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which the positives of globalization have far outweighed the negatives is Singapore. Without the global market, an economy that is substantially export-orientated such as Singapore would not be able to function. The global market plays a vital role in the economic development strategies that Singapore implements. Globalization plays a major role in the concerns all over the world, and this is clearly shown in Singapore. Singapore is the economic, financial and technological capital of South-East Asia...

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Immigrants in Singapore

Name: Clara Soo Wen Lin (4) Class: 2E History Holiday SEQ Assignment Question 1(a) Immigrants came to early Singapore due to push factors such as famines and droughts as well as natural disasters and starvation, and the desire to seek protection and safety. India was overpopulated and the immigrants faced many droughts and natural disasters in their homeland. After droughts wiped out their crops and resulted in famine, many would be forced to find jobs in the city in order to earn...

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Singapore tourism

tourism, transportation industry and accommodation industry. They are the three pillars of tourism industry. The tourism industry is very important for Singapore. It is one of Singapore’s economics pillar industry and contributors to the Singaporean economy. Tourism will help the Singapore government earn 10.8 billion Singapore dollars, the Singapore Tourism Board (2014) has shown that the tourism industry accounts for 4% of GDP and provide 160 thousand jobs opportunity. The developing of tourism brings...

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Singapore Economy

been over a 50 years now since the time the city of Singapore wasn’t a developed county with an average individual GDP (Growth domestic Product) less than $320. But now, Singapore is considered one of the highest GDP in the world, exceeding $60000 and because the sixth highest in the world based on Central intelligence Agency figures. Singapore is also considered as one of the fast economic growing countries in the world. Singapore is an important hub for South -East Asia. It was traditionally...

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History Singapore

History Chapter 2&5 Notes Checklist on Chapter 2: Who was the founder of Singapore? 1. Reasons why Singapore was chosen as a port 2. Importance of the signing of the Anglo-Dutch Treaty 3. Contributions of Maj William Farquhar, Sir Stamford Raffles, John Crawfurd. Reasons why Singapore was chosen as a port British Current Situation 1. They had ports at Bencoolen and Penang 2. They were also in trade with China and India. They traded their Opium which was from India...

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Essay On Singapore

was caused by UMNO’s policies. The spotlight of this statement is the correspondance of the seperation of Singapore from Malaysia, due to the policies carried out by the United Malay National Organisation. During this post-war period, although Singapore was already a part of Malaysia, their relationship was uncertain due to the political tension and differences in ideology between Singapore and the Malayan states at that time. It has been reviewed that Source A and B talks about the policies of UMNO...

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Singapore Airshow

Thoughts and Impressions It's our pleasure using the trade pass to visit the Singapore airshow 2014. This event is the Asia's biggest for aviation’s finest, different international organizations have joined this event such as famous aircraft manufacturers --- Airbus and Boeing. We enjoyed the aerobatic flying display on the third day of the trip which is the opening of the airshow. Many fighter aircraft such as F16, black eagles flew in high speed, some of them even flew faster than sound....

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P&G in Singapore

Strategic Locations Proctor & Gamble took time in deciding where to locate both their regional headquarters and the perfume plant in Singapore. P&G decided to place the perfume plant along the coastal part of the country in Tuas, Singapore (Moneycontrol.com, 2008). The plant operates on a just in time process. The plant receives raw materials only as they need it and send out supplies to the main manufacturing plants to be used in the products only as they need it. By being along the coast it is...

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Legal History of Singapore

The legal system of Singapore Contants Introduction Legal history Common law and custom law Constitution Legislature Judiciary Specialities in Singapore legal system Self comments Conclusion *Note: I check the official webside, there is only Singapore legal system instead of Singapore's legal system, so in my whole passage I use the word Singapore legal system. Introduction Singapore, a thriving city-state, overcomes the dearth of natural resources to become one of the juggernaut...

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Issue of Foreigners in Singapore

In the last decade, Singapore had liberalized immigration policies thus a large influx of foreigners. There are several reasons to this decision. Firstly, is to keep the citizen population size stable due to declining total fertility rate, longer life expectancy and migration. According to AsiaOne news (a Singapore Press Holding portal) dated 24th April 2012, the paper stated that Singapore’s ageing population will outstrip births by 2025 if fertility rates remain low. Immigration can help mitigate...

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