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10.1.1 Definition of Healthy Ageing Active ageing is the process of optimizing opportunities for health, participation and security in order to enhance quality of life as people age. It applies to both individuals and population groups. Active ageing allows people to realize their potential for physical, social, and mental well-being throughout the life course and to participate in society, while providing them with adequate protection, security and care when they need. The word “active”...

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Ageing Theory

mentality/approach to life due to becoming less concerned with the expectation of others/withdrawal. In 1975 Cumming argued that “it was appropriate and healthy for older people to withdraw from others” because it was deemed a natural part of the ageing process. The disengagement theory states that older people start to withdraw themselves from society and others because of their bodily issues i.e. hearing loss, loss of vision and reduction in physical movement. These complications can cause an...

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Ageing Population

longer than ever before. Concerning with this problem, a telegraph on 1st October, 2012 entitled “World faces ageing population time bomb says UN” was posted in order to provide the facts and forecasts about ageing population in the world and to recommend some ideas to deal with this problem. In spite the fact that living longer is a great achievement of human beings, a rapidly ageing population also leads to difficulties for many countries in all over the world. A recent report estimated...

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Successful Ageing

some people ageing more successfully than others? As there are several definitions of successful ageing – objective and subjective alike - an attempt will be made to define what successful ageing is and from a biological, a psychological and a sociological perspective, explain what is involved in the process of ageing1. It will also identify and examine three of several factors that successful ageing can be attributed to 2. Noting that there are several psychosocial theories of ageing (Mauk, 2002)...

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Theories of Ageing

hope to carry on/continue with the same activities and social events they were involved in when they were younger. Physical changes of Ageing Skins, bones, joints & muscles: When a person ages, their skins become thinner, less elastic and an obvious sign; they wrinkle. Also, their bones become less dense which means they are more likely to fracture. An ageing person’s joints can become stiffer which also may make their movement more painful as the cartilage on the end of their bones becomes thinner...

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Theories of Ageing

Major theories of ageing in relation to the development of an individual As an individual grows older they get more withdrawn from the rest of society. The society actually rejects older people from a lot of activities. It is part of growing older and it is a way of distancing yourself from people before you die. Therefore the two major theories examine what causes an individual to distance themselves from this the rest of the people. The social disengagement theory basically examines the development...

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Explain two theories of ageing

 Explain two theories of ageing Social disengagement theory This theory was originally proposed by Henry Williams and Elaine Cumming in 1961. According to this theory, as people age they disengage from society. This could be because older people would have restricted opportunities to connect with others. Social disengagement is a natural part of ageing where older people experience a reduction in social contact. The potential causes of disengagement could be: Ill health, this could be the loss...

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Ageing - Physical and Psychological Changes. Pathological Ageing

4. Discuss the physical and psychological changes associated with normal ageing. How can one minimise pathological ageing? The process of aging has been around as long as life itself. All living organisms pass through three broad stages from conception to death, which are maturation, maturity and aging. Aging affects everyone because nearly everyone has the potential to grow old and all the societies in which we live have older members (Macdonald, 1997). Gerontology is the use of reason to understand...

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Ageing Population in Hong Kong

probably be surprised that the population of Hong Kong is currently ageing at a moderate pace. According to statistics, when the new born babies start to become older persons, the population will age at a relatively fast pace in Hong Kong in the middle of next decade. An ageing population will have an impact on the labour force as the number of people in working ages will grow slower than the overall population growth. In fact, the ageing population not only has impact on the labour force but also in...

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Pdhpe-A growing and ageing population

Access the impact of a growing and ageing population Australia has a growing population with it population reaching 23 million in April 2013.It’s population is also an ageing population with 9% of the Australian population being 70 years or older. These two facts about our population has a impact on four key area’s that being the health system and its services, the health service and its workforce , The carers of the elderly and volunteer organisations these four area’s are impacted because of...

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