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Haute Couture

Consider the historical development of Haute Couture, Ready to wear and the high Street in order to answer: Is Haute Couture still relevant to fashion today? Couture has long stood as the modern composure between the garments as worthy collectives and the growing ideas of fashion as a procedure. For more than a century, couture has been symbolic of the celebration of costume fashion even today. It represents the mixture of fashion- the modern object that combines innovation with personal and...

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Haute Couture

105 Haute Couture Essay: Elie Saab: An Ode to Delicateness An elegant woman is always in need of an elegant dress. A dress that scream power, independence and in charge and that’s what exactly Elie Saab gave last week at Haute Couture in Paris. This season’s theme is called “an ode to delicateness”. The Lebanese born designer explore transparencies in lace and tulle in ivory, black, beige and light blue. Elie Saab paid homage to fragile this season. He is a newcomer to Haute Couture, but...

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Cristobal Balenciaga

He continued to stay and design in Spain for next 31 years, where he opened his first haute couture house in San Sebastian, Spain, in 1918. Cristobal acquired such an audience for his designs that he opened a second haute couture house in Madrid, followed by a third in Barcelona between 1933-1935. Soon to follow his success, the Spanish Civil War had begun in 1936, forcing Balenciaga to close his three couture houses, and move to London, England. Between the years of 1937-1938, Cristobal Balenciaga...

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Advertising- Sell and Spin: a History of Advertising

jingle by heart. One of my favorite commercials was Christian Dior’s Miss Dior Cherie perfume commercial directed by Sofia Coppola. A thirty second film about a young girl wandering the streets of Paris in haute couture made me want to feel like I was wandering the streets of Paris in haute couture, too. So of course, I went and bought a bottle of the perfume and have been enjoying the scent ever since. Every time I smell the perfume on my wrist, I remember the commercial. The use of a personality...

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Discussion Questions

BIN AMIN BUHARI 1100120 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Haute Couture Fashions Sdn Bhd need to adjust their business strategy, as China textile industry becoming a potential threat to it as its two major customers are now thinking of outsourcing to China for its lower operating cost. The management need to decide whether to move its operation to China or exit from contract manufacturing activity and stand on its own new created brand. It is recommended for Haute Couture Fashions Sdn Bhd to move their operations...

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Paul Poiret

immersed in the traditions of the French couture. As a young boy, Poiret was fascinated with color, design, and fabric. He experimented with scraps of fabric on a wooden mannequin during the first job for an umbrella maker. His first break came when the French designer, Madeleine Chéruit, accepted some of his sketches. Following apprenticeships with Parisian designers, Jacques Doucet and later with Charles Frederick Worth, Poiret established his own Parisian couture house in 1903. Other businesses and...

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There is something more in creating strong fashion brand than just marketing

profit by meeting a pre-existing demand, compromising the creative liberty in front of mass market. (Bourdieu, 1993) Applying to the field of fashion, Bourdieu refers almost exclusively to French haute couture as the embodiment of restricted production. After the slow but certain decline of haute couture, its present-day counterparts could be found, for instance, from emerging British prêt-à-porter designers. Sharing much of the same passion as their Parisian predecessors, they make the new flag-bearers...

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Alexander Mcqueen 2

sense of theatricality and his love of exaggerated silhouettes, such as Charles Frederick Worth, Christian Dior, and Charles James." (Interview 1). Worth was an English fashion designer of the 19th century, and also considered as the Father of Haute couture, which is made for specific customer with high-quality, expensive fabric and sewn intricate decorations. If we juxtapose both McQueen and Worth's dressmaking works, they both are finished by the most experienced tailoring skills and hand-executed...

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Role of Consumers

Uniqueness and Status Consumption in Haute Couture Luxury Brands Chelsey Latter, Curtin University, C.Latter@curtin.edu.au Ian Phau, Curtin University, Ian.Phau@cbs.curtin.edu.au Chris Marchegiani, Curtin University, Chris.Marchegiani@cbs.curtin.edu.au Abstract This paper adds knowledge to the field of consumers’ need for uniqueness and status consumption and provides an insight into Australian Generation Y consumers’ purchasing intentions toward an haute couture luxury apparel brand and it’s ready...

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trends of today and bringing the trends from the past back to the runway. A fashion house that is creating ripples of admiration is Givenchy with its Fall/Winter 2013 collection for women. Hubert de Givenchy, one of the first and most important haute couture designers worldwide, set the trends of Parisian fashion and defined elegance worldwide and fast forward to the present and the Parisian luxury label currently designed by Riccardo Tisci, still preserves the code set by Hubert de Givenchy: playing...

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