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which the positives of globalization have far outweighed the negatives is Singapore. Without the global market, an economy that is substantially export-orientated such as Singapore would not be able to function. The global market plays a vital role in the economic development strategies that Singapore implements. Globalization plays a major role in the concerns all over the world, and this is clearly shown in Singapore. Singapore is the economic, financial and technological capital of South-East Asia...

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Singapore tourism

tourism, transportation industry and accommodation industry. They are the three pillars of tourism industry. The tourism industry is very important for Singapore. It is one of Singapore’s economics pillar industry and contributors to the Singaporean economy. Tourism will help the Singapore government earn 10.8 billion Singapore dollars, the Singapore Tourism Board (2014) has shown that the tourism industry accounts for 4% of GDP and provide 160 thousand jobs opportunity. The developing of tourism brings...

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Immigrants in Singapore

Name: Clara Soo Wen Lin (4) Class: 2E History Holiday SEQ Assignment Question 1(a) Immigrants came to early Singapore due to push factors such as famines and droughts as well as natural disasters and starvation, and the desire to seek protection and safety. India was overpopulated and the immigrants faced many droughts and natural disasters in their homeland. After droughts wiped out their crops and resulted in famine, many would be forced to find jobs in the city in order to earn...

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Singapore Economy

been over a 50 years now since the time the city of Singapore wasn’t a developed county with an average individual GDP (Growth domestic Product) less than $320. But now, Singapore is considered one of the highest GDP in the world, exceeding $60000 and because the sixth highest in the world based on Central intelligence Agency figures. Singapore is also considered as one of the fast economic growing countries in the world. Singapore is an important hub for South -East Asia. It was traditionally...

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History Singapore

History Chapter 2&5 Notes Checklist on Chapter 2: Who was the founder of Singapore? 1. Reasons why Singapore was chosen as a port 2. Importance of the signing of the Anglo-Dutch Treaty 3. Contributions of Maj William Farquhar, Sir Stamford Raffles, John Crawfurd. Reasons why Singapore was chosen as a port British Current Situation 1. They had ports at Bencoolen and Penang 2. They were also in trade with China and India. They traded their Opium which was from India...

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Essay On Singapore

was caused by UMNO’s policies. The spotlight of this statement is the correspondance of the seperation of Singapore from Malaysia, due to the policies carried out by the United Malay National Organisation. During this post-war period, although Singapore was already a part of Malaysia, their relationship was uncertain due to the political tension and differences in ideology between Singapore and the Malayan states at that time. It has been reviewed that Source A and B talks about the policies of UMNO...

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Singapore Airshow

Thoughts and Impressions It's our pleasure using the trade pass to visit the Singapore airshow 2014. This event is the Asia's biggest for aviation’s finest, different international organizations have joined this event such as famous aircraft manufacturers --- Airbus and Boeing. We enjoyed the aerobatic flying display on the third day of the trip which is the opening of the airshow. Many fighter aircraft such as F16, black eagles flew in high speed, some of them even flew faster than sound....

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P&G in Singapore

Strategic Locations Proctor & Gamble took time in deciding where to locate both their regional headquarters and the perfume plant in Singapore. P&G decided to place the perfume plant along the coastal part of the country in Tuas, Singapore (Moneycontrol.com, 2008). The plant operates on a just in time process. The plant receives raw materials only as they need it and send out supplies to the main manufacturing plants to be used in the products only as they need it. By being along the coast it is...

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Legal History of Singapore

The legal system of Singapore Contants Introduction Legal history Common law and custom law Constitution Legislature Judiciary Specialities in Singapore legal system Self comments Conclusion *Note: I check the official webside, there is only Singapore legal system instead of Singapore's legal system, so in my whole passage I use the word Singapore legal system. Introduction Singapore, a thriving city-state, overcomes the dearth of natural resources to become one of the juggernaut...

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Cost of Living in Singapore 2013

singapore 2013 Cost of Living in Singapore in 2013 (http://www.gatewaysingapore.com/2012/06/cost-of-living-in-singapore/#lightbox/0/) The cost of living in Singapore has been highlighted as one of the highest in the world today. The high costs are largely attributable to the large influx of foreign skilled workers and foreign direct investment into Singapore. Infrastructure, education and technology in Singapore are world-class her so you get much in return for the high cost. High Cost of Living...

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Issue of Foreigners in Singapore

In the last decade, Singapore had liberalized immigration policies thus a large influx of foreigners. There are several reasons to this decision. Firstly, is to keep the citizen population size stable due to declining total fertility rate, longer life expectancy and migration. According to AsiaOne news (a Singapore Press Holding portal) dated 24th April 2012, the paper stated that Singapore’s ageing population will outstrip births by 2025 if fertility rates remain low. Immigration can help mitigate...

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Singapore and Hong Kong rivalry

Singapore vs HK: A high-flying rivalry Hong Kong may still be the dominant regional banking centre but Singapore is an ever more favoured location. When Thomas McMahon and his Indian backers were deciding where to locate an Asian commodities exchange, they turned initially to Hong Kong – attracted by its proximity to China and the mainland’s booming, commodity-hungry economy. Three years later, the exchange, a subsidiary of India’s Financial Technologies group is about to open – not in Hong...

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Gdp Growth for Singapore

Developments in Singapore, 2011). Inflation leads to a rise in the general price level hence money loses its value (Haikal, 2005). Consumers cannot buy as much as they could previously, thus consumer spending will fall, and companies will lower production as demands for goods and services decrease. In addition, there is growing uncertainties in the global economy, which undesirably affects the GDP growth in Singapore. With a highly developed and successful free-market economy, Singapore depends heavily...

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Country Profile Singapore

Eduard Romanenko, Li Guoxu, Denion Galimuna Country Profile: Singapore With the population of only 5.18 million people and the total area of 710 sq km (189th among other countries), as of 2010 according to the World Bank database, Singapore is the 14th largest exporter and the 15th largest importer in the world. The total trade volume of the country in 2010 comprised USD 662, 658 bln contributing to trade to GDP ratio of 317.42%, the highest in the world. As Figure 1 demonstrates, since 1981 the...

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Singapore 21 & Nation Building

Singapore 21 & Nation Building In August 1997, Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong launched the Singapore 21 Committee with the aim of strengthening the “heartware” of the Republic in the 21st Century. This comprised of five subject committees that were formed to study the pertinent issues Singaporeans would have to face in the building of such a new society during the 21st Century. Some 6,000 Singaporeans from all walks of life were then consulted for the time span of one year in order to understand...

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Labor Market in Singapore

Introduction Since Singapore gained its independence in 1965, its economy had progressed due to globalization, rapid technological advances and the rise of China and India. With these different stages of development, Singapore’s labor market had adapted itself by transforming from a labor abundant and capital limited city into a labor deficient and capital rich country (Chia 2005). Singapore is now a popular export-manufacturing base, regional headquarter for foreign multinational company and...

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Local Music in Singapore

Local Music in Singapore Singapore’s music scene is known for its urban acts, being a platform for rock, punk and other genres. During the more successful period (1960-80s), Singapore has produced acts like Naomi & The Boys, The Quests, The Thunderbirds and The Trailers. Now, music acts such as Jack and Rai and The Great Spy Experiment are flourishing in the local scene. Has the local scene changed? Definitely. Is it as successful as before? Definitely not. Globalization has affected us...

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Benefits of Bilateral Trade on Singapore

BENEFITS of BILATERAL TRADE on SINGAPORE Presently countries are to share mutual strengths and overcome mutual weaknesses through combined efforts. As a result, countries are coming closer through various trade agreements like regional free trade agreements, bilateral free trade agreement even through cross-regional free trade agreements. Geographical distance is not an issue to act as a barrier today. ITC facilitates one touch connection between two cross-regional business interests. Signing...

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The Impact of Globalisation on Singapore

which the positives of globalisation have far outweighed the negatives is Singapore. Without the global market, an economy that is substantially export-orientated such as Singapore would not be able to function. The global market plays a vital role in the economic development strategies that Singapore implements. Globalisation plays a major role in the concerns all over the world, and this is clearly shown in Singapore. Singapore is a small, densely populated country situated in South-east Asia. The...

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Singapore Inc Case

1. Describe the key elements of the Singapore “competitiveness” model. The key elements of Singapore “competitiveness” model are economic and political stability, a pro-business mindset and a focus on innovation. With an emphasis on these key elements Singapore was able grow and make itself attractive to MNC’s looking to establish international operations in South East Asia. Economic and Political Stability Before Singapore began to attract foreign-investments, their first Prime Minister Lee...

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Aging Population in Singapore

heading into a period of retirement. As this trend continues to persist, Singapore will face a major challenge in overcoming the problems posed by an aging population. An aging population is expected to have a negative impact on Singapore’s economy, community as well as the labor force. If the labor force continues to decline relative to the overall population, this will hinder economic development. Therefore, the Singapore government has introduced various schemes to enhance employability of the...

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Franchising in F&B Singapore

facing F&B Industry8 1 Small Size of Singapore Market The market for food products in Singapore is small. This makes it hard for local manufacturers to expand and reap the benefits of economies of scale. It makes it harder to justify throwing money into research and development to come out with new products. A small domestic market makes it hard to test new food products on the endconsumers. Ultimately, it also makes it hard to expand and sell Singapore-made food products in the global markets...

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Singapore Malaysia Relation

Seminar on "Enhancing Malaysia - Singapore Business Cooperation", Singapore, Thursday 1 August 2002, 10.00 am The presence here today of a large number of participants at this Seminar is a reflection of the continued strong interest of the Singaporean business community on collaboration with Malaysia in the economic sector. While there are reports of apparent differences between Malaysia and Singapore at the political level, the fact remains that the Malaysian and Singaporean economies are closely...

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Work Gender Differentials in Singapore

gender in Singapore. In this essay I have decided to address the issues of work gender differential in Singapore such as gender inequality, Wage Gap and Glass ceiling. Sex War is not over in Singapore While it is true that Singapore has become a world-class city with highly advancements in many aspects, however, it not a true sentiment when it comes to gender equality. But lately, the Lion City has made a significant improvement in closing the gender gap among men and women. Singapore ranks 56th...

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Chocolate Pestl Analysis in Singapore

model). 1.1 Political Factors Announced by BBC News, Singapore is ranked at the top as the “Easiest Country to Start a Business” and “World’s Top 20 Most Globalized Nations". One of the main reasons is because of Singapore’s strategic location is at the heart of ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nations). This enables the business to be access up to 8 billion people within a seven-hour flight radius. Other than that Singapore has signed a free trade agreement with many of the world leading...

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Singapore Flyer Marketing

Segmentation of market Using demographic and behavioral segmentation Singapore flyer can segment its market. Using demographic segmentation, we have targeted the age group and the income group factor. Firstly, for the age group, Singapore flyer should segment the market into four different age groups. They are the children, youths, adults and elderly. We have chosen to target the youths and adults (age 13 to 45), mainly because they are the ones who are willing to spend their money for entertainment...

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Singapore, Southeast Asia and America

SSA1203 Lecture 3 1) First tutorial, Singapore in American Eyes – reading to be done Stan Sesses “A Nation of Contradictions,” New Yorker, Jan 13, 1992 Sustaining the Global City 1) Natural Resources: Water tensions between Singapore and Malaysia (1961-2011/1962-2061 agreements) Used in every industrial process, drinking/cleaning -> shortage of water is a big threat Singapore’s 4-tap strategy by 2060 2) Southeast Asia as a “region” India and China as bookends, what lay in between...

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Importance of National Identity in Singapore

How important is it for Singapore to possess a national identity? Introduction Singapore’s possession of a National Identity has long sparked nationwide discussion and is still one of the most widely debated about topics in Singapore. National identity is the sense of belonging and cohesive whole in a nation. While the importance of a national identity can be restricted since Singapore comprises a large percentage of immigrants, a national identity gives Singaporeans a sense of rootedness, preserves...

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Study of Organizational Culture in Singapore

Introduction The reason behind choosing Singapore as my country of interest mainly was that I did my Co-Op there in Fall of 2011. Personally I loved the country as a work place. Also I noticed during my stay there the amount of awareness they had about green technologies and environmental issues. Singapore is like the best of both worlds. Culturally and climate wise similar to Asia and rules, regulations and policies of those like any western country. Singapore has a mixed racial population. There are...

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Singapore Population Policies

POPULATION POLICIES: SINGAPORE After Independence in 1965, the population of the country was growing at a rate that would seriously threaten the success of Singapore. The Government introduced the "Stop at two" policy to help control the rapid population growth. It was introduced in 1969. The policy had a very successful response; in fact, it was so successful that the population started to decline. Couples saw the benefits in having a smaller family, such as more money, higher quality of life...

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Globalisation's impact on Singapore

of immigrant workers and its impact on Singapore Globalisation describes the increased flow of goods, services, capital, labour, technology, ideas and information across national boundaries. Local, national, regional and global elements are connected, resulting in a cross-influencing and an inter-dependent world. I will be focusing on the aspect of the flow of labour, and exploring the impact it has made on Singapore. In light of globalisation, Singapore has received an influx of immigrant workers...

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Singapore and Malaysia Seperation

separation REASONS FOR THE SEPERATION OF SINGAPORE FROM MALAYSIA: Economical Matters 1.  A  Common  Market   Malaysia The CG would not implement this unless SG surrenders its free port status and imposed a tax on its imports The common market would benefit SG, but CG was unsure it would benefit the other states as much as SG. CG wanted to protect industries in Peninsular Malaysia and ensure there is no uneven development throughout the states Singapore SG was not ready to surrender its free...

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Hong Kong and Singapore

 Sheila Sharp ECON 224-1405B-05 Unit 5 Individual Project Prof. Hector Morales AIU Feb. 6, 2015 NIC’S Hong Kong and Singapore Hong Kong and Singapore economies went through rapid growth during the latter half of the 20th century, expressly in the industrial sector. Hong Kong has very little if any mineral resources and cannot be competitive and this area. Timber for commercial production is not probable and hydroelectric potential is practically nil. Water is in short...

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Smoky Vehicles to be barred in Singapore

vehicles to be barred from entering Singapore Home Cars for Sale » Bahasa Malaysian News Car Reviews Features Spyshots Bikes Videos » Tech Watches Tools » Contact Home » Cars » Smoky vehicles to be barred from entering Singapore Smoky vehicles to be barred from entering Singapore In Cars, Local News / By Hafriz Shah / 13 February 2014 3:54 pm / 79 comments Like Share 68 2 paultan.org/2014/02/13/smoky-vehicles-barred-entering-singapore/ 1/19 4/14/14 Smoky vehicles...

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Tax Reforms in Singapore Is Beneficial to the Country

Tax Reforms in Singapore is Beneficial to the Country Singapore’s Implementation of Tax Reforms in 2002 Singapore concentrates its economy mostly on foreign investment, free trade, and high savings. When experiencing huge negative impact from the global economic depression in 2001, Singapore realized that it should not depend on the United States economy anymore. In order to revive the economic growth of Singapore, the Economic Development Board (EDB) recommended implementation of tax reforms...

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Social Worker in Singapore

bode well for the recruitment of these professionals. *From August 2014, organisations with more than 25 employees must advertise a vacancy for professional or managerial jobs paying less than S$12,000 a month on a new jobs bank administered by the Singapore Workforce Development Agency for at least 14 days. Only after that period can the company apply for an employment pass to bring in a foreign national. Reuters – Mon, Sep 23, 2013 12:10 AM EDT One may argue that instead of issuing an E-pass to...

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Goh Keng Swee: Contirbution to Singapore

Chee and daughter-in-law, two grandsons and three great-grandsons. He had devoted 25 years of his life to serving the nation in the ministries of defence, finance and education. Born into a middle-income Peranakan family in Malacca, he came to Singapore when he was two years old. His early education was at Anglo-Chinese School (1927–1936) and later at Raffles College (1936–1939). Armed with a diploma in arts, he entered the colonial civil service in 1939, but his career was interrupted by the...

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Psle in Singapore Debate

commentary, I chose my artefact as a newspaper article on PSLE stress because of many reasons. 1) I had always harbored a strong interest on what everyone is saying about this hot topic and it seemed very interesting, stating just one problem that Singapore currently face. 2) Other than that, it is a topic that is easy to research, unlike some historic things which are little-mentioned (e.g. the banana note, the merdeka talks,etc) 3) Last but not least,it is a topic that is widely discussed...

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The General Importance of the UNCRC to Singapore

The General Importance of the UNCRC to Singapore Children have additional needs because of their vulnerability Children face a confusing array of minimum ages at which they are deemed capable of making decisions for themselves – some of them potentially life-changing. The UNCRC is sometimes spoken of as the most complete of the international human rights instruments as it includes civil, political, economic, social, and cultural rights as well as incorporating aspects of humanitarian law. The...

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Analysis of the Singapore Social Studies Syllabus

the Singapore Social Studies Syllabus Abstract Launched in 2001, the secondary social studies curriculum is seen as the primary vehicle to implement citizenship education in Singapore, and a crucial pillar of the government’s tripartite plan of National Education (NE) in schools. Broadly, the plan uses simplified slogans to categorize and underline the aims and intended outcomes expected of each level of education – “Love Singapore” is the focus of NE in primary schools, “Know Singapore” for...

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The Fall of Singapore

THE FALL OF SINGAPORE SPEECH The Battle of Singapore was fought in South-East Asia during World War II, when the Japanese Army was severely underrated. Nobody could have predicted the outcome of the battle that commenced on the 31st of January 1941 and lasted til the 15th of February in 1942. Singapore was a great strategic naval base for the Allied Forces, and they anticipated an attack. The British had the numbers, but it seems as though the Japanese had the luck. Let me start by telling...

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Declining Birthrate Singapore

After Independence in 1965, the population of the country was growing at a rate that would seriously threaten the success of Singapore. The Government introduced the "Stop at two" policy to help control the rapid population growth. It was introduced in 1969. The policy had a very successful response; in fact, it was so successful that the population started to decline. Couples saw the benefits in having a smaller family, such as more money, higher quality of life and cars. The population increase...

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Social Studies - Bonding Singapore

different religious groups  Differences in religious beliefs and practices can create tensions if they are not managed well. Case Study  Maria Hertogh riots which took place between ethnic Malays and the European and Eurasian communities in Singapore occurred on 11 December 1950. It was sparked by the controversial custody battle between Maria's adoptive Malay family and her Eurasian parents. Maria was born to a Dutch-Eurasian family in Java but when her father was arrested by the Japanese during...

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Reflective Journal of Singapore Budget 2012

budget, there were two key changes initiated. An increase in CPF contribution and enhanced earn income relief. The boost in CPF contribution and the doubling of earned income relief are in line with the Singapore new goal, to help cope with the social and rising cost for the aging population that Singapore is currently facing. Further studies suggest that elderly, depending on solely CPF saving for retirement is not sufficient. Boost in CPF contribution The government worry that elderly will not...

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Company Analysis on Singapore Food Industries

food company, Singapore Food Industries, was established in 1973. It was listed Singapore Exchange Mainboard since 22nd of November, 1999 and comprises 8 percent of the Food & Beverage market share. It is the parent company of United Kingdom, China and Australia. Singapore Food Industries has achieved various awards such as SME Partner Award, eDistributor award and 2003 Securities Investors Association (Singapore) Most Transparent Company Award (Manufacturing). Business Singapore Food Industries...

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Globalization, Neo-Liberalism, and New Social Movements in Singapore

Majeerah B. Sinarimbo September 26, 2012 Political Science 160 SINGA-PURA (SINGAPORE) The world becomes more and more complex. Things have never been the same. Changes became rapid and impulsive that at some point, we are confused as to how to address these changes. Conflicts of the early times are not the same with what we're facing today. Solutions of the past are not exactly effective in the present. We, humans, we're never stable. The complexity of our behavior is a great manifestation...

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Foreign Workers in Singapore Summary Final

Foreign Workers In Singapore Introduction In summary we are sharing some notable favorable pointers as well as some probable negative impacts of having foreign workers in Singapore. Foreign workers' contribution had become an important factor in our sustained high economic growth. With a strong economy, we can expect less unemployment, higher bonuses, a stronger currency, attract more investors and tourists alike. Although foreign workers form a vital part of our workforce as a supplement rather...

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History of Singapore

information we now have on 14th century Temasek/Singapura has now decisively extended Singapore's history back to around 1299." Do you agree with this assertion?  The Sejarah Melayu claimed that the stone was thrown by Badang the Strongman across the Singapore River and the boom guarding the river during the 1300s was still in existence at the time of its writing. However, the overall characteristics of the Sejarah Melayu did not warrant its serious consideration as an accurate historical account without...

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The Role of Citizen Political Participation in Hong Kong and Singapore

Citizen Political Participation in Hong Kong and Singapore Both Hong Kong and Singapore are city states that traditionally have lacked broad political participation, instead political decisions were left up to a small group of leaders. Historical factors were critical in determining the role of political participation in both city states. Hong Kong's history of colonial rule and the strength of the People's Action Party (PAP) in Singapore acted to keep broad citizen participation in government...

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Four Seasons Hotel Singapore Employee

Four Seasons Hotel Singapore Human Resources Deepens Employee Engagement through Comprehensive HR Strategy to Develop and Retain Talent Summary OPPORTUNITY The hotel’s approach to human resource management could be a competitive differentiator, to help it attract, recruit, develop and retain talent through the employee lifecycle ACTION Developed and put in place a structured and comprehensive HR strategy with two main prongs: Building partnerships with hospitality schools; students come in...

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Transforming the Singapore Workforce Through a National Cet System

The GDP of Singapore at purchasing power parity per capita is the 4th largest in the world1. Yet, Singapore is small and vulnerable to global storms and was the first East Asian country to fall into a recession in the 2008 economic crises. Biggest impact of recession is the escalating job losses that have become a national dilemma, as resident unemployment hit highs of 3.8% (1999), 4.9% (2002), 5.2% (2003) and 4.3% (2009) during downturns2. Shorter economic cycles, increased competition due to...

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Why Did the British Want to Have a Trading Settlement in Singapore?

In this essay, I would like to discuss on why the British wanted to have a trading settlement in Singapore. The British needed a new trading settlement in the region. This was to break the Dutch monopoly in the Malay Archipelago, because, though the British then had already established two trading settlements at Penang and Bencoolen, they were not located near the main trading area in the Archipelago, thus were not suited to become major trading centres. Penang was located too far up, thus away...

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Hp in Singapore

|[pic] | |Hewlett-Packard in Singapore | |International Business | | ...

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Hy2339/Ssa2203 Heritage Essay – Lessons Learned from the Singapore River

History of the Singapore River As the lifeline of Singapore, the Singapore River, flowing through the central area, is of great social, political and economic importance in the history of Singapore. The mouth of Singapore River, which still stands as the downtown core today, has a long history as bustling trading port. Pre-modern period Starting from the 5th, there has been a constant flow of ships between the South China Sea and Indian Ocean via the Straits of Melaka. Merchants and traders...

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Singapore English

1.0 Introduction The presence and use of borrowed words and discourse particles in Colloquial Singapore English (CSE) have been widely studied by linguists (e.g. Lim, 2007; & Deterding, 2007). It is also widely accepted, both amongst scholarly literature and within the general population, that CSE (its lexicon/syntax/etc.) is predominantly Chinese- or Malay-based and that Tamil has only had minimal influences (Leimgruber, 2009). However, little thought has been given, by the general population...

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Singapore Flyer

Introduction Our group’s choice of attraction is the Singapore Flyer (FIG.1). Endorsed by the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) and opened on 25th April 2008, the Flyer stands at 165m in height and was built at a cost of S$240 million. It is ranked #19 out of 276 attractions in Singapore on TripAdvisor and is one of the attractions that make up the “See Singapore Pass”. A General Assessment of the Singapore Flyer With reference to Butler’s Tourism Area Cycle of Evolution theory (1980)...

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Singapore PESTAL

Access the environment of Singapore (PEST) Political Forces 1. Political Climate Singapore is under a stable political climate. The political system is considered as centralized and authoritarian, the political culture is pragmatic, rational and based on the rule of law. The highest aim of the government is the nation's survival and prosperity. Based on the results of Corruption Perception Index ranks, Singapore has a totally clean and corruption-free image in the world and it's the least...

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How the Eip Has Affected Racial Harmony in Singapore

of rascism. Racism would be saying that an Indian cannot buy a flat at Bishan, solely because he's an Indian. The EIP is treading on grey area. There has been evidence to show the disadvantages of this policy. In demographically chinese dominant Singapore, when the minority races cannot sell their HDB flat to a Chinese because that quota ceiling has been met, the flat is often sold below market valuation. This sends a wrong message that belonging to a minority race is unfavourable. Under the Sedition...

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History of Singapore

THE FOUNDING OF MODERN SINGAPORE In late 1818, Lord Hastings – the British Governor General of India – appointed Lieutenant General Sir Stamford Raffles to establish a trading station at the southern tip of the Malay peninsula. The British were extending their dominion over India and their trade with China was expanding. They saw the need for a port of call to “refit, revitalize and protect their merchant fleet” as well as to prevent any advances made by the Dutch in the East Indies. After surveying...

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Singapore officially known as the Republic of Singapore. Its English name Singapore is derived from the Malay word, Singapura, where Singa means Lion and Pura means town, referring the country as the Lion City. However the recent studies of Singapore indicate that lions have never lived there, the beast seen by the founder in the 13th century was most likely a Malayan Tiger. Singapore is a southeast Asian island. Singapore consists of 63 islands, including the main island, widely known as Singapore...

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