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German Language

German Culture Germany has been remarkably called Das Land der Dichter und Denker (the land of poets and thinkers). The diverse culture of Germany has been molded by the major intellectual and popular currents in Europe, both religious and secular. This report is divided into several aspects of German Culture which are as follows. Language German is the official and predominant spoken language in Germany. Minority languages constitute Sorbian, Danish, Romany and Frisian. The immigrant languages...

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German & Swiss Culture

mountains, but they use a lot of waterpower, and the country itself has a lot of lakes and rivers. Its diverse landscape and climate makes it really beautiful. The people of Switzerland are also quite diverse; they have four official languages and the population is German, French, Italian, Romansch, you name it! I think, with such variety of both culture and landscape, your trip should be really interesting. There are a lot of things America and Switzerland have in common. Take holidays; we celebrate...

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German Holiday Paper

Amanda Creacy Mr. McKay German 2- Feste und Feiertage March 2, 2012 Wonderful facts on German Holidays In Germany they also celebrate holidays. Some are the same as American holidays but others are different. They seem to have a lot more holidays than we do. Some are celebrated the same in both places but some are different. In Germany some holidays are regional and not national which means that only people living in certain places celebrate them. In January there are multiple major...

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German Language and Question

strange stillness that was the characteristic of a school on a “Sunday morning.” Question 3: What had been put up on the bulletin-board? Answer : The bulletin-board notified the general public about an order from Berlin. It stated that only German was to be taught to students in the schools of Alsace and Lorraine. Question 1: What changes did the order from Berlin cause in school that day? Answer : The order from Berlin brought all the routine hustle-bustle of the school life to a stand-still...

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Language Reviewer for Grade 4

Language Reviewer 1. Writing the correct plural of nouns that agree w/ the verbs in the sentence Ex. Wrong- They sell furnitures in their store. Correct-They sell pieces of furniture in their store. Wrong- The girls bought expensive bag at Gucci. Correct-The girls bought expensive bags at Gucci. 2. Identifying the use of nouns as S, PN, DA, IO, DO Ex. SUBJECT- Children tease her and call her names. PREDICATE-Leila is a new student. DIRECT ADRESS-...

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Assignment 2: Language Related Tasks

Assignment 2: Language related tasks. Lexis 1 We can put off sleeping for a limilted period. Meaning To decide or arrange to delay an event or activity until a later date or time * Concept questions: Do we want to do this now? No Will we delay this until a later time? Yes Will we complete it at some point in the future? Yes Other examples: A businessman who puts off a meeting or an important decision, students who put off doing their assignments, an engaged couple who puts...

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Turkish people and diabetes

word of mouth. The research stated that in this way they took a more random sample. The final number from 294 possible candidates, 108 participants were part of the program. The interviews were managed by well-trained interviewers that spoke both German and Turkish fluently (Makowski, Anna Christin and Christopher Kofahl 2014). As stated before, the research took the sample and compared it to the doctoral thesis research by Barbara Ruβ-Thiel (Makowski, Anna Christin and Christopher Kofahl 2014)...

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Multiculturalism in Germany

multiculturalism does not work in every place and Germany which is one of these places. The reasons of the failure of multiculturalism in Germany are the restricted political rights for immigrants by government, integration problems between Turks and Germans and also cultural changes in second and third generations. This essay examines the history of Turks in Germany and the reasons why multiculturalism does not work in Germany also it briefly provides some suggestions in order to achieve multicultural...

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Essay of Cultural Diversity

reasoning like “look what happened in World War II, you do not know their language,” and my favorite, “all there are is Nazi people over there.” I looked at them for a second then replied with something to the affect that I have always had a fascination with World War II and especially Adolf Hitler and Germany. It is true that I do not know the language, but English is becoming more and more a universally recognized language, and while it is true there are Nazi types of people there, I’m sure there...

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Germany- Hofstede Analysis

foreign culture, suddenly things seem different. You don’t know what to do or say.” ( Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions). “If your organization is planning to conduct business with [Germany], potential success depends upon a good understanding of [German] culture” (Doing Business in Switzerland, 1). This quote is a good advice for entering into any country. Germany is a good candidate for multinational firms to expand into because many similarities of culture to the competitive and strong economy;...

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