in Geriatric Medicine, advancements in technology, lack of financial incentives and lack of coverage by private insurers caused house calls to decline over the years. However; house calls have "been making somewhat of a comeback" after Medicare in 1998 modified...

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