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1. List the textile production methods and textile art forms used in this culture. The production of textiles in Japan is usually made of silk, hemp or manufactured goods. Ikat, a dyeing technique used to pattern textiles that employs a resist dyeing process similar to tie-dye on either the warp or weft fibres prior to dying, and embroidery 2. How are the textile products used as a medium for self-expression and communication between people? Textiles products are used in Japan and a...

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Importing Textile

SHIPPING TEXTILE SAMPLES NPG Procedures Manual - Customs Compliance Requirements\ Importing Textile Samples Rev. 1/2010 Confidential 1 GARMENT AND FABRIC SAMPLE SHIPMENTS GARMENT SAMPLE SHIPMENTS There are two ways to import garment samples into the US: 1. Non-mutilated Samples: Garment is not marked or mutilated . 2. Mutilated Samples: Garment is stamped “SAMPLE” on the outside or the garment has been cut/torn. 1. NON-MUTILATED GARMENT SAMPLES The invoice must include a complete description...

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3 Textile Organic Dyes – Characteristics, Polluting Effects and Separation/Elimination Procedures from Industrial Effluents – A Critical Overview Zaharia Carmen and Suteu Daniela ‘Gheorghe Asachi’ Technical University of Iasi, Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Environmental Protection, Romania 1. Introduction The residual dyes from different sources (e.g., textile industries, paper and pulp industries, dye and dye intermediates industries, pharmaceutical industries, tannery, and Kraft ...

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Textile company

Beauregard Textile Company: When in 1990 Calloway and Clarence Beal raised the price of the Triaxx-30 was to reflect the same increase in the costs. This is good example of our global economic situation. Costs are rising therefore also the price at which products or services are sold have to keep up. A second purpose was to make money and the rights amount of funds for a long-term plan of expansion. What the firm did mainly wrong was they predicted a decrease in demand for the T-30 fabric...

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Textile Designs

expressions like building, canvas, walls, floors etc. One of such field is fabric surface enrichment refers to the structural or applied designing for textiles material, may be achieved by dyeing, printing, painting, embroidery, weaving etc. Designing textile has been an ancient art in India. It is perhaps the most ancient craft of India. Textile designing includes many methods used from the earliest time in applying color and design to the surface of fabric. The design of fabric is achieved by...

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Thoery Textiles

|Luxury knitwear | | | |light, lustrous | |Luxury interior textiles for cars, planes and | | | |good thermal insulation | |yacht | |...

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Textiles Essay

Jessica Holland - Textiles - Fibres What must happen to the fibres before they are used to make Fabrics? Fibres are thin and small and cannot be made into afabric directly. So they are first converted into yarns which are longer, thicker and stronger. We then use these yarns to make fabrics. The process of making yarns from fibres is called spinning. Here the fibres are not only twisted but also pulled out or drawn. The spinning process helps to hold the fibres together and makes...

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Clothing and Textile

Farzana LATEST DEVELOPMENT IN FINISHING IN TEXTILES TEXTILE: A textile is anything that is made up of fibers, yarns, or fabrics.  The basic building blocks of textile products are fibers.  Fibers are usually long thin materials that have a length at least one hundred times their diameter.  To be useful in textiles fibers must have some desirable properties such as strength, abrasion resistance, flexibility, or moisture absorption. FINISHING: In textile manufacturing, finishing refers to any process...

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Textile Colour Fastness

1. Colour Fastness to Light This method is intended for accessing the resistance of the colour of textiles to the action of daylight. Principle: A specimen of the textile is exposed to the light from a Xenon arc lamp under prescribed conditions, along with eight dyed wool standards. The fastness is assessed by compared the fading of the textile with that of the standards. Apparatus and Materials: - Blue standards - Humidity Test Control Fabric - Light fastness test apparatus containing...

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Textile Dyeing and Printing

TEXTILE DYEING AND PRINTING B.A/ B.Sc. / B.Com. Part -1 -2013 Scheme : B.Sc.-Pt-I Nomenclature Paper-I Weaving and Mkt. Paper-II Designing & Dyeing Practical Dur. 3 hrs 3 hrs 4 hrs Max./Min. Marks 75 27 75 27 75 27 Max./Min. Marks 65 24 65 24 70 26 No. of Periods 3 3 4/ Batch PAPER- 1 (Weaving and Marketing) Duration: 3 hrs Note: The question paper will contain three sections as under- Max. Marks: (Sc)-75/(Arts/Comm.)-65 Section-A: one compulsory...

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