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  • Connective Tissue

    Connective Tissue Characteristics of connective tissues • Extracellular matrix separates cells • Most widely variable of tissues • Many varied functions • Common (mesenchyme) origin • Degrees of vascularity Functions • Binding • Suport • Protection • Insulation • Transport Structural Elements • Fibers ⁃ Collagen (white) fibres ⁃ Elastin (yellow) fibers ⁃ Reticular fibers • Ground substance ⁃ Amorphous material fills space between cells and contains fibers

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  • Connective Tissue Nevi

    Background:  Connective tissue nevi (CTN) are hamartomas in which components of the dermis (collagen‚ elastin‚ or glycosaminoglycans) are altered.  Appear as firm‚ asymptomatic‚ skin-colored plaques composed of closely grouped papules with an orange peel-like surface texture.  Previous classifications made based on which dermal component was found in excess‚ genetic patterns of inheritance‚ and +/- organ involvement fail to explain all reported cases. o Example: Buschke-Ollendorff syndrome

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  • Histology: Muscle and Connective Tissue

    so‚ list what they are and what precautions should be taken. Exercise 1: Epithelial Tissue | | |Data Table 1: Epithelial Tissue Observations | |TISSUE TYPE |OBSERVATIONS

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  • tissues

    Epithelial tissue protects your body from moisture loss‚ bacteria‚ and internal injury. There are two kinds of epithelial tissues: Covering and lining epithelium covers or lines almost all of your internal and external body surfaces; for example‚ the outermost layer of your skin and other organs‚ and the internal surface lining of your lymph vessels and digestive tract. Glandular epithelium secretes hormones or other products such as stomach acid‚ sweat‚ saliva‚ and milk. Connective tissue generally

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  • Tissue

    Chapter 4 Study Guide Bio 169 • Individual body cells are specialized -Each type performs specific functions that help maintain homeostasis • Tissues are groups of cells that are similar in structure and perform a common function • Histology – study of tissues PRIMARY TISSUE TYPES: 1) Epithelial Tissue (or epithelium) is a sheet of cells that covers a body surface or lines a body cavity  Forms boundaries  Occurs in the body as covering and lining epithelium and glandular epithelium

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  • Tissue

    Date______________ Period____ Tissues Lab Directions: This lab is broken down into three sections: Epithelial TissueConnective Tissue‚ and Muscle & Nerve Tissue. For each section‚ read the background and answer any questions before you come to class‚ then in class sketch the specimens listed under each sketch circle. For your sketches‚ include the total magnification under which you viewed the specimen and be very detailed in your sketch. Epithelial Tissue Background Functions of Epithelium

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  • Types of Tissues

    Types of Tissues Stacy Sisler HS 120‚ Section 03 Unit 2 Seminar Kaplan University Jan. 17‚ 2011 Types of Tissue A tissue is a group of cells that have a similar shape and function. Different type of tissues can be found in different organs. In humans‚ there re four basic types of tissue: epithelial tissueconnective tissue‚ muscular tissue‚ and nervous tissue. There may be various sub-tissues within each of the primary tissues. Epithelial tissue covers the body

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  • Plant Tissues

    BIO - PROJECT PLANT TISSUES Two Major Categories of Plant Tissues 1. Meristematic Tissue. A. Apical Meristems B. Lateral Meristems 2. Permanent Tissue A. Dermal (Surface Tissue) B. Fundamental Tissue (Ground Tissue) C. Vascular Tissue MERISTEMATIC TISSUE Composed of immature cells and are regions of active cell division. small‚ thin walls and rich in cytoplasm. Found in the growing tips of the roots and stem. A. Apical Meristems * Responsible for increase in length of

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  • Histology: Tissues and Epithelial Tissue

    instructor. Purpose What is the purpose of this exercise? Are there any safety concerns associated with this exercise? If so‚ list what they are and what precautions should be taken. Exercise 1: Epithelial Tissue Data Table 1: Epithelial Tissue Observations | TISSUE TYPE | OBSERVATIONS | Simple Squamous | | Simple Cuboidal | | Simple Columnar (stomach) | | Simple Columnar (duodenum) | | Stratified Squamous (keratinized) | | Stratified Squamous (non-keratinized) |

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  • A Level Tissues

    Epithelial tissue Covers the body surface and forms the lining for most internal cavities. The major function of epithelial tissue includes protection‚ secretion‚ absorption‚ and filtration. The skin is an organ made up of epithelial tissue which protects the body from dirt‚ dust‚ bacteria and other microbes that may be harmful. Epithelial tissue covers the whole surface of the body. It is made up of cells closely packed and ranged in one or more layers. This tissue is specialised to form the

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