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Inappropriate clothing By : Erick Stoutamire 9/15/2013 Clothing defines the person you are and the person you want to be in the future. The type of clothing you wear can also label you forever be it good or bad . If you are the type of person that wear clothing that is consider inappropriate...

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Clothing Shop

Janey B’s Clothing Co. THE INTRODUCTION Janey B’s Clothing Co. is a clothing boutique that sells specialized clothes with convenient price. As far as we know, many clothing shops are selling clothes with too high price which can’t be afford by many fellow Filipinos in our country. Janey B’s Clothing Co. is here to provide clothes with best qualities, sold in a low amount which can afford by everybody. We are selling different classes of Tees, Pants, Sweaters, Shorts, Dresses and many more accessories...

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Thai Clothing

Thai Traditional Clothing Have you ever seen or heard anything about Thai clothing? Thai clothing has gone back for centuries, and it still exists in Thai people’s daily lives to this day. Thai clothing has its history’s about why each one is worn and how it had become as one. Men and woman wear different ones but they are made almost alike, and they also have types of cloth that they use for each. They tell why they are worn now and how they are used for everyday wear, traditional wear, and special...

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pioneers clothing

Pioneer project The woman and girls made all the clothing. Pioneer clothing was very uncomfortable. The girls had to wear many layers like petty coats, dresses and aprons. They also wore bonnets and high laced boots. The boys often wore trousers with suspenders and plaid shirts. They might have worn straw hats and high laced boots. People would wear fancier clothes to special occasions and parties. Most children only had two outfits. One outfit was for wearing during the week and the other was...

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Clothing and Fashion

proved to be the strongest influence on revolutionising the fashion scene in those days. 1940s was a decade marked by the second World War and the ensuing independence of India. Hence, the period portrayed relatively simple yet functional women’s clothing. During 1950s, the advent of art colleges and schools led to popularity of narrow waist and balloon skirts with bouncing patterns. Also, the adoption of khadi by Mahatma Gandhi made khadi garments a rage among women. In the 1960s, the sweeping...

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Clothing and Textile

resistance, flexibility, or moisture absorption. FINISHING: In textile manufacturing, finishing refers to any process performed on yarn or fabric after weaving or knitting to improve the look, performance, or "hand" (feel) of the finished textile or clothing. Some finishing techniques, such as fulling, have been in use with hand-weaving for centuries; others, such as mercerization, are byproducts of the Industrial Revolution. ADVANTAGES OF TEXTILE FINISHING: Textile finish...

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clothing business

Clothing items are amongst the most sold items on eBay and there’s a reason why this is true, despite all of the difficulties involved—variety. It’s through eBay buyers can find nearly any kind, color, size, or vintage of clothing on the planet, and sellers can find a place to sell the same. If you’re serious about selling clothing on eBay, however, there are a few basics to keep in mind that will go a long way toward keeping both you and your trading partner happy. 1. Size matters! Sizing is...

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Judgement on Clothing

lifestyles we pledge allegiance to. Clothing paints the first picture in our minds about everyone we meet. Based on simple clothing choices, we can tell how much money one makes, what kind of personality they have and even their sexual orientation Clothing most certainly can indicate what financial group one finds themselves in. Even if someone isn't fashion forward perhaps, people shop in stores that their financial situations affords them. Torn and worn clothing often indicates a poor financial...

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Origin of Clothing

Origin of clothing Dr. Nidhi L Sharda, NIFT, Bangalore Clothing, need.. Clothing protects the vulnerable nude human body from the extremes of weather, other features of our environment, and for safety reasons. Every article of clothing also carries a cultural and social meaning. Human beings are the only creatures known to wear clothing Dr. Nidhi L Sharda, NIFT, Bangalore The first biblical reference to clothes appears in Genesis 3… Shortly after Adam and Eve ate the fruit ...

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Language of Clothing

Marquisha King Professor Meghan McGuire English 101-31 14 October 2011 Clothing as a Language The generic definition of clothing is something that covers. Most people think of clothing as no more than a necessity. In reality clothing is a lot more. Clothing can tell a person’s age, class, ethnicity, values and more all in one glance. Your appearance dictates to other people how you expect to be treated. Clothing is used as a learned language to communicate without words. This makes it crucial...

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