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Color Wheel

THE COLOR WHEEL G.TAMIZH Color has played an important role in communication, psychology, and even physical health giving color power. Whether it is in interior design, graphic design, or fine art, it can affect the mood in different ways. Let’s take a look at the color wheel which is important and sometimes can be intimidating for designers and artists. The color wheel is made up of twelve basic hues: three primaries, three secondary, and six tertiary. The color wheel is a circular display...

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Love and Color Wheel

[pic] The Colors of Love Theory Corresponds to the Color Wheel If you're familiar with the color wheel you'll know that there are three primary colors - red, blue, and yellow, and these colors mix to create the three secondary colors - purple, orange, and green. In 1973 John Lee used the color wheel to describe his theory of love, in his book, The Colors of Love. Primary Love Styles are Eros, Ludos and Storge Though they don't correspond to specific colors, Lee's primary styles of love...

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Light Color Solutions Intro

 Light, Color and Solutions Effects of Concentration and Cell Path Length on a Solutions Absorbance To examine the relationship between color of a solution and the light it absorbs. When it comes down to it our eyes do a accurate job of depicting and distinguishing colors. The purpose of this experiment is to take that a little farther, become more precise. With the use of a spectrophotometer one can determine the wavelength and intensity of the light absorbed. By adding a light source to...

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Color Therapy

[pic] Color Therapy was first discovered thousands of years ago in the ancient cultures of China, Egypt, and India. Each color gives off a different wavelength and energy. The main colors involved in color therapy include; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. Each of these colors relates to one of the seven main chakras, which are just energy centers in the body. If you balance these seven chakras then you are in good health and wellbeing. These colors also affect your mood...

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Speech to Inform. Speech to Inform

COLOR PSYCHOLOGY SPECIFIC PURPOSE: To inform my audience about fascinating world of color psychology and an inspirational journey of self discovery through an understanding of color meanings. CENTRAL IDEA: Knowledge of how color affects your conscious and subconscious mind can change your life. INTRODUCTION: Do you feel anxious in a yellow room? Does the color blue make you feel calm and relaxed? Artists and interior designers have long understood how color can dramatically affect...

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Cer on the Observations of Dry Ice

and create smoke, the color of the water goes from dark green to light green. There is probably a chemical in the dry ice that is reacting with the universal indicator which is causing the substance to change colors. Hydrochloric acid changes the color of the mixture and makes it green to yellow but when you add more hydrochloric acid then the first time the color becomes darker and eventually turn purple. The hydrochloric acid reacts with the solution and makes the colors change, when you add more...

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effect of colors

Effect of colors Did you know that the color blue gives you the impression that a space is larger than it actually is in reality? It’s not the only case when colors help you juggle with their special effects. Let’s look at some of the most important issues regarding the role of chromatic combinations in the creation of a pleasant and relaxed ambiance. Suppose we have two rooms in one apartment. The two rooms are identical in size, but we paint the walls in two different colors: dark...

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Effects of Colored Paper on Reading Comprehension

556). Over the years, the use of color for visually enhancing a person’s reading ability has undergone a transformation from the use of colored chalk on chalkboards to using black ink on colored paper. Using colored paper for the background of a text may enhance the eye’s ability to focus and adhere to the print at hand. The ability of the eyes to perceive color and color hues vary from person to person and are individually specific with regard to optimal color interpretation (Evans, 1974). The...

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How to Dress Well

always wondered what colors would look amazing on you? Being well-dressed influences other people to see you as competent, capable, and smart, as well as helping you feel more confident about yourself. Here's how to get started. EditSteps 1. ------------------------------------------------- 1 ------------------------------------------------- Shop for the right clothes to make you look good. When you are shopping for clothes make sure that you are conscious of how the colors and cuts are going...

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A day at the beach

sign that we were close to the beach. We parked our car into the parking spot and started walking across the black asphalt, which emanated heat from the sun. Walking forward I overwhelmingly could see the clear water, which was rich arcane blue in color. As soon as I kept my feet on the silt white sand I could sense the sand burning my feet. I could hear the sound of waves colliding and feel the unruffled sea breeze grooming by. The beach was swarming with people as I looked around my surroundings...

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