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A bibliography is a list of books, scholarly articles, and other sources you use when researching a topic and writing a paper. The bibliography will appear at the end of your paper. The bibliography is sometimes called Works Cited or Works Consulted. Bibliography entries must be written in a very specific format, but that format will depend you the particular style of writing you use. Your teacher will tell you which style to use, and for most school papers these will be either MLA, APA, or Turabian...

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Annotated bibliography

WHAT IS AN ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY? An annotated bibliography is a list of citations to books, articles, and documents. Each citation is followed by a brief (usually about 150 words) descriptive and evaluative paragraph, the annotation. The purpose of the annotation is to inform the reader of the relevance, accuracy, and quality of the sources cited. ANNOTATIONS VS. ABSTRACTS Abstracts are the purely descriptive summaries often found at the beginning of scholarly journal articles or in periodical...

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Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography on HR’s manager’s role in ethics during the process of staffing and selecting. “The simplest way to tune of an organization, ethically speaking, is to hiring more ethical people,” Says one writer. “Screening for ethics” Should start before applicants even apply, By creating recruitment materials that emphasizes the firm’s commitment to ethics. Employers can then use screening tools like honesty tests, background checks, and questions such as “Have you ever observe someone...

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Annoted Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography & Purpose BSHS/312 Models of Effective Helping Professor Jamie Larson December 23rd, 2012 In college, any paper that is written is required to provide reference, work cited, and bibliography pages. Some teachers require an annotated bibliography when conducting a research paper. Annotated bibliographies are descriptions of the sources that are used for citations. The main purpose of this bibliography is to help the readers evaluate whether the...

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Annotated Bibliography

Towannia, The purpose of the annotated bibliography assignment is to give you practice in writing summaries in a scholarly tone that you can use as part of your doctoral study. When you work on your study in the doc study mentoring class, you will be responsible for submitting annotated bibliographies including brief summaries and assessments of the sources. An annotated bibliography will be a valuable asset for you when you sit down to write your doc study and should contain everything you will...

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Slsp1000 Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography Guideline The advice in this brochure is a general guide only. We strongly recommend that you also follow your assignment marking criteria and seek clarification from your lecturer or tutor if needed. What is an Annotated Bibliography? An annotated bibliography provides a brief account of the available research on a given topic. It is a list of research sources that includes concise descriptions and evaluations of each source. The annotation usually contains a brief summary...

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How to Prepare an Annotated Bibliography

How to Prepare an Annotated Bibliography http://olinuris.library.cornell.edu/print/3187 olinuris.library.cornell.edu Published on olinuris.library.cornell.edu (http://olinuris.library.cornell.edu) Home > Printer-friendly How to Prepare an Annotated Bibliography How to Prepare an Annotated Bibliography Versión española: Cómo Preparar una Bibliografía Anotada WHAT IS AN ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY? ANNOTATIONS VS. ABSTRACTS THE PROCESS CRITICALLY APPRAISING THE BOOK, ARTICLE, OR DOCUMENT CHOOSING...

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Writing an Annotated Bibliography

UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH AUSTRALIA Resources for learning Writing an annotated bibliography  What is an annotated bibliography?  Writing the critique  Getting started  Preparing your final copy  Writing the summary  Example of an annotated bibliography What is an annotated bibliography? An annotated bibliography is a list or collection of sources in which each item is summarised and commented on. It has two functions: • It provides people in a particular field with access to significant...

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APA analysis

reference your research methodology textbook is created (Saunders, Lewis, & Thornhill, 2012) If your author is not a person but an organization, check the Corporate Author checkbox. If you select the Show All Bibliography Fields checkbox, optional fields for your bibliography will appear in the dialogue screen. When you refer to specific pages in a book, include page numbers: (Author’s last name, publication year, page(s) cited. Always give page numbers for quotations. Note that the word...

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Turabian Template

 TITLE PAGE FOR A TURABIAN STYLE PAPER WITH NOTES AND BIBLIOGRAPHY Firstname Lastname History of History 100 section 5 October 1, 2010 This paper template is formatted based on the guidelines given in Kate L. Turabian’s A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses and Dissertations, 7th edition.ADDIN RW.CITE{{14 Turabian,Kate L. 2007}} Is Turabian style the same as Chicago style? According to “A Note to Students” at the beginning of the manual...

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Reference Type

September 2011 Factsheet 4 Creating a Bibliography and Citing References This factsheet can be made available in alternative formats. Please make your request at the Library Help desk, telephone 01642 342100 or email libraryhelp@tees.ac.uk It is important whenever you carry out a piece of research for an essay, project or an assignment to include details of any sources of information you have used. Whenever you quote from or paraphrase work written by another author, you must acknowledge...

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should have delivered at least 6 activities. Please keep this Agenda at hand so that you can deliver you assignments on time. Greetings, Blanca Alanís Posted by: BLANCA HILDA ALANIS PENA Posted to: CEL.HI09107V.343.13320 Inglés VII Bibliography Posted on: Thursday, October 3, 2013 Hello guys, The books we are going to use are: Text book: Richards, Jack C. & Sandy, Chuck (2009). Passages 2 (2nd ed.). New York, N.Y. Cambridge University Press. ISBN 978-0-521-68391-3 Workbook: ...

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Development Assignment

termination of enrolment or expulsion from the institution. 4. The student will have to appear before a disciplinary committee. 5. The offense will be flagged on the student’s record. Q.1.3) A Bibliography is one method of citing sources. Prof.Du Toit, P(2013, pg. 15, 16 & 17) states that a bibliography” includes all the sources cited in the text, as well as any additional books, articles, papers, etc.” An example of this method is “Johnson, JL. 1996. Art and the student. 3rd edition. Oxford: Miller...

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Structuring an Apa Style Research Paper

the research. References • • Generally, the references page will list only sources actually cited in the paper If the professor or review committee has asked for a list of all sources read, these can be listed, and the page is then called bibliography. Appendixes • If requested, an appendix is the place to put a copy of the research instrument, signed consent forms or sign-up sheets, or statistical calculations. Source: Publication manual of the American Psychological Association (5th...

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changes over time

Harvard Style (you will need to acknowledge all your sources of information) http://www.usq.edu.au/library/help/referencing/harvard http://www.library.uq.edu.au/training/citation/harvard_6.pdf e. You will be required to provide one annotated bibliography of your top source of information. In this annotation you will be required to evaluate the credibility, accuracy and validity of the information as part of your submission. 4. Start writing your article which can be submitted in one of the following...

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CC112 Semester Self Reflection

Along with incorporating supporting evidence and outside sources, you must cite these sources on a works cited page and as in text citations. With most of my essays I wouldn’t write up a works cited page because we had already done an annotated bibliography, but I was made aware that a works cited page is still necessary. A works cited page is necessary to show the reader where you got your information and that you got your information from a credible source and so you pay recognition the author of...

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Transforming the Future of Nursing

designed to facilitate curriculum for a seamless transition from ADN to BSN degrees with an emphasis placed on a more highly educated nurse work-force. Transforming Practice1 The IOM’s overall theme for transforming practice was References BIBLIOGRAPHY Last Name, F. M. (Year). Article Title. Journal Title, Pages From - To. Last Name, F. M. (Year). Book Title. City Name: Publisher Name. Footnotes 1[Add footnotes, if any, on their own page following references. For APA formatting requirements...

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research process

develop your topic. STEP 2: FIND BACKGROUND INFORMATION SUMMARY: Look up your keywords in the indexes to subject encyclopedias. Read articles in these encyclopedias to set the context for your research. Note any relevant items in the bibliographies at the end of the encyclopedia articles. Additional background information may be found in your lecture notes, textbooks, and reserve readings. More suggestions on how to find background information. Return to the top STEP 3: USE CATALOGS...

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My India

INCLUDING VISUALS Presentation Date – FINAL EXAM WEEK – LAST WEEK OF CLASS. Individual Bibliography – Minimum 7 Sources – MLA OR APA Style – (Without a properly formatted bibliography I will not grade your Final presentation, which means you, will flunk your final exam). Any update form you give me before the presentation should include A properly formatted Bibliography. If you do not know MLA or APA Format, look in the “Course Documents” Section of ANGEL. There ...

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Irp - How to Create an Irp

a report are presented below: 1. Cover page 2. Introductory pages - Acknowledgement - Certificate - Table of contents - List of tables - List of figures 3. Text -Chapters - Main Sections - Conclusions 4. Bibliography 5. Appendices Introductory Pages Acknowledgements: In the process of carrying out any project, the students would have received help from different persons and organizations. So, all those helps should be acknowledged under this heading...

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Accounting for Business

details of Queen Mary’s assessment offences regulations online: http://www.arcs.qmul.ac.uk/policy_zone/assessment_offences_regulations.pdf Bibliography This is a research-based assignment and as far as possible you should refer to appropriate books, professional journals and academic journals. All sources of information should be fully cited in a bibliography. Academic accounting journals that you might find useful:  AOS - Accounting, Organisations and Society  AAAJ - Accounting, Auditing and Accountability...

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The Harvard Citation System

The Harvard Citation System Academic writing always acknowledges the source of ideas. This is done by citing within the body of your writing, and by compiling a bibliography. By doing this you: Place your writing within a frame of reference of the work that has already been done in your field. Avoid plagiarism. Plagiarism is the use of another’s work without acknowledgement. Drawing on somebody else’s work is not in itself plagiarism – the problems start if you use somebody else’s ideas...

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Citation and Paraphrasing Section

Referencing Webpage How to cite in your bibliography Surname, Initial., (Year) Title of Webpage in Italics, Available at: (full web address), (date accessed: dd/mm/yy) HINT: If there is no clear author of the website use the ‘corporate author’ instead i.e. the organisation behind the website (e.g. NSPCC, TDA, DCFS) HINT: If there is no clear date on the website (have you checked for a ‘last updated’ date or a ‘copyright’© date?) then you can write No Date. Example: NSPCC, (2009) NSPCC...

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marks are given for this.   Referencing: your assignment is very important as we have already discussed. Remember to choose either Harvard or Vancouver versions of referencing and to use the same version while citing within the text and in the bibliography. Reference all citations in their correct format including web-pages and reports. A  great tutorial about citing the work of others and referencing is from the University of Nottingham 'Referencing your work with Harvard', and also please look...

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research paper

direct quotes. Focus the rest of your paper on paraphrasing. You must use in-text citations for quotes and paraphrasing. We will spend some time in the library learning about the research writing process. Your sources (listed in an MLA formatted bibliography) are due on Friday, March 28, 2014. (50 points) Your rough draft is due on Tuesday, April 8, 2014. (This needs to be a full rough draft—if you turn in a partial draft, you will not receive credit). (100 points) Your paper is due on Tuesday,...

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theology notes/syllabus

the student will compose at least two replies of at least 200 words and one citation each by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of the same module/week. Only course textbooks should be cited in these Discussion Board forums. (Outcomes A & B) D. Annotated Bibliography The student will complete this assignment using the template provided in Blackboard. This assignment will prepare the student for the Research Paper; the student will select a topic and a minimum of five journal articles to review. This assignment...

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words maximum. Quotations, headings and the Bibliography included in your work will not be counted in the word limit. You MUST use the assignment criteria as headings and clearly mark each answer with section number and letter. It is recommended that you use a 12 size font and a 1.5 size spacing. You must include at least three references in your work from at least two different sources. Your sources of information need to be detailed in a bibliography presented on a separate page with your assignment...

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Written Assignment Lw110 (2013-1)

Friday 05 April 2013; 4.30 pm (Vanuatu time) Worth: 20%; Question 1: 4 marks; Question 2: 7 marks; Question 3: 9 marks (20 marks in total). Length: See instructions on individual questions; 2000 words in total. This does NOT include footnote / bibliography / plagiarism sheet. Note that text which goes beyond the word limit will not be considered/marked. Submission information: On-campus students must submit a hard copy to the School of Law Office. Online students must use the online assignment...

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Raising Achievement in Science (Physics, Chemistry or Biology)

addition, you are expected to draw upon your own experience and observation from schools you have been in • References to publications in your text should provide the author, date and page number. A bibliography must be provided with full details of relevant texts that you have read. An omitted bibliography/references section can result in a ‘fail’ grade for the assignment. Advice on correct referencing is contained in the ‘Assignment Guide’ available on UEL Plus. • Any materials you have produced in...

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Intermediate Management Accounting

coursework from the Undergraduate Services reception office in MBSE Atrium/D20, and the completed form will be receipted at the time of handing in the piece of coursework. The assessed coursework consists of an essay of 1200 words (excluding bibliography), as detailed below. Any essay exceeding this limit by more than 10% will be penalized by 5% of the total mark. In addition, the School applies penalties for late submission of coursework, details of which are provided in the document Presentation...

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lucille clifton

Essay V: Annotated Bibliography Essay VI: Research Paper ENG 101 14 November 2013 Nov 21: Annotated bibliography due at start of class, Dec 5: Essay 6 peer review in class Dec 12: Essay 6 final draft due at 10:30 a.m. Overview of the assignment For Essays 5 and 6, you’ll continue working with your Essay 4 short story and topic. But whereas that essay involved no outside sources, this project focuses primarily on finding out and reporting on what literary critics have said about your...

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the life of ysl

Ensure your sources are academic, reliable and trustworthy. Don’t use Wikipedia and online sources where you can’t be sure of the author’s credentials. Don’t cut and paste material from online sources into your essays. Bibliographies Include a complete bibliography. Ensure you have followed Harvard referencing. See the online guide from the e-library: http://www.arts.ac.uk/media/oldreddotassets/docs/Referencing_Guide.pdf Books, journals, magazines and information obtained from electronic...

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Research and Teen Pregnancy

interviews I will be giving so I will have them on record for future research. Bibliography A bibliography is a list of books, articles, and other sources you use when researching a topic and writing a paper. The bibliography must appear at the end of your paper. Bibliography entries must be written in a very specific format, but that format will depend you the particular style of writing you use. I will use a bibliography to show the references I have used for my research plan. Including my surveys...

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ARTS 1100 Criticism paper

paper should focus on one particular art work. Students are strongly encouraged (but not required) to discuss their choice with the instructor prior to beginning research. Papers must be written in Chicago-Turabian bibliography style and include a title page, footnotes, and a bibliography consisting of at least three scholarly sources other than the class textbook. Textbooks, encyclopedias, and dictionaries are generally considered sources of general knowledge. Websites are generally not considered...

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Referencing System...

author/editor and the date of publication. If the work has two authors/editors you must cite both names. Only include the names and date, do not include the title, place of publication, etc. Full details of the reference should be written in your bibliography at the end of your essay. Example – 1 Author: The work of Smith (2001) highlights the conflicting results of research carried out by Jones and Lewis. Example – 2 Authors: The work of Thatcher & Blake (2004) highlights the conflicting...

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Citation and European Industrial Relations

assignment. I attributed the authors name and year of publication in my essay and added the full bibliographic details, including the date accessed, to my bibliography. | | What citation/referencing style are you required to use in assignments submitted as part of your UCD course?Answer | Selected Answer: | Harvard | | In your bibliography when listing a printed journal article, which of the following do you need to include? (Select all correct answers). Correct Answers: | Title of the article ...

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Foundations of Nursing Practise

appropriate to the discipline. Entries in the bibliography/ reference are accurate/ appropriate. | Attempts to follow systematic approach to the citation of sources, appropriate to the discipline. Entries in the bibliography/ reference are generally accurate/ appropriate. | Some attempt to cite sources in the text but contains inaccuracies, inconsistencies and/or omissions. Integration between text and reference list is inconsistent. Entries in the bibliography/ reference list contain some errors. | ...

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Prejudice And Racism

points discussed in the essay. 10 Grammar and Spelling The essay is free from grammatical and spelling errors. 10 Citations The essay correctly cites at least two sources, preferably newspaper or magazine articles. Use in-text citations and a bibliography. The bulleted points below illustrate how to cite sources within a paper:  When you are restating someone's idea in your own words, do not use quotations.  Instead, use parenthesis and the author's name and page number (Smith, page number). When...

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Case Study

have taken on? Evaluate their performance from this perspective. Requirements Aim to demonstrate the following: * Essays should be between 3-5 double-spaced pages. Title page and bibliography is excluded from the page requirements. * Please use APA format and style for ALL citations and bibliography. If you are unclear about APA requirements, please refer to their official web page at: http://www.apastyle.org/ * Please use professional writing style – that is, be formal and detailed...

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Welding Metallurgy

Engineering. The report is available as hard copy for writing out by hand. It is also available in electronic form should the student prefer to word process the assignment. All parts of this workbook MUST be completed by the student, including the Bibliography and Reference section. Whilst it is important to carry out any experimental work methodically and as accurately as possible and present it in an acceptable manner, it is your DISCUSSION of the results obtained and your CONCLUSION that carries...

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Citation and Industrial Relations Assignment

to support your argument. Conclusion A conclusion draws together and summarizes the ideas and line of reasoning presented in the essay and makes some meaningful statement with regard to the argument as it has been developed in the essay. Bibliography Include all references cited in your analysis. Do not include references in your Reference List that are not cited in the body of your essay. Please note that the source of all information and ideas that are not your own should be acknowledged...

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How to Research a Term Paper in Gerontology

article on your subject. Be sure to make note of the relevant bibliography citations. Step 2: Consult one of the handbooks on aging (from biology, the social sciences, the humanities, and so on) or a current textbook to see if there is a chapter or a section of a chapter devoted to your subject. The handbook's index can be useful here. (Be sure also to check the more detailed resource list provided below.) Step 3: Review the bibliography references you have found and organize them by date, starting...

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How to Give an Informative Speech

hand in a typed, complete-sentence outline on the day of your speech. It should contain your thesis (core idea) and specific purpose, organizational pattern, follow the correct format, contain your supporting evidence, and be accompanied by your bibliography in MLA or APA format. 2. You must use at least 3 credible bibliographic sources to support your main points. These sources (newspaper articles, magazine articles, books, interviews, etc.) should be cited verbally in the body of your speech. ...

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Harvad Referencing

not a peaceful landscape lying there behind me, a country in which I can stroll wherever I please, and will gradually show me all its secret hills and dates. As I was moving forward, so it was crumbling. 2. Arranging references in the bibliography References are arranged alphabetically by author’s name (or title, if no author) which has been used in the body of the text. a. Book references Include, where possible, the following information in the order listed here: Author(s)/Editor(s) ...

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Impulse Buying

COURSE SCHOLARLY PAPER Choose a topic related to this subject area and write a scholarly paper in no less than 1500 words (excluding the title page, bibliography and appendices). When writing your research paper, please note the following guidelines: z Please e-mail your professor an outline and specific title of this paper, prior to starting it. In addition to your primary text, you are required to use a minimum of 5 additional references from professional journals and books to produce your...

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Impact of Advertising on Customer Satisfaction

questions as broad headings to fit in your data 3.    Data presentation can go with the analysis simultaneously or 4.    Analysis could have its own heading and done separately. CHAPTER FIVE – Summary, Recommendations and Conclusion REFERENCES OR BIBLIOGRAPHY – APA or Harvard Style APPENDIX – Questionnaire or any other material used in the course of the study       NOTES ON THE PREPARATION OF THE PROJECT Number of copies:  Two copies of the project work are to be handed to the Head of Department (not...

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Rubrics For Research Papers

and specialized sources. Special-interest sources and popular literature are acknowledged as such if they are cited. All web sites utilized are authoritative. Cites all data obtained from other sources. APA citation style is used in both text and bibliography. 5 current sources, of which at least 2 are peerreview journal articles or scholarly books. All web sites utilized are authoritative. Fewer than 5 current sources or fewer than 2 of 5 are peer-reviewed journal articles or scholarly books. All...

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Havard Reference

i Pr nciPles o f x H a rva r d referencing x x WHaT is referencing? x WHaT is PlagiarisM x PrinciPles of aUTHor/daTe referencing x WaYs of ciTing x ParaPHrasing x QUoTaTions x difference BeTWeen reference lisT & BiBliograPHY x reference lisT feaTUres x aPPlicaTions x WHaT is referencing? When you write an assignment at university, you are required to refer to the work of other authors. Each time you do so, it is necessary to identify their work by making reference to it both in...

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The Micro and Macro Factors That Would Affect Airasia's Performance

INSTRUCTIONS ON “HOW TO REFERENCE” Bibliography: Citations must be consistent in author name(s) (spelling and name order) and publication date between the text and the bibliography at the end. Any reference in the text must be matched by a full entry in the end bibliography. Entries in the bibliography must be matched by entries in the text; if nor they should be deleted. Citations must include all information necessary to enable the reader to locate the referenced publication. The examples...

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Culture of Uae

Your work plan would be divided in 3 parts, including a bibliography: A title 1. Introduction : You describe briefly your subject. You present your plan (Firstly, I will present..., Secondly, I will study... Thirdly, I will analyse/describe...). 2. Descriptive Presentation: Your text on the subject, a synthesis of what you have read, divided in 3 parts. 3. Conclusion: A brief summary of your Descriptive Presentation. 4. Bibliography: List of the sources/references quoted in the text or consulted...

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Advance Financial Accounting Report

Have a Table of Contents; Be 1,500 ± 200 words in length excluding the bibliography and/or list of references; Be presented professionally and have numbered pages; Be typed on one side only of A4 paper with a margin on the left hand side of the page; Use 1.5 or double line spacing Use a font of either Arial size 11 or Times New Roman size 12; Have all references/citations acknowledged both in the text and in a bibliography and/or reference list, using the American Psychological Association (APA)...

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Nonverbal Observation

summarizing what will be discussed in the paper in an opening paragraph The body, of the paper, covering the information explained below The conclusion, which summarizes the paper and what you have learned from Interpersonal Communication A bibliography, which is in addition to the minimum page requirements What To Do: Do not just explain what nonverbal communication you observed, but you need to interpret what you saw, draw your own conclusions, and explain how you felt about what you interpreted...

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Hardware Style

Books and journals with more than one author - list all authors in reference list (surname and initial of the first name). • Indentation: none. • Numbering: none. ADDITIONAL RESOURCES Website Wonder! 1. Bibliography Builder: http://library.scotch.vic.edu.au/research/biblios/ScotchBib/index.htm 2. Reference manual: http://www.library.uq.edu.au/training/citation/harvard_6.pdf APA REFERENCING STYLE |Reference List ...

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Coop Placement

seminar presentation. Your article review should be no more than 3 pages, double spaced. It should have the following characteristics: Proper Citation: The summary should begin by citing the article using APA style. You are not required to do a bibliography. You can find a web link (http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/07/) on Sakai under “Resources” for an online source to APA referencing. Thesis Statement: The thesis statement for the summary assignment is the author’s central theme...

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Assessment Type

the quotation itself. • Complete citations are provided in alphabetical order in a section following the text, usually designated as "Works cited" or "References." The difference between a "works cited" or "references" list and a bibliography is that a bibliography may include works not directly cited in the text. • All citations are in the same font as the main text. Examples Examples of book references are: • Smith, J. (2005a). Dutch Citing Practices. The Hague: Holland Research...

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research methodology

author’s family/surname followed by the date of the source in brackets i.e. Brown (2010). 2. A complete list of all the citations used in your text will need to be provided at the end of your assignment. This can be called your reference list or bibliography and needs to be presented in alphabetical author/originator order. Capitals: The family/surname of authors or originators of sources are only capitalised in your end reference list not in the body of your work. Italics & underlining: Only...

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Reliable sources

reference. This should be put in all the works and reports since it helps the reader to find where the authors found the information they used to complete it and gives credibility to the information. Normally the list of sources is stated in a bibliography that is put in the end of the report. The different types of information sources can be magazines, websites, encyclopedias, books, data bases, newspapers, academic journals, etc… Different types of sources? There can be different types of...

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content.] Fig. 1. [This figure caption uses the No Indent style, available on the Home tab, in the Styles gallery. Label figures with the abbreviated “Fig.” and a figure number.] [The sample Works Cited list that follows was created using the Bibliography feature available on the References tab. This feature offers the option to specify MLA style, so that your references are automatically formatted correctly. You can also use this feature to add in-text citations, such as the one shown at the end...

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Scholarly Resources

vocabulary: specific to the discipline covered, assumes some prerequisite familiarity with key concepts and ideologies. Sometimes has mathematical / symbolic notation & formulae, graphs and charts.Usually very limited glossy pictures and colors 4. Bibliography: summarized citation of all sources (books, websites,articles) of the peer-reviewed document. Non peer-review articles can be further classified into (Substantive news / General interest, Popular and Sensational) Substantive news and general...

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your assignment has A table of contents A list of figures and/ or list of tables where appropriate Introduction -( 10 marks) Literature Review-& Critical Analysis (70 marks) Conclusions- -( 10 marks) References / Presentation – 10 marks Bibliography Appendices if appropriate ASSIGNMENT MARKING CRITERIA MARK 29 or less 30 - 39 40 - 49 50 – 59 60 - 69 70 + CONTENT: Has the question been answered? Vague, random, unrelated material Some mention of the issue, but a collection...

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