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Importance of Feelings   Feelings are our lifeblood. Without them, we would perish. Think about it. What if you couldn’t tell the difference between hot and cold, the feeling of pain, body temperature, strength or weakness? You would be numb at best, severely injured, or dead, at worst. Unable to discern possible danger or harm potential in the environment would doom you to a short life. That’s one set of feelings; the physical feelings, necessary for our survival. But what about emotional feelings? Are...

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Expressing Feelings

Don't be lazy and make it as an inspiration to write your feelings about that particular guy. Express your feelings through writing! I know there’s a part of me that really loves to write stories or to share my thoughts and feelings. And because of my laziness, I haven’t written anything yet. And to start this thing, I’ll ignore or better erase my laziness first, so here it goes. Well, there’s this guy that I really don’t know my feelings about him. Do I love him or am I just confused because...

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Love and Feelings

Uncontrollable Passion When you allow your heart to control your mind, you lose all direction of reality and reason. Most of Racine’s characters were born with a selfish outlook on life. There was no consideration of others’ feelings or situations throughout the play. Everyone paid the price for their persistent desires. There is a lesson to be learned from this play, ultimately, the one who loves with the heart and the mind finds genuine love and happiness that lasts. Oenone - Oenone put so much...

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Feeling and People

popular and well liked because you are so enthusiastic and cheerful. You care deeply for your family and friends, and like to express your feelings through words and actions. People often say you have a gift for language and are able to articulate your strong beliefs and opinions with tact. You are quite empathetic and seem to just know what other people are feeling. Tension, fights, or conflict make you very uncomfortable so you try hard to please others and make peace between your friends. You hate...

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Gut Feeling

Gut Feeling Have you ever had a gut feeling something bad was going to happen? Never take that feeling lightly. I did, and lost my best friend for it. It was a nice sunny Saturday morning. My friend Jerome called me talking about a party that was supposed to be the party of the year across town. My gut was telling me it was a bad idea, because across town were our rivals, Alcovy. A lot of animosity was built up from the game the other night. The game was so intense the basketball teams were even...

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The Feeling of Joy

friends or spending time with old ones, sweet dreams and watching a baby take his first step or say their first word. Without love, friendship and family can a person get joy? Love comes from having true feelings and affection for someone special. Being loved by family and friends is the greatest feeling in the world. We look to family and friends for the strength to go out through days when we can’t make and once we get the moral support and love from them it’s all we really need. Friendship is having...

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The Cognitive consequences of Concealing Feelings

cognitively costly. Expressive suppression is a common emotion-regulatory strategy. Typically people suppress their feelings because they want to feign to have their emotions under control, look calm and collected; research shows that a third of individuals have shown efforts to deceive others this way. Researchers have made other studies to find whether concealing feelings can affect our abilities to perform common cognitive tasks, such as remembering things and communicating with other people...

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Feeling and Lady Macbeth

writers'William Shakespeare' and 'Robert Browning' used techniques to create strong feelings to intrest the audience. In the Laboratory we see the character making revenge by poisioning her partners lover to make her husband suffer for humilating her.Where as in Macbeth we see Macbeth and Lady Macbeth in conflict on whether Macbeth should follow his instinct or obey his partners instructions. Lady Macbeth- Strong feeling of 'Power'-Shakespeare uses the technique of using'harsh words' to create effect...

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Neurological Feeling of Love

receive, but sometimes we become better from it. We’ve never known what “love” really is, but we do know it makes are stomach ache and it makes us drop everything. So what is it that makes us feel that strong attachment to another? Is it a whimsical feeling that comes over us when we meet “the one?” Is it a naturally occurring chemical cocktail mixing together in our brains? Throughout this paper I will be sharing what I’ve found from exploring the topic of love. Hopefully by the end we will all have...

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Belonging: Feeling and Migrant Hostel

Belonging: Peter Skrzynecki study notes Intro: • Restate the topic • Define : belonging is a universal feeling which gives an individual the sense of acceptance or isolation for themselves and their surroundings • Name texts: o Migrant hostel, 10 Mary Street, St. Pats college, from PS Immigrant chronicle o LFA , Melina Marchetta Paragraph One – Migrant Hostel • Topic sentence – link to Migrant Hostel • Technique, example, effect • The poem describes the pessimistic experiences of the author...

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