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Middle Age

Middle Age Economy The economy mostly seen in the early middle ages was feudalism, Europe's form of government in the Middle Ages, was developed in the fifth century to meet the changing needs of the time. It was based heavily on the honor system. The king had overall power, then the lord, then the vassals, or landowners, and finally down to the peasants, known then as the villeins. The fiefs, or estates, could be rented out to one vassal who would then rent portions of the...

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Comparing the Renaissance and Middle Ages

From the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, Europe underwent a great deal of changes, including attitudes towards learning, science and technology, art and literature, and the way humankind felt about themselves and towards their society. The Middle Ages were the time period between ancient and modern times in Western Europe. Before the Middle Ages, Western Europe was part of the Roman Empire. After the Middle Ages, Western Europe included the Holy Roman Empire, the kingdoms of England and France, and...

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Disease and Treatment in the Middle Ages

Disease and Treatment in the Middle Ages The Middle Ages were tough times when it came to disease and medicine. There were numerous types of sickness and disease that flooded Europe during the Middle Ages. Not helping the situation, the medicinal knowledge of the people of Europe of the time was not up to par. Some of the diseases and illness that were running rampant during these times were pneumonia, leprosy, and the plague. The middle ages were a time of great suffering and death because of...

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Weddings of the Middle Ages

Middle Ages As the ages have past weddings have changed, the most interesting weddings took place in the middle ages. Middle ages were full of mystery and lust, women were not merely wives but prizes and a possession, rarely was it love. The reasons of which people were married was determined by their class. Most of the marriage laws we know today evolved during this era. The celebrations were extravagant, full of color and magnificent entertainment and exquisite feasts, radical compared to...

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Women During the Middle Ages

Women during the middle Ages The middle ages were a big part of the world’s history. Every aspect of life was influenced. One important influence was on women. Medieval society was ruled by men and women had their “place’ depending on their social class (“Medieval Women”). Peasant women had the hard life; they were expected to cook and clean and help their husbands all at the same time (“Daily Life for Peasant Women in the Middle Ages”). Peasant women would typically begin their days at 3 am...

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The Growth of London in the Middle Ages

Early on in the Middle Ages, London was not the great city it has become in the world today, in fact it was not even called London, it was called Londinium, then Lundenwic, and finally London. In the beginning of the Middle Ages, London was just a small trading town on the banks of the Thames River in England. As the Middle Ages progressed, so did the city of London. Even with the plagues and wars that occurred in and around the city, it grew into the center of the kingdom of England. At the close...

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The Church in the Middle Ages

The Church in the Middle Ages Notes secular- not subject to or bound by religious rule; not belonging to or living in a monastic or other order. ecclesiastical- relating to the Christian church or clergy imperator Romanorum- Emperor of Rome lingua franca- various languages used as a common language between peoples of diverse speeches Main Idea: The church was a dominant force in the Middle ages due to the disintegration of the Roman Empire and the ability of Christianity to bring people...

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Music and Middle Ages

Natasha Leon Music class Study guide 2 Middle Ages and Renaissance Study Guide 1. The phrase middle Ages refers to the period of European history spanning which      years? – 450-1450 2. In the middle Ages, most important musicians were ____Priests_______? (Which specific group?) Church officials 3 which group held a monopoly on learning during the middle Ages? (Look up the definition to the word monopoly if you don't know it)- Monks in monasteries...

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Architecture of the Middle Ages

Architecture of the Middle Ages ……. HUM100 – Introduction to the Humanities Introduction When thinking of medieval or gothic architecture, one can't help but think about the giant castles and beautiful churches that are spread across Western Europe. The castles and churches are definitely a great example of medieval architecture; there are a lot of other examples to explore. For example, what were residential and commercial buildings like? How did the residences differ between those of...

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Sex In the Middle Ages

Sex in the Middle Ages Sex is a taboo subject; many do not want to talk about it. Sex may be talked about more and premarital sex may be more accepted, but many still have the same views as those of medieval times did. When researching about sex in the middle ages, a person usually happens upon crazy escapades of the rulers and find very little on the culture as a whole. It is common knowledge that the Church was very strict about intercourse; however, sex was not as rare as many would like to...

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The High Middle Ages

The High Middle Ages brought forth an era fill with Christian followers. When the northern tribes in Europe swept down and brought down the Roman empire, they settle in the Roman land and converted themselves to Christianity. These changes brought forth new cultures and artworks that puts more emphasis on religion. During this period, a lot of churches and great cathedral was build. Historian divided the High Middle Ages into two periods: the Romanesque Period and the Gothic Period. The Romanesque...

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Women in the Middle Ages

The medieval woman was allowed a larger measure of freedom and status than the usual image we have of the Middle Ages. Women were allowed to own property and inherit from their family. Some women were employed and some were in charge of businesses. Among the upper class, women were as educated as their male counterparts. In Europe, women were allowed to inherit property from both their fathers and their husbands. In most cases, whatever the woman brought into a marriage in the form of a dowery...

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Middle Ages Study Guide

Middle Ages Dates: 450-1450 1. What was going historically during this era? What was life like? The Middle Ages was a time of migrations, upheavals, and wars. People were divided by three main social classes: nobility, peasantry, and clergy. 2. Who or what had the power? Nobility 3. Who were learned or literate? Clergy 4. Who were allowed to sing in church? Men and Nuns 5. Most of the music that was notated during the middle ages was sacred or secular? Sacred. But Secular music was...

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Middle Ages Essay

Evaluate the extent to which significant people, groups and ideas from the Middle Ages have both short term and long term effects. How have they influenced the world of today. Introduction: This essay will consider the short and longer term impact of the pope, the monks and Christian ideas and beliefs on society during the Middle Ages as well as their impact on today’s world. The essay will argue that the role of the pope, the monks and the Christian ideas have had a huge impact on how society...

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Women in the Middle Ages

Women in the Middle Ages: A Depiction of Craft and Ambition Throughout the works depicting the Arthurian Middle Ages, women are scarcely even mentioned. However, a few women managed to make it into the pages of history as written by Gildas, Nennius and Geoffrey of Monmouth and transcribed by Richard Loomis. These two women, specifically Renwein, the daughter of Hengist, and Culhwch’s stepmother the queen, are prime examples of how women in middle age stories were used to warn rulers of...

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Southern's Middle Ages

Southern’s Middle Ages In the novel, “The Making of the Middle Ages,” author, R.W. Southern, calls attention to the events during the years of 972 and 1204, and how they influenced the intellectual, religious and cultural traditions of our modern era. This period, lasting well over 200 years, is usually associated with waring knights and starving peasants rather than highly developed intellect and great innovation. However, Southern...

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The Middle Ages Test

The Middle Ages Test Choose the best response for the following questions. 1. The emperor Justinian’s most important achievement was the codification of Roman law into The Body of Civil Law which- a. Became the basis of Christianity b. Caused the dissolution of the Roman Empire c. Became the basis for much of the legal system of Europe d. Created the legal foundation of the Roman Empire 2. The Crusades were a series of nine military expeditions that began in 1095 and ended in 1291. The goal...

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Middle Ages- Catholic Church

The Middle Ages was a time of rebirth for the Church. The Church had a growing amount of power, and used this power to get messages sent to its followers. One important message created an ever-growing distance between believes and nonbelievers of the Church. Throughout the Middle Ages there have been inconsistencies with the doctrines and actions of the Church. There is one constant within the Church, throughout the Middle Ages the Church has opposed outsiders and has mistreated those outsiders from...

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Middle Ages and Major Changes

The Book Before Gutenberg The earliest books were written on scrolls. From the Second Century A.D. to the present time, however; most books have been produced in the familiar format – in other words, bound (attached) at one edge. During the Middle Ages, manuscript books were produced by monks who worked with pen and ink in a copying room known as a scriptorium. Even a small book could take months to complete, and a book the size of the Bible could take several years… Source: www.hrc.utexas.edu/exhibitions/permanent/gutenberg/2a...

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The Role of Agriculture in the Middle Ages

The Role of Agriculture in the Middle Ages In the middle ages the peasants of the manor labored in the fields and produced the crops. They had a system that worked for them, but it was not sufficient enough and they needed to find a way to produce more crops more efficiently. They used a system call the open field system which allowed a number of households to work on a single field. They did not fence in the property which allowed each family to take turns working the field. Around 1000A.D...

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Middle Ages: Weapons

Weapons and Arms in the Middle Ages In my observations of the Medieval time period I found the weapons to be brutal, and atrocious. From war hammers to napalm to the arquebus, this was by far the most in-humane advancement in weapons apart from modern day. The Medieval time went from about the 11th century to the 14th. During this time survival depended on the power of the certain ruler people served under. The power of the ruler depended directly upon his army and the army upon their weapons...

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Revival of Trade and Commerce in the Middle Ages

Western Civilization Final The revival of trade and commerce during the middle ages impacted European Society in many ways but it is important to know how and what caused the revival of trade and commerce and then how it really changed the future European Society. First the rise of Christianity start brought a new phase of history. The end of the ancient world which was the beginning of the Middle ages. Three religions emerged from the fall of the ancient world, these were Latin Christendom...

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The Role of the Church During the Middle Ages

The role of the Church in the Middle Ages 1. The role the Church played and why it was given this role: As Medieval Europe experienced a lack of a strong, central government, the feudal system provided some political stability. The Church also provided stability during the middle ages, and appealed to every social class. Lords and Ladies would often pay large amounts of money to the Church, so it was very wealthy. 2. The order of command in the Church: Clergy: Religious officials...

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The Canterbury Tales; Embodiment of the Middle Ages.

 The Canterbury Tales; Embodiment of the Middle Ages. Geoffrey Chaucer's “The Canterbury Tales" is more than just an entertaining collection of stories and characters; it is a representation of the society Chaucer lived in. In the late 14th century England the traditional feudal system was changing as the church was losing its importance and more people were becoming part of the emerging middle class. Chaucer's "Canterbury Tales" is a microcosm of this society because it demonstrates the social...

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The Factors that led to the Decline of the Middle Ages

 The late middle ages were years filled with turmoil. Famine, plague, turmoil in religion, and a war lasting over one hundred years all happened within the same two centuries. Many feared that these ages were the apocalypse, as these signs were those of the four horseman predicted in religious scripture. Several people ran from urban surroundings in order to escape the chaos and disease spreading in the cities. The late middle ages were the ending of something old and the beginning of something...

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Legacy of the Middle Ages in the West

Legacy of the Middle Ages in the west An Essay Submitted to Dr. Gary Poe Humanities II by Blake Nichol March 17, 2010 Legacy of the Middle Ages in the West Dear Friend, I read your argument recently about the Middle Ages and how you have the belief that it was a time of no cultural expression. Well, I’m writing to try to persuade you to think otherwise. After an extensive, semester long study on the Middle Ages and the events that...

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Marriage in the Middle Ages vs. Modern Day

11-21-11 Marriage in the Middle ages Vs. Modern Day A discussion of marriage in the Middle Ages including its traditions, attire, and a woman’s lack of choice in the matter will reveal to the reader the difference between Modern day and Middle Age marriages. The idea of marriage came from the bible, the book of Genesis. God saw that “it was not good for man to be alone God did not want men alone,” so he created for him a woman who would will be his special companion (Genesis 2:18). The two...

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Late Middle Ages

Society Around 1300–1350 the Medieval Warm Period gave way to the Little Ice Age. The colder climate resulted in agricultural crises, the first of which is known as the Great Famine of 1315-1317.The demographic consequences of this famine, however, were not as severe as those of the plagues of the later century, the Black Death. Estimates of the death rate caused from one third to as much as sixty percent. By around 1420, the accumulated effect of recurring plagues and famines had reduced the population...

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The Three Greatest Battles of the Middle Ages

Years War, stemmed from this problem. Between the sheer size of the armies and the great effect it had on History, the Battle of Hastings can definitely be called one of the greatest battles of Medieval Times. The First Crusade, 1095-1099 The Middle Ages was a time of extreme religious devotion and zeal for the Catholic faith. However, with the onset of the Islam during the 7th century and its 'spread by the sword' apostolate, Medieval Europe had its fair share of problems. All of their problems...

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Focus Questions of the Middle Ages, Renaissance and Reformation

and economic events that unfolded in the Middle Ages that could be said to be the roots of the Modern European Era...; such as the Black Death, the Hundred Years' War, the Great Schism, the Reformation of the Church, peasant rebellions, so on and so forth. However, most all of these events were the seeds of broader effects. They brought on such values as Capitalism, Nationalism, Humanism, the rise of the middle class. The events early events in the Middle Ages such as the Black Plague and Great Schism...

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This essay is about the corruption of the papacy in the Middle Ages.

ECCLESIASTICAL CORRUPTION IN THE MIDDLE AGES Religion and faith dominated virtually every aspect of life during the middle Ages. However, the Church's influence suffered greatly during the later part of this age of faith. Many historians hold that the Medieval Church was a landmark of corruption. This view is often used to explain the decline and fall of the Church and the success of Martin Luther's reformation. It depicts the Church as being ruled by power hungry popes who abuse their positions...

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How Castles Were Developed in the Middle Ages

How castle developed in the middle ages? In the middle ages, castles were very important to show power and defend your country. The first castles were made out of wood with little land and barely any defence. Castles became more important when the Normans started to invade Britain. Over the years as castles developed they got bigger and stronger. The battle of Hastings in 1066 marked the start of William the Conquerors reign. Once he was crowned King of England he began to build a network...

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HIS109- economic changes in the later middle ages

Economic Changes of the Later Middle Ages Manorial Economy o Cashless- Exchange of goods and services o Localized- Little or no trade over long distances o Agricultural- land is wealth o Traditional- obligations and entitlements inherited The Decline of Manorialism o No longer localized- long distance trade reviews as distant regions depend upon one another. o Trade improves and different regions start to specialize, the regions in Europe depend on each other. o The wool trade-...

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Western Art Music - Secular music of the middle ages

) LECTURER : Prof. Madya Hanizah Hj. Musib STUDENT NAME : NUMBER ID : COURSE : MUF106 - Western art music TITLE : Secular Music in the Middle Ages Secular music is non-religious music. Secular means worldly. Secular music developed in the Medieval period and was used in the Renaissance. Secular music in the Middle Ages included love songs, dances, and dramatic works. This music was not bound by the traditions of the Church, nor was it even written down for the first time...

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Church and State in Italy During the Middle Ages Italy!

Church and State in Italy during the middle ages! Church has always played a major part in Italian History. As Europe gradually emerged from the destruction of the Roman Empire, the church became one of the mainstays of civilisation. The disorganisation of the Holy Roman Empire, its ongoing dispute with the papacy over the extent of Church authority in secular government and absentee foreign overlords left Italians largely self-governing within their communes. At the start of the fourteenth century...

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Middle Ages

The Dark Ages In this paper, I will talk about how The Middle Ages, also known as the Dark Ages, was considered to be a time of death, disease and despair. Just as the name the “Dark Ages” advocates, this era of European history appeared to be bounded by gloom and desperateness. Unfortunately, most of the people only see this side of the Middle Ages when, in fact, the Middle Ages was a far more significant era. Mainly during the late Middle Ages, one can find a alteration in orthodox social structure...

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Gothic Architecture Key Contribution from the Middle Ages

culture throughout the European world. This essay will provide a brief history of the Gothic Era and detail the essential elements of Gothic style. Also, insight will be provided on the influence Gothic Style had on the people and culture during the Middle Ages and how it has transcended to Modern times. Brief History and Elements of Gothic Style Gothic architecture made its debut in the cathedrals of France during the 12th century. Between 1130 A.D. and 1230 A.D. twenty-five cathedrals were built within...

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Middle Ages

The Middle Ages had some negative aspects, but so did every other time period in history. Is that a real reason to call it the Dark ages? People might call it the dark ages because that’s all they have heard about that certain time period. All they have heard about is the bad things and nothing about the positive, or the changes from medieval to modern times. People tend to go off information that is just handed to them, but never really go deeper into the situation. The Middle Ages shouldn’t be...

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The Middle Ages from 1066 to 1485

English Society in the Early Middle Ages, 1066-1307 Book by Doris Mary Stenton; Penguin Books, 1952. 304 pgs The Middle Ages - 1066 -1485 The Middle Ages encompass one of the most turbulent periods in English History. Starting with the Battle of Hastings and the Norman Conquest - when William the Conqueror effectively took all of the lands from the Saxon English and gave them to French nobles. The English Middle Ages then saw the building of the great English castles, including the Tower of London...

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Middle Ages & Renaissance Study Guide (Unit 2)

Middle Ages Dates: 500-1450 1. What was going historically during this era?  What was life like? It was a chaotic period of social and political unrest. Religious and political differences between and within regions led to nearly constant warfare. The life of all the classes was dominated by the feudal system - feudalism. 2.  Who or what had the power? The church 3.  Who were learned or literate? holy men or people of important status such as kings, queens, and knights most other people were...

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Middle Age Hes

MIDDLE AGE Characteristics of Middle Age 1. Middle age is a dreaded period * It is categorized that, next to old age. It is the most dreaded period in the total life span and the one adult will not admit that they have reached until the calendar. 2. Middle age is a time of transition * Just puberty is a time of transition from childhood to adolescence and then to adulthood, so middle age is a time when men and women leave behind the physical and behavioral characteristics of adulthood...

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The Relationship of Abelard and Heloise: Women in the Middle Ages

The Relationship of Abelard and Heloise: Women in the Middle Ages Heloise and Abelard are two prominent figures in love related medieval literature. The story of their love affair, as well as the unfortunate falling out of their relationship set them apart from all others at the time. The Letters of Abelard and Heloise tell a story of a truly historic romance. "God knows I never sought anything in you except yourself; I wanted simply you, nothing of yours." This is just one example of the true...

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Did the Church Help or Hinder the Progress of Medicine in the Middle Ages?Did the Church Help or Hinder the Progress of Medicine in the Middle Ages?

Did the church help or hinder the progress of medicine in the middle Ages? In this essay I will be looking at the different aspects of medicine in the Middle Ages and accessing how the church helped or hindered their development. As there was a lot of unrest at the start of the middle Ages the church is important because it preserved a lot of things. It also provided a way of life, so it was very influential. The Church did not encourage the development of new medical ideas, it was not in...

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Women’ s Roles in Power From Late Antiquity to the High Middle Ages

Power From Late Antiquity to the High Middle Ages The picture that comes to mind when painting the role of women a thousand years ago is a bleak image of women being bound to the home, and a slave to back breaking labor around the house while producing as many children as possible, with no hope or possibility of a more complex role in society. However, and refreshingly, this was not the sole place for a woman from late antiquity to the high Middle Ages. While peasants, men and women alike...

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Women’ s Roles in Power From Late Antiquity to the High Middle Ages

Power From Late Antiquity to the High Middle Ages The picture that comes to mind when painting the role of women a thousand years ago is a bleak image of women being bound to the home, and a slave to back breaking labor around the house while producing as many children as possible, with no hope or possibility of a more complex role in society. However, and refreshingly, this was not the sole place for a woman from late antiquity to the high Middle Ages. While peasants, men and women alike...

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How Much Did Castles Change in the Middle Ages and Why?

that castles were built all over England in major towns. The first castles were built very quickly and were very simple, but during the reign of William and throughout the rest of the Middle Ages (1066-1500) the design of castles changed. In this essay I will talk about how much castles changed during the Middle Ages and the reasons for this. Motte & Bailey Castles (1066 – 1078) The first castles to be built in England by the Normans were called Motte & Bailey castles. They had: The Keep –...

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Music History Through the Middle Ages, Rennisance, Baroque, Etc...

time. Beginning in the middle ages, we have seen advancement from the Gregorian chant all the way to the Jazz of the 20th century. The current events, politics, religion, technology and composers can shape musical eras during time. Here I will look at the middle ages, renaissance, baroque, classical, romantic and twentieth century periods. I hope that a better understanding can be reached to why, when, where and who are the reasons for musical evolution. Middle Ages Beginning with fall of...

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Medieval Age

Middle Ages, the period in European history from the collapse of Roman civilization in the 5th century ce to the period of the Renaissance (variously interpreted as beginning in the 13th, 14th, or 15th century, depending on the region of Europe and on other factors). The term and its conventional meaning were introduced by Italian humanists with invidious intent; the humanists were engaged in a revival of Classical learning and culture, and the notion of a thousand-year period of darkness and ignorance...

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The Age of Faith Dbq

The Age of Faith  The Middle Ages are commonly remembered for King Arthur tales, violent crusades, widespread illiteracy and the bubonic plague. Yet so much more is worthy of remembrance. The philosophers of "The Age of Reason" called the Middle Ages the "Age of Faith". The Middle Ages were steeped in reason, logic, and natural philosophy. The Middle Ages is usually defined as the period between the fall of the last Roman emperor in the West (476 A.D.) and the fall of Constantinople to the Turks...

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Process of Urbanization in Western Europe During the High to Late Middle Ages

European society in the Middle Ages was predominately rural. The great urban centres of the Roman Empire had either decayed or remained as administrative and religious centres. The societal wealth and power rested within the countryside. The countryside began to experience economic growth in the 11th century. This economic growth would trigger a series of changes to the European societal order in the 12th century. While the majority of the population remained in the countryside, an influx of people...

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DBQ Middle Ages

 The Middle ages began after the fall of the Roman Empire. It can be defined as a time of minimal cultural and scientific achievements, suffering, feudalism, and power of the church. The labels for the Middle Ages that best describe the era between 500 and 1400 in Europe are the Dark Ages, the Age of Feudalism, and the Age of Faith. The Middle Ages should be labeled the Dark Ages because of the years of suffering that was inflicted from invasions. Invaders, usually from the North, would come into...

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The Early Middle Ages: A New Empire in the West

A New Empire In The West   The Early Middle Ages, 500-1000   Introduction The first dominant kingdom to emerge from the decentralization of the early Middle Ages was that of the Germanic tribe of the Franks. From 714 to 814, the Carolingian House of the Franks brought stability and progress to northern Europe. A large portion of the West enjoyed military and political security as well as religious unity.   This accomplishment was not to last, however. The Frankish empire did not endure...

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The Myths of the Middle Ages

The Middle Ages Braveheart and Robin Hood. Lord of the Rings and Merlin (“5 Biggest…”). These Hollywood classics all influence how people tend to perceive the Middle Ages, a time period that stretched across the fifth and sixteenth centuries. Contrary to Hollywood’s beliefs, life back then was very routine and social activities were an important addition to everyone’s’ life, whether they were a peasant or royalty (“Medieval Life”). However, Hollywood has deemed it fit to slander the Middle...

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The European Middle Ages - Change over Time

The economy of the Middle Ages The economy has long been a major force in the development of societies for centuries. It often changes and fluctuates, consequentially resulting in the success or failure of civilizations. The economy of medieval Europe originated as that of a feudal system due to the dangerous and chaotic conditions of the continent at the time. By the end of the Middle Ages, the feudal system no longer being used due to its newfound inefficiency with the new situations emerging...

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To What Extent Did Feudalism Affect the Societies in the Middle Ages?

To what extent did feudalism affect the societies in the Middle Ages? Plan of Investigation The investigation assesses the significance of the feudal system in the middle ages. In order to evaluate the feudal system’s significance, the investigation evaluates each role of the social classes in a Middle Ages society. This includes the kings, nobles and lords, knights, and peasants and serfs. Articles and secondary sources are mostly used to evaluate the feudal system’s significance. Two of...

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Dark Ages

The Dark Ages Ancient Rome was the most feared, wealthiest, well designed empire of its era. Many people felt like Rome was everlasting and it could withstand any threat posed against Rome, but then the unthinkable happened. The mighty Roman Empire had fallen. Possibly the biggest threat to Rome was Rome itself. With Rome falling, this led to the Dark Ages, which influence has been imperative to the advancement of modern day society. Without the fall of Rome, medieval way of life would have...

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The Middle English Period (1100-1500)

The Middle English Period (1100-1500) Middle English (ME) was the dominant and traditional spoken language form in many parts of England during the Middle Ages. The Middle Ages are so called as the middle period between the decline of the Roman Empire and prior to the period called the Renaissance. Brief History of the Middle English The Norman Conquest The period of Middle English begins with the Norman invasion of 1066 CE. The Norman Conquest was a pivotal event in English history...

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technology in the middle ages

Technology in the Middle Ages Many historians mention the medieval period of Europe as ‘Dark ages,’ a period when reason and logic was sidelined with belief and religion. However, the late medieval period offered a great advancement in technology. While many of these technological advancements weren’t inventions of medieval Europeans, they successfully refined these technologies and benefitted immensely by using them politically and economically. Medieval East and West Compared in Technical...

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Review: Making of the Middle Ages

The Making of the Middle Ages R.W. Southern Personally, when thinking of the middle Ages, I tend to have the misconception that it is a period of darkness with no progress. However, R.W. Southern’s book, ‘The Making of the Middle Ages’, offers an in depth study of the development of history in the world today. Observing that this book was published during the 1950s, Mr. Southern’s interpretation of the ‘Middle Ages’ was very distinctive in comparison to other historians of his time. He explores...

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Dark Age of Nursing

Different Era in the History of Nursing From Dark Ages to Renaissance (THE MIDDLE AGES)       During the late middle Ages (1000-1500) -the crowding and poor sanitation in the monasteries nurses went into the community. During this era hospitals were built and the number of medical schools increases.       Between 1500 and 1860 (A.D.) -the Renaissance all affected nursing. As nursing was not valued as an intellectual endeavor it lost much of its economic support and social status. The nursing...

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