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  • The Feces King

    The Tale of the Mad Feces King What follows is the highly disturbing tale of a roommate that more or less slowly descended into total madness‚ up to the point where he was storing dead animals in the oven‚ and taking dumps in various places around the house that were not the toilet bowl. Originally found on the SomethingAwful Forums‚ posted by Martin Random‚ I have mirrored this tale here purely for the reasons that I made me laugh to no end while reading the original thread. Note that these forums

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  • Poop

    facies. Not to be confused with excretion. Elephant feces Cyclosia papilionaris consuming bird droppings Feces‚ faeces‚ or fæces (see spelling differences)‚ also known as excrement‚ is a waste product from an animal’s digestive tract expelled through the anus or cloaca during a process called defecation. Contents [hide] 1 Etymology 2 Ecology 3 Human feces 4 Odor 5 Pets 6 Uses 7 Social implications 8 Animal feces 9 Bibliography 10 See also 11 References 12 Further reading

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  • jasper in the widow en la bibleotecha

    form in the English language‚ making it a plurale tantum.[1] There are many colloquial terms for feces‚ of which some are considered profane (such as shit) while others (such as poo‚ poop‚ number two‚ deuce‚ doodoo‚ dookie‚ and doody) are not. Terms such as dung‚ scat‚ spoor and droppings are normally used to refer to non-human animal feces. Stool is a common term normally used in reference to human feces. For example‚ in medicine to diagnose the presence or absence of a medical condition‚ a stool

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  • High School Cage Analysis

    someone adopted them. Derwin placed the kittens in a small cage out in the waiting room while I cleaned the cage. First I took out the litter pan and checked for any urine and feces‚ Derwin told me I needed to note the color and consistency of the feces. I checked and the feces were firm and brown. After noting the urine and feces I threw away the litter and placed the litter pan in the sink. Also took any dirty towels or blankets and placed them in the hamper to be washed. I want back to the cage to

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  • Cryptosporidium Parvum: Transmission and Infection

    *If you ever use this‚ please e-mail me at antisoma@hotmail.com. I ’d just like to know. Cryptosporidium parvum: Transmission and Infection Cryptosporidium parvum is a protozoan intestinal parasite causing a short-term enteric illness in individuals with functioning immune systems‚ and can cause a potentially fatal infection in immunosuppressed individuals. Because of C. parvum ’s resistance to many of the procedures used to process drinking water and food‚ and the parasite ’s extremely

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  • Diverticulitis: Causes, Incidence, and Risk Factors

    passing stools. This increases the pressure in the colon or intestines and may cause these pouches to form. Diverticulosis is very common. It is found in more than half of Americans over age 60. Diverticulitis is caused by small pieces of stool (feces) that become trapped in these pouches‚ causing infection or inflammation. Symptoms People with diverticulosis often have no symptoms‚ but they may have bloating and cramping in the lower part of the belly. Rarely‚ they may notice blood in their

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  • Analysis: Brief Interviews With Hideous Men By David Foster Wallace

    Scatology and Lack of Symmetry: Study on David Foster Wallace’s [Brief Interviews with Hideous Men] かっこいいエピグラフ(バタイユ?) 1.Introduction Interviews without questions -- or more precisely‚ with hidden questions -- consists large part of [Brief Interviews with Hideous Men]. 18 in at least 59 of the unilateral narrations of "hideous men" are inserted among 17 short stories at random order. Only a letter "Q" or two and variable periods(.) indicate that there are some questions. The Interviewees are

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  • Shit: Figurative and Literal Meanings

    avoided in formal speech. Minced oath substitutes for the word shit in English include sugar and shoot. In the word’s literal sense‚ it has a rather small range of common usages. An unspecified or collective occurrence of feces is generally shit or some shit; a single deposit of feces is sometimes a shit or a piece of shit‚ and to defecate is to shit‚ to take a shit and a new variant to leave a shit. While it is common to speak of shit as existing in a pile‚ a load‚ a hunk and other quantities and configurations

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  • Feasibility of Fecal Micrornas as Novel Biomarkers for Pancreatic Cancer

    cancer.” (Link‚ Becker‚ Goel‚ Wex & Malfertheiner‚ 2012) They suggest that the fluids‚ lining and feces that passes through the intestines would definitely have an answer for them because the pancreas spills into the intestine. Therefore‚ any fluids or secretions from the pancreas into the intestine would result in being positive or negative for cancer cells. They suggest feces because it travels through the intestine and it would be the best specimen to observe. In order to

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  • Rude Behavior and Actions

    I think of rudeness‚ I classify these actions into three categories: (a) bodily functions (b) verbal rudeness (c) physical actions. Bodily functions are‚ to me‚ the worst of the group. Having a weak stomach when it comes to vomit‚ gas odors‚ and feces‚ I get upset when I am exposed to these things deliberately. Unless you are with your children or significant other‚ passing gas for others to endure is simply rude. Another rude bodily function is spitting where people have to walk. Especially when

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