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  • German Language and Question

    strange stillness that was the characteristic of a school on a “Sunday morning.” Question 3: What had been put up on the bulletin-board? Answer : The bulletin-board notified the general public about an order from Berlin. It stated that only German was to be taught to students in the schools of Alsace and Lorraine. Question 1: What changes did the order from Berlin cause in school that day? Answer : The order from Berlin brought all the routine hustle-bustle of the school life to a stand-still

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  • Nelson Thornes Distance Learning: German Language

    A2 German Monika Niedziela Text © Nelson Thornes Distance Learning 2010 Illustrations © Nelson Thornes Distance Learning 2010 All rights reserved. The copyright holders authorise ONLY users of NTDL A2 German to make photocopies for their own or their students’ immediate use within the teaching context. No other rights are granted without permission in writing from the publisher or under licence from the Copyright Licensing Agency Limited‚ of Saffron House‚ 6–10 Kirby Street‚ London EC1N 8TS

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  • The German Lifestyle

    are not part of a German family. So many unwritten rules end up being communicated through acid stares‚ or loud protest (in some dialect 90% of Germans won’t even understand). As a general rules you can square the distance from a metropolitan centre to calculate the intolerance level. One should think of this as a form of asserting the failing national identity. By pointing out that you do not understand the rules‚ the locals affirm their sense of belonging. "Yes‚ I am a good German and bright enough

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  • German Culture

    German Culture Germany has been remarkably called Das Land der Dichter und Denker (the land of poets and thinkers). The diverse culture of Germany has been molded by the major intellectual and popular currents in Europe‚ both religious and secular. This report is divided into several aspects of German Culture which are as follows. Language German is the official and predominant spoken language in Germany. Minority languages constitute Sorbian‚ Danish‚ Romany and Frisian. The immigrant languages

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  • German & American Perspectives

    simply one American businessman and Klaus is merely one German man. The project is dominated by Germans First described is the American perspective of Jim. It ’s important to note‚ that he thought himself to be a good fit‚ due to his experience traveling to Germany‚ as well as his ability to speak the language‚ his wife being a native to the land and his email contact with his German colleagues. Simply understanding the German language proved to be insufficient; Jim lacked an understanding

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  • German Heritage

    German Heritage German Heritage Germans mainly immigrated because their country was being attacked by other nationalities. People who lived in the southern part of Germany were robbed and tortured. Villages were being burnt down. The rulers of Germany tried to keep the people from leaving but did not succeed. In 1709 about 3‚000 Germans crossed the Atlantic and arrived in New York. By 1745 there were 45‚000 Germans living in just Pennsylvania (Immigration: The journey to America). In the 1800s

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  • Similarities between German and British People

    Both went through immigration waves of Celts then Romans then Germanic tribes. Both languages come from the same old germanic roots. Both went through similar developments as far as fedualism‚ reformation‚ industrialisation etc... Both have a history of being smaller countries joining together to form larger ones‚ all through from the beginning to now. The dark ages anglo saxon kingdoms mercia‚ the anglias‚ umbrias‚ sexs etc all fought together and eventually formed england at roughly the same

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  • nationalism of german

    Important Factors for the Growth of German Nationalism Political Nationalism Political nationalism grew with the spread of new ideas about Liberalism and Nationalism. also Nationalism was the desire of people with a common national identity to have their own country. furthermore‚ Liberalism was the desire to have a parliament‚ like Britain’s‚ where rulers were elected by the people of the country as opposed to being ruled by a king alone. Especially‚ In the years initially following 1815‚ support

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  • Analysis: Is Texas German Dialect Dying

    Texas German Dialect Dying? Introduction When headlines read‚ “Unique dialect‚ Texas German‚ taking last gasp‚” alarms clang through Texas Germans’ heads (Bell 28). The majority of the 6‚900 dialects alive today will disappear by the end of the 21st century (Tesch 1). Is Texas German among them? This article finds that the conditions necessary for dialect maintenance are weak for Texas German‚ and thus‚ the dialect is destined to disappear in the next two to three decades. Is Texas German a unique

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  • The Process of Globalization - the Process of Anglicising German Culture and Language?

    Monday‚ 14-16 January 31‚ 2004 The Process of Globalization – The Process of Anglicising German Culture and Language? Fig. 1. Hans-Jürgen Bahr. Umgeben von Anglizismen. February 2002. Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Research Paper 3 Preface 3 Businesses – The American Lifestyle in Germany 4 The English Influence in Politics 5 The "Germarican" Media 6 "Denglish" – The German Youth Language 7 Conclusion 8 Works Cited 9 Rough Draft 11 Peer Editing Sheets 17 Topic 19 Working

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