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In the past week a coworker of mine asked if I had set up a retirement plan. I answered no and she directed me to a retirement estimator where my husband and I can manage our finances and see our standing for retirement. Ever since I graduated in Business Management from Cornell University, I have just been working and have not really thought about saving money for retirement. Since that time I have been promoted in a restaurant in Los Angeles. I feel blessed to have this great position and be married...

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Investment and Retirement Planning

INTRODUCTION TO RETIREMENT PLANNING IMPORTANCE OF RETIREMENT PLANNING Introduction • Retirement is the point where a person is not in any kind of employment /business/occupation. • This usually happens upon reaching a determined age, when physical conditions do not allow the person to work any more. • Retirement could also be due to personal choice-either due to adequate pension or personal savings or due to a regular unearned income like interest, rents etc. • The retirement age varies from...

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Voluntary Retirement Scheme

Voluntary Retirement Scheme (VRS) | | In the present globalised scenario, right sizing of the manpower employed in an organisation has become an important management strategy in order to meet the increased competition. The voluntary retirement scheme(VRS) is the most humane technique to provide overall reduction in the existing strength of the employees. It is a technique used by companies for trimming the workforce employed in the industrial unit. It is now a commonly method used to dispense...

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Ending of Mandatory Retirement in Ontario

The Ending of Mandatory Retirement in Ontario As of December 12, 2006 Ontario residents can decide for themselves whether they want to continue working past the age of 65 or whether they want to terminate their employment and start to enjoy their retirement. In Ontario, a new law, Bill 211 came into effect “Ending of Mandatory Retirement Statue Law Amendment Act of 2005.” The bill was given Royal Assent on December 12, 2005 however in order to allow employers time to make the necessary provisions...

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Social Security Is Not a Retirement Plan

Social Security is Not a Retirement Plan Kellyne Bode COM/156 August 1st, 2010 Tara Rodriguez Axia College of University of Phoenix Social Security is Not a Retirement Plan If you plan on retiring when you are 65, make sure you are ready. Planning for retirement is very important and the earlier you start, the more stable you will be when the time comes. You may believe Social Security will be enough to cover your needs when you retire but given the certain circumstances regarding Social...

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old age and retirement

Self , Society and the life course. Topic : Old age and retirement STUDENT NAME AND ID : ADETOUN ADEDEJI ID NO. 21215708 The essay will be focusing on Old age and retirement as a particular stage of life course and exploring the disengagement and activity theories and psychological concept of this stage, as well as identifying the importance of social institution in relation to this life course. The age at which old age is thought to start varies in different cultures...

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Work and Retirement

Work and Retirement Health Concerns in Adult Development Aging can play a huge role on the health of an individual. Most importantly, it can define what path someone will take as they move through their adult development. Vocational counselors try to match people with jobs that would “fit” their interests. However, in today’s economy there are many people taking jobs to make ends meet and not for the interest of doing it. How does this affect our development and what impact does this play...

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Retirement Planning

Retirement By: tena E-mail: tena2001@aol.com Retirement Retirement seems to be one of the most often overlooked areas of people's future plan. Simply because it seems so far away, it is an area that is subject to procrastination. People are expected to live longer now than ever before, this is another reason why young adults and teenagers are not worried about saving for their retirement. The baby boom generation, the seventy seven million people born between 1943 and 1960, face an entirely...

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Retirement Benefits Authority

role/functions of the Retirement Benefits Authority in regulating retirement benefits. The functions of the Retirement Benefits Authority (RBA) include: To regulate and supervise the establishment and management of retirement benefits schemes. To protect the interest of members and sponsors of retirement benefit schemes. To promote the development of the retirement benefits industry. To advise the Minister for Finance on the national policy to be followed with regard to the retirement benefits sector...

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Should Politicians Have a Retirement Age?

Should politicians have a retirement age? - Times Of India http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2004-02-29/all-that-matters... ADVERTISEMENT Sunday TOI Home Opinion City India Auto World Business Tech Sports Education Entertainment Polls Life & Style Women Hot on the Web Specials NRI Crest 2-Minute TOI The Times of India Advanced Search » Photos Times Now Videos LIVE TV ePaper Archives Blogs Science Environment Speak Out Sunday TOI Headlines Special...

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Questions on Workplace Retirement Planning

worth 10 points. 1. What does the term "matching contribution" refer to? a. The percentage of your pay that you put into a workplace retirement plan. b. A contribution an employer makes to an employee's defined-contribution plan that is based on the employee's own contributions to the plan. c. A contribution an employer makes to an employee's retirement plan that is based on the length of time the employee has been with the company. d. An end-of-year bonus an employer makes to an employee's...

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There are many reasons I want to keep a job after retirement. The three most important factors I considered in making this decision is being financially stable, physically and mentally active and to feel I have purpose in my life. Retirement in today’s economy is very different than when my grandparents retired. After working in the Food Industry for thirty years, I started attending college in my late forties. So not working after retirement is not really an option. I don’t need or want an...

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Retirement Speech

Speech # 1 Informative Speech SPEECH GOAL: I would like the audience to learn and understand the importance of retirement planning at a young age. THESIS STATEMENT: To create a safe financial retirement we need not to rely only on social security but also have other retirement plans such as a 401K and/or an IRA account. INTRODUCTION: I. How many of you expect to live past the age of 60? II. How many of you would like to one day retire and enjoy the golden days of life? III. Today I want...

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Prepares Employees for Retirement BY: MOGOMOTSI DINGALO STUDENT NUMBER: 626027 How the African Union Prepares Employees for Retirement . Introduction Upon retirement an ex employee may face uncertainty, depression, and other challenges such as insufficient income to pay debt owed, unpaid children’s school fees and bills and so on. The African Union Commission recently introduced workshop for employees due to retire in order to prepare them for life after retirement. The workshop covered...

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Retirement Plan Proposal

 Retirement Plan Proposal and Communication Plan Student Name Course Number Date Instructor Name Retirement Plan Proposal and Communication Plan The Employment Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) is a federal law that sets minimum standards for most voluntarily established pension and health plans. It was established to regulate the implementation of employee benefits, such as medical and disability programs (Martocchio, 2009). With federal laws like this in place, it is very imperative...

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Douglas Harvey Barber V Guardian Royal Exchange Report

worked for Guardian Royal Exchange until he was made redundant at age 52. q He was a member of his companies “Contracted Out”, Non Contributory, Occupational Pension Scheme that had retirement ages Of 57 for women and 62 for men q Members made redundant within 5 years of retirement were given an immediate early retirement pension. Guardian Royal Exchange The Guardian name was established in 1821. Originally Guardian Fire & Life, the Company was renamed as Guardian Assurance in 1902. In the...

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Social Security System

you have enough money, you may resort to get insurance offered by known insurance companies other than having the social security membership. There are proven benefits of having a social security membership. It will protect you financially when retirement age reaches you. During cases of permanent or temporary disability, you can also take your share of the benefits. In case of death of the principal member, burial assistance will be tendered for the grieving family. When loss of the breadwinner...

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Aging Parents: The Financial Burden

become lower. Social SecurityAct, originally enacted in 1935. The original social security act hs been modified many times. It's a public program that was designed to provide income and services to individuals in the event of retirement, sickness, disability, death or unemployment. OASDI, Medicare hospital insurance, and various other Medicare components are separately financed segments of the social security program. The OASDI program provides benefits for the aged, for the...

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Individual Retirement Accounts: Why Bother?

Individual Retirement Accounts: Why Bother? by William K. English 121 Mr. Frost September 22, 1996 Outline Thesis: When planning for retirement, Individual Retirement Accounts offer several benefits; however, careful planning is essential to ensure that: upon retirement there is an adequate amount of money saved, that the heirs to the IRA are chosen carefully, and that unnecessary taxes and penalties are avoided. I. Upon retirement there is an adequate amount...

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How to Research a Term Paper in Gerontology

of research and creative thinking. For example, suppose you're interested in writing a paper on retirement. Retirement is a big subject, maybe too big for one paper. Social scientists have written whole books on the subject; some have devoted their entire careers to it. But stay with the big subject for a while. Then, think about all the other subjects--the "key words"--that are related to retirement: work, pensions, Social Security, and so on. Each of these could also be a term paper or indeed a...

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The Graying of America

older as there are now people over 65. People are also living longer; In 1900 life expectancy was 47 at birth, and if you lived to be 65, your life expectancy was suddenly 77. In 1993 it was 76 at birth and 82 if you turned 65. At the same time, retirement ages have sunken. So suddenly there were people living longer, on the government's payroll. Some people would then draw the conclusion: "If people live longer, they should work longer," but many elderly people are too tired, and to weak too work...

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Global Management

Global Operations Management 535 – Theme – Week 9 Management with Uncertainty Texas A&M University-Commerce Table of Contents Abstract………………………………………………………………………………………...3 Early Retirement Package……………………………………………………………..............4 Strategy Plan Organization Restructure……………………………………………………….6 References……………………………………………………………………………………..8 Appendix………………………………………………………………………………………9 Abstract The objective...

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Recommendations of the Katz Commission

recommendations of the Katz Commission on retirement funding against the theory of taxation set out by the classical economists. The paper looks at the committee’s assessment of the classical economists’ theory of taxation, the proposed changes to the South African income tax system and the implications of this proposed reform on the position of the employer, employee and the retirement fund itself. It is necessary to first give an overview of the South African retirement fund tax system based on the classical...

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Military VS Civilian Compensation

care, and retirement. In today’s economy, everyone is looking to receive the most from his or her employer. A person wants a salary that can provide for his or her family, a healthcare plan with little out-of-pocket cost, retirement benefits to plan for the future, and an education that makes it all that possible. The military offers exemplary tuition assistance and salary when benefits such as the basic housing allowance are taken into consideration. In the same way, the military’s retirement plans...

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Depression Among the Elderly

significant change is the loss of self-worth after retirement. Work has always been a central concern in their lives, symbolizing their identities and providing them with self-esteem. For some people life after retirement can be great; the glorified day when one no longer has to get up before the roosters, and tramp out in the cold weather to work (Minirth, 1985). Yet for some, it can be the worse time of their lives in finding the age of retirement to be depressing, because the lack of substantial...

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Econ Final

Econ Final 1. A stock portfolio containing 80% common stocks is most likely to be appropriate for: a. 2. A single most important reason for investing is for: a. Retirement 3. Only the strongest, most stable and safe-return. a. Blue-chips 4. Companies whose earning have increased at an above-average level over the recent past are called. a. Growth Companies 5. Stocks whose price movements who tend to follow the business cycle are called: a. Cyclical Stocks 6. Stocks are really purchased...

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Operating System

Government Service Insurance System Philippines Benefits Being a member of the GSIS (Government Service Insurance System) is among the greatest rewards of working in the government here in the Philippines. It’s not only about having sustainable retirement pension but also being secured and insured in your entire lifetime career. In this hub, I’m gonna discuss and sum up the benefits of being a GSIS member. After publishing about the SSS benefits, I’d like to say the GSIS benefits are more complex...

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Annotated Bibliography

to the new defined contribution retirement plans. Or finding a mix between the two, which is a cash balance plan. For the longest, pension benefits have been associated with tenure. They have been used to provide retirement income to employees from the employer. However the economists in this article explain the decrease in this idea. Yet they explain the increase in defined contribution plans. Being able to give employees the flexability of building their retirement benefits and determining were their...

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Explain two theories of ageing

able to go to places as easy. These make interaction with other people more difficult. Geographic mobility, many people move and retire to areas away from friends and family. Also family members move away for employment or a better lifestyle. Retirement, retirement from work means that they will have less contact with colleagues in a social setting as they aren’t seeing colleagues on a day to day basis. Ill health of family and friends, if friends and family have poor mobility or another disability they...

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EPF in malaysia

Depend on EPF for Retirement Prepared for :- Dr. Rokiah Hassan Lecturer of Issues and Ethics in Finance FIN 657 UiTM Shah Alam Selangor Prepared by :- Nurhafizah Binti Ibrahim 2012662364 Class BM222 5B Malaysians can’t depend on EPF for retirement, says pension fund expert INTRODUCTION About the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) The Employees Provident Fund (EPF) is Malaysia’s premier retirement savings fund, providing basic financial security for retirement. The Fund is committed...

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Terminating employee

work-load. A long-term solution will gain business for the company. Alternative Solutions 1. Terminate Rick Feinberg 2. Implement a furlough day for each of the five employees 3. Continue to do business without  any changes 4. Offer an early retirement plan to Anthony Pope Analyze Alternative Solutions Option 1: The decision to terminate Rick Feinberg was highly favored by Stanton and it would likely not lead to a viable EEO complaint. Terminating Feinberg could potentially be an advantage...

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Mr. Yang

working years, she and her husband saved money and paid tax, but their retirement planning of travel and family visits cannot come true. As Quan recounted to a congressional hearing last fall, her husband needed expensive medical care for Alzheimer's disease. Utility and food bills were on the rise, as well. She cannot afford their retirement plans anymore (Billitteri 2008). In the U.S., for retirees their situations after retirement are not as good as thirty years ago. During a long period of working...

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Old Women in Poverty

have declined noticeably. The poverty rate among the population aged 65 and older was nearly 30 percent in 1966, bur it decreased to around 10 percent in 2000. This improvement has been connected with general economic growth and with changes in retirement policies (Bernadett, and Dalaker). However, improvements among the elderly have not been equally shared by man and women. Elderly women are more likely to be poor than elderly man, and as time goes the risk of poverty only increases. According to...

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Reporting on Two Different Pension Plans and Eliminate Two Segments

different pension plans, which our company will have to research and to learn how to report on our financial statement. Also they have two different segments, which our objective is to eliminate. Our first goal is to define the pension plans and other retirement benefit plans and how we are to report them on our financial statements. Our second goal is to define the steps to eliminate the two segments within the guidelines of the Federal Accounting Standard Boards and the Statement of Financial Accounting...

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Ageing Theory

hearing loss, loss of vision and reduction in physical movement. These complications can cause an older persons health to deteriorate which results in the loss of communication with others and withdrawal from society along with social interaction. Retirement can also be a contributing factor for elderly people not to be involved as much due to the inevitability that they will lose touch with their ex colleagues and friends. Older people may also have family that live far away therefore, they may not...

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Assignment 1

employees is permitted and will be used for retirement purposes. Tundra will contribute 2% of employee earnings for this plan. The employee can contribute up to 6% of each pay period. This plan will not integrate with any government benefits. You must be vested to receive benefits. You must have one year of full service under Tundra employment and be a part of Tundra by July,2015. Once you are vested there are no age requirements. For normal retirement and to receive full payment you must be age...

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How Specific System Used in an Organization Has Transformed How the Organization Operates.

development while keeping pace with today's technological advancements. Taylor Ambulance Company Ambulance offers: Top field compensation, plus call bonuses and growth potential Major Medical, Vision and Dental Care Employee Life Insurance 401(k) Retirement Plan Flexible work schedules. SALARY: Employees are eligible for merit increases from 1 to 4 salary steps after the first 6 months of employment, and thereafter annually based on their work performance and until they reach the top of their 12...

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Benefit Plan

benefit plan of Blue Rose includes Retirement plans and Life Insurance plans. Senior engineers and the management staff get paid vacations and sick leave. All employees are entitled to get basic benefits like workers compensation and Federal Family and Medical Leave. FICA taxes will be deducted from every employee’s salary. a. Retirement Benefits The normal retirement age is 65. The benefit is determined based on the annual compensation package. Normal retirement rate benefit will be equivalent to...

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Advantages and Disadvantages: 401k Plan to the Employer and Employee

Advantages and Disadvantages: 401k plan to the Employer and Employee A 401(k) plan is a retirement account to which employee and employers contribute, on which taxes are deferred until withdrawal, and for which the employee selects the types of investments. As with anything to do with the Internal Revenue Service, the 401(k) plan has many ups and downs and many regulations that must be followed. This makes things more difficult for both the employer and employee in making decisions about the plan...

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Whether Governments in Developed Countries Should Continue to Make Major Contribution to Citizen's Pension

............................................. 5 5. Recommendations with evaluations ............................................ 5 5.1 Saving more now ........................................................................ 6 5.2 Increasing retirement age............................................................ 6 5.3 Shifting from DB to DC ................................................................ 7 6. Conclusion ......................................................................

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Social Security

learned how markedly beneficial social security will be after my eventual retirement. Reflecting on precisely how ignorant I had been to the issue prior to my investigation, I realized a tragic irony which exists quite commonly within our society today; young people are not taught to save for retirement. I think that many of my friends do not even think much of saving for their college graduation, let alone for their retirement. Eventually, however, most of us will reach a point in our lives where...

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Reflective Journal of Singapore Budget 2012

to help cope with the social and rising cost for the aging population that Singapore is currently facing. Further studies suggest that elderly, depending on solely CPF saving for retirement is not sufficient. Boost in CPF contribution The government worry that elderly will not be able to support them after retirement. Therefore, the government has implemented a new boost in CPF contribution for employees aged above 55 years old and they will be classified according to their aged group. Employee...

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Economic Benefits and Future Outlook of Social Security

change for the future challenges about to be faced. The social security administration has been here for almost 70 years. It is here to provide for retirement, disability, and survivor's insurance. About 7.5 million people get monthly survivor benefits, and more than six million get disability. There are about 45 million people who receive retirement, survivors and disability benefits. For an average wage person with a family, social security survivor benefits are equivalent to a $354,000 life...

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Persuasive Essay Final Paper

Final Paper Frank Raymond COM/172 May 9, 2011 Barbara Plourde Persuasive Essay Final Paper Americans need to plan for retirement so they do not have to rely solely on Social Security income to care for them financially after that point. This year the Social Security Administration is projecting, it will collect less in payroll taxes than it pays out in retirement, disability, and survivor benefits. Even though the government economists are saying that the economy and social security will...

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Defined Benefit Pension

When participating in a defined benefit pension plan, an employer promises to pay their employees a specific benefit for life beginning at retirement. The benefit is calculated in advance using a formula based on age, earnings, and years of service. In the United States, the maximum retirement benefit permitted in 2009 under a defined benefit plan is $195,000. Defined benefit pension plans currently do not have contribution limits. The liability of the pension lies with the employer who is responsible...

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Aging and Disability Worksheet

Associate Program Material Aging and Disability Worksheet Part I Identify 2 or 3 issues faced by the aging population. 1. 3 out of 5 baby Boomers haven’t saved enough for their retirement 2. Many if not most, have no will.They have no “exit’’plan whatsoever and will leave everything to work. 3. Answer the following questions in 100 to 200 words each. Provide citations for all the sources you use. • What is ageism? How does ageism influence the presence of diversity...

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unfunded public pensions

benefits an employee receives when he or she leaves employment at a company. Unlike a severance pay, a pension is a contract for a fixed sum to be paid regularly to a person. This payment is usually given after retirement. Furthermore, pension plans are used to provide a source of income after retirement after these public employees are no longer receiving a steady income. Established in 1932 by state law, California’s public pension plan set out to ensure the financial security of retirees. Although this...

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Issues Affecting the Aged

for most people to go through but one can make aging fun and enjoyable by living life to the fullest. A positive attitude and taking risks in life as one gets older as well as being flexible and adaptable will help one age successfully. Treating retirement/old age as a beginning rather than the end and taking on new challenges will also make aging fun and exciting. Reference Eldercare On-Line Understanding Geriatric Depression http://www.econline.net/Knowledge/SB/SBdepressionoverview.html ...

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Growth in the Older Population

vaccines, technology, health care and opportunities to seek assistance. Consequences are involved with the increase growth of the population. The consequences include income and financial resources, supplemental security income, poverty, work and retirement. Income and financial resources such as Social Security is a major source of income for the elderly. The Social Security Act was passed in 1935, all but a few modern nations had long since established some form of nationa social insurance” (Mark...

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Outline Goals and Objectives

born between 1946 and 1964." (Mosner, Spiezle, & Emerman, 2003, p. 1) "The makeup of the labor force has slowly changed over the past 50 years, and significant changes are coming. This demographic shift has been exacerbated by the trend of early retirement of the baby boom generation." (Lockwood, 2003, p. 1) Lockwood says during the 1950's, there was seven working age people for every one elderly worker and by 2030 the number of working age people will be down to three. (p. 1) II. Identify the effects...

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Theory of Letty Kuan

in Service (ACIES) in 2004. Her religious community is the Notre Dame de Vie founded in France in 1932. * As a former member of the Board of Nursing, her legacy to the Nursing Community is without a doubt, indisputable. About her Theory: “Retirement and Role Discontinuities” Basic Assumptions and Concepts: Physiological Age is the endurance of cells and tissues to withstand the wear-and-tear phenomenon of the human body. Some individuals are gifted with strong genetic affinity to stay young...

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Employee Motivation

to $62,000 plus bonus and company car, say insiders — turnover is a constant concern in an industry that typically sees 43 percent of its staff leave each year. To stanch the bleeding of valuable talent, McDonald's in 2004 began offering a rich retirement savings perk. Employees who put 5 percent of their salary in the company 401(k) receive a company match of as much as 11 percent, turbocharging their savings right off the bat. To make sure employees take advantage of the program, McDonald's has...

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Pension System

to different pension reform options. On the other hand, the policy debate is centered on models of reform which take from concrete country experiences; overall, it focuses mostly on whether funding pensions (i.e. privatizing and individualizing retirement savings, away from Pay-As-You-Go systems) is the best option for reducing many of the negative economic impacts associated to population aging. After having illustrated both sides of the debate – the theoretical and the empirical - our paper makes...

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Social Impact of Ageing and the Older Person

in work, marriage and family life. We are now independent and living life according to our own perceptions. Persons in old age are in a period of slow down as opposed to the speed and pace of the previous life stages. They will have experienced retirement, death of loved ones and increasing dependency, which may occur due to health limitations. From a psychosocial viewpoint, the movement from child to adult involves an increasing attachment to one’s social groups through meaningful and productive...

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Academic Advisor


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Attitudes Towards Aging

lives. It may even be easier to learn now because teaching has changed to reflect different learning styles. Myth #2: Older Workers don't need or want to work. All they think about is retirement. Reality: Many people enjoy working up to the age of 70 or beyond, and many others may not have sufficient retirement income to allow them to retire. Myth #3: Older Workers should leave the work force to make room for younger workers. Reality: The work force needs contributions from people of all ages...

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Life Cycle Financial Planning

head-of-household * Establishing retirement goals * Building on children’s education fund * Need for greater income due to expanding needs | Midlife: Ages 45-54 | * Assisting with higher education for children * Updating retirement plans * Investing * Developing estate plans | Pre-Retirement: Ages 55-64 | * Consolidating assets * Re-evaluating property transfer (estate) * Evaluating expenses for retirement and current housing * Investigating retirement part-time income or volunteer...

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Aging Study Guide

ask your course professor for assistance. PICK 1 of the questions below and respond using the TERMS and CONCEPTS from the chapter on this topic. OPTION 1 As people age, they face a number of problems, including social isolation brought on by retirement, physical disability, and the death of friends or a spouse. To deal with these issues, most elderly people enjoy the support of family members. Discuss your interaction with the elderly by answering the following:  Are there any elderly individuals...

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Case Study

is designed to maintain consistency in the responses; otherwise, slight differences in rounding approaches can lead to large differences in final retirement account balances. ( An interesting embellishment to the case is to ask students to examine different objectives for the Smithson’s (e.g., minimizing interest paid rather than maximizing retirement account balance). $$ Case Description The Smithson’s Mortgage $$ Paul and Leslie Smithson are buying a new house. They have saved for...

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What Is the Future of Social Security?

to most people like a simple retirement saving's account. After all, you generally contribute through payroll deductions, then get money back after you retire. Nonetheless, Social Security is a complex and intricate communal program. By design, Social Security involves massive subsidies from the next generation of retirees to the present, from single workers to married couples. Now that the gigantic post World War II baby boomers generation approaches retirement age, there is concern about the...

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