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  • Trousers and Alan Ball Pg

    FIVE WOMEN WEARING THE SAME DRESS – Alan Ball Pg 22-25 Georgeanne: (Looking in mirror) God. Look at me. I am totally pathetic. I just don’t want to be alone. Is that too much to ask? I mean‚ I still believe in marriage. I do. (Trisha laughs ruefully.) You don’t? Trisha: To be perfectly honest with you‚ Georgeanne‚ I think any woman who chooses marriage in this day and age is out of her fucking mind. G: Don’t you believe in love? T: I certainly believe in consideration. And respect

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  • Women in Trousers

    Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent put ‘Women in Trousers’ When we pause to celebrate the successes of Yves Saint Laurent‚ we stumble upon the words “since Chanel” (Berge 1997‚ 7) time and time again. Yves Saint Laurent’s 1962 suit collection has endlessly been recognised as‚ “the best collection of suits since Chanel” (Mercury 2008). This comparison is supported by Valerie Steele‚ noted fashion historian‚ who boldly suggests that “more than any other designer since Chanel‚ Yves Saint Laurent represented

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  • Trousers and Their Fits

    TROUSERS AND THEIR FITS PIYUSH MASTERS IN FASHION MANAGEMENT NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF FASHION TECHNOLOGY‚ HYDERABAD FORMAL TROUSERS AND THEIR FITS 2009 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I would like to thank my mentor and project guide Mr. Rajeev Ranjan‚ ( Product Merchandiser‚ Arrow Formals) Arvind Brands Limited‚ Bangalore‚ for giving me the proper guidance‚ direction and constant support during the project that gave me enough exposure to learn the functioning of a Merchandiser. I also hereby take this

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  • Ninth Class Date Sheet

    Collection 2013 Urban Culture has exhibited the spring collection 2013 for both male and female. Most of the dresses are prepared in western style as short shirts are placed there. The dresses are just like jeans‚ tees‚ tunics and tops and pants or trousers are added with these dresses. The dress collection has been designed according to the demand of the customers in the current age. Dresses are suitable for semi-formal or casual wear and enhance beauty of the persons. Bright colours are added in these

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  • Fads and Fashions 1910-1919

    practicality of garments worn during the Great War. Men’s trousers were worn cuffed to ankle-length and creased. Skirts rose from floor length to well above the ankle‚ women began to bob their hair‚ and the stage was set for the radical new fashions associated with the Jazz Age of the 1920s. The fashion for men stayed quite the same as in the 1900’s. Black suits were quite popular. Also‚ on a more casual day‚ they would wear trousers with suspenders. A look they often wore were arrow collars

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  • Traditional Clothing in Lithuania

    of home-made wool. Gold‚ silver‚ green or red were the most popular colours for bodices. Women’s footwear was made by local shoemakers from leather. Men in Aukštaitija wore grey‚ brown woollen caftans. Similar cloth was also used to make long trousers. A felt hat was an important part of their costume. In Žemaitija women wore long linen shirts. They were decorated red. Outer skirts were usually patterned with vertical stripes. Women in Žemaitija were not satisfied with only two skirts‚ they

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  • Levis' Case

    Until the mid-1990s LEVI’s had benefitted from a growth in sales and in 1996 a record sales of $7.1 billion was reached. The decline in sales was due to a change in culture. It roots back to 1992 when rap music came up as a new culture and “baggy trousers” were starting to become more popular. LEVI’s simply missed the opportunity to get into this business and stay popular among young customers. Competitors such as Gap‚ Diesel and Wrangler on the other hand managed to connect with young people very

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  • Comparing and Contrasting an Historical and a Contemporary Artifact

    a blend of lycra‚ Spandex‚ nylon‚ cotton‚ or polyester blend‚ but they can also be made from wool‚ silk and other materials. Leggings are available in a multitude of colours and decorative designs. Leggings can be worn fully exposed‚ in place of trousers‚ or partially covered by a garment such as a skirt‚ a large t-shirt or shorts‚ or fully covered by an outer garment‚ such as a full length skirt. Leggings are typically ankle-length‚ and some are stirrupped or encase the feet. Some are shorter. Leggings

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  • Fashion in the 1920s

    that they wore and started to wear exoctic clothing and makeup. Men also abandoned the normal attire and began to wear athletic loose clothing. Coco Chanel was one of the most influential women of the 1920’s‚ she was one of the first women to wear trousers‚ cut her hair‚ and reject the corset. Coco Chanel did much to further the emancipation and freedom of women’s fashion. For the first time in centuries‚ women’s legs were seen with hemlines rising to the knee and dresses becoming more fitted. A more

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  • Dressing for Success

    color of your tie is darker than your shirt and the color of your shirt is lighter than the trouser * When buying shoes‚ remember two words: chic and comfort. Do not wear shoes in a contrasting color to your dress. Wear closed shoes. Open toes and sandals are too casual and informal for business * Never wear white socks for formal occasions. Your socks must have color close to the color of your trousers * When it comes to color‚ all image experts share a preference for grey‚ blue and navy

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