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  • Bone Matrix Bone

    SKELETAL SYSTEM: BONES AND JOINTS Functions of the Skeletal System ♦Skeletal System Without it‚ there would be no rigid framework to support the soft tissues of the body and no system of joints and levers to allow the body to move Consists of bones‚ connective tissues that includes cartilage‚ tendons and ligaments Term skeleton is derived from a Greek word meaning dried Consists of dynamic‚ living tissues that are able to grow‚ detect pain stimuli‚ adapt to stress‚ and undergo repair after

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  • Bones

    [flat bones] & endochondral ossification [long bones].The essential between them is the presence or absence of cartilaginous phase.Intramembranous ossification occurs when mesenchymal precursor cells proliferate & subsequently differentiate directly into osteoblasts w/c mineralize an immature bone tissue called woven bone‚characterize by irregular bundles of randomly oriented collagen fibers & an abundance of partially calcified immature new bone called asteoid.At later stages this woven bone is progressively

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  • Bone Biology

    Skeleton 9/12 Notes Bone Biology Bone Biology * Bone is both a tissue and an organ. It is a specific type of biological tissue with its own unique chemical and molecular structure. Bone is a unique combination of organic and inorganic components. * Two levels of study * Macroscopic: gross morphological features * Microscopic: aka histology‚ study of tissues * Two levels of histology * Cellular * Molecular Bone Biology – Macroscopic * All bone in adult skeleton is

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  • Cartilage and Bone

    Cartilage and bone are both stiff connective tissues which form an essential structural component of the body of animal organisms‚ including human beings. However‚ they are also quite different in both composition and function. Bones are extremely hard‚ dense tissue which provide a supportive frame for the body ‚ as well as serving as production and storage centers for cells and minerals‚ whereas cartilage is a more flexible tissue found in more specific locations of the body‚ essentially midway

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  • Bone Notes

    Salient Points Bone Formation * Bone formation termed ossification of calcification * Endochondral ossification – Forms all bones below skull (except clavicle) New bone forms from a hyaline cartilage model Bone tissue replaces the cartilage model Begins in the interior of each bone from an ossification center Ossification center – group of stem cells that transform into osteoblasts Long bones – ossification centers in the diaphysis and each epiphysis Short bones – one ossification

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  • Bone Dissection

    up of cartilage and bone. Both bone and cartilage are connective tissues‚ that is‚ they are composed of cells in a matrix with intracellular fibers. Just imagine connective tissue as a gelatin salad with grapes and coconut. The grapes would represent cells‚ the gelatin the support material for matrix‚ and the pieces of coconut the intracellular fibers. By changing the amounts of each ingredient and adding extra substances‚ we can produce a material that is very hard like bone and can withstand weight

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  • Body and Bones

    06/20/2013 “Body and Bones” The question for this assignment is what are the steps that the system goes through from childhood to adulthood to reach 206 bones? I don’t think there is an exact science on these steps really. When we are born we have about 270 bones in our body. These bones are soft and called cartilage. As we get older it gets hard and turns into bone. The bone in a baby’s body needs calcium which they get from their milk mainly for

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  • Anatomy of Bones

    Unit 5 Reading Guide Questions Which minerals are stored in bones? Triglycerides‚ calcium phosphate‚ and calcium hydroxide are all stored in the bones as mineral salts Which types of bones provides a large‚ flat surface area for muscle attachment? Flat bones such as the scapulae have large‚ flat surface area for muscle attachment. Describe the location‚ composition‚ and function of the epiphyseal plate. The epiphyseal plate is located in the metaphysis‚ and is composed of hyaline cartilage

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  • Bones and Muscles

    ~Cross-section of a bone~ Articular cartilage - is a white‚ smooth tissue which covers the ends of bones in joints. Periosteum - is a fibrous sheath that covers bones. It contains the blood vessels and nerves that provide nourishment and sensation to the bone. Cortical bone - forms the outer shell of all bone and also the shafts in long bones. Trabecular bone - is the tissue that makes up the interior of bones. Epiphyseal

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  • Contentious Bones

    is involved. 2. Bone tissue is the primary type involved 3. Connective tissue is the specific type of tissue involved 4. Osteoblasts are the specific types of cells that produce the normal microanatomy of the tissue. 5a. With ageing‚ bone mass decreases. This is espeically true of women following menopuase. Estrogen acts as a protector of bone by inhibiting the activity of osteoclasts. Once estrogen levels drop‚ after menopause‚ osteoclast activity increases. 5b. Bone mineral density (BMD)

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