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Anthro 121AC December 2013 Jeans and The Blue Denim In Japan, people have kimono, in China, they have cheongsam as a long dress with a high collar and slit skirt that traditionally worn by Chinese women, and in USA, people have jeans as their fashion identity. Fundamentally, jeans can be described as blue denim and it is very functional, durable, and mainstream in the public. Every facet of American society has worn jeans since 160 years ago. The story of jeans started by Levis Strauss, and...

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Denim Jeans

Denim jeans were originally created for the workers in the 18th century. The original idea behind the jean was to offer protection to the plantation workers. The jean material was extremely strong and worked as a means to protect the workers bodies from harm. The jeans were a deep indigo in color and worked well due to the fact that because the color was so dark, the jeans did not fade quickly. As jeans made their way through the eras of the western times, World War 2, the rebel stage and the hippie...

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Grand Jean Company

Introduction: Founded in the 19th century, the Grand Jean Company survived the large economy crises in 1929. It became one of the largest clothing companies in the world around 1989. Its main products are pants for men and boys. But also women pants are produced there. With the “wash-and-wear”, bell-bottom and flare leans and modern casual pants, the company was market leading. The company owns 25 plants for manufacturing with an output capacity of 20.000 pants per week. However, this production...

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Wrangler Jeans Advertisement Analysis

Brianna Thompson Ms.Rodriguez English 2 Pre-IB April 26, 2013 Advertisement Analysis: Wrangler© Jeans From construction workers to high fashion models, jeans are or have been worn by practically every person that you may come across today in life. To match these people’s needs there is a plethora of ways in which jeans are styled and shaped. This variety is good for a person who has an assortment of styles and looks, but is not really good for your “average Joe” who is just looking for a pair...

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Pepe Jean Case

Use a 30 percent inventory carrying cost rate.) Calculate a pay-back period for each alternative. In this case, Pepe Jeans has enjoyed considerable financial success with its current business model. However, on the other hand, individual retailers are compliant about the inflexible ordering system, indicated that if the ordering system is more flexible, the sales of Pepe Jeans could increase by 10%. Current Sales = $ 200 000 000 Extra 10% of sales = 10% * $200 000 000 = $20 000 000 Profit...

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Grand Jean Case Study

Answer no. Case 1 Grand Jean Company stored in: Article Description from the company’s overall goals, What is the purpose company with the overall goals and 25 divisional marketing manager implementing manufacturing? In the case of 4-6 (grand jean Co.) that describes the company as a whole has the main goal is profit oriented, namely to provide a fashion product (jean) with how to produce various kinds of jean model by increasing the production capacity on the principles of efficiency, the speed...

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C2 Bell Jeans Bhd

Case 2 Bell Jeans Berhad Bell Jeans Berhad was founded in the mid-sixties. The firm survived several lean years and economic recessions largely as the result of the market durability of its dominant product—blue denim jeans. Bell Jeans had been a market leader with "wash-and-wear," bell-bottom and flare jeans, and modern casual pants. By 2009 it was one of Malaysia’s largest clothing manufacturers. It offered a wide variety of dress and fashion jeans for both men and boys and a complete line of pants...

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History of Denim Jeans

History of the Fornication Pants Jeans today are much more than a simple item of clothing; they are a staple, a comfort and an identity. They are not a piece of clothing that is unique to one culture or society; jeans are jeans no matter where you are. Jeans have transcended nationality, race and even war, and yet they are still one of the most ordinary parts of our lives. What many people take for granted is that Jeans have become such a part of their everyday lives that they never...

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Media; Levi Jeans Campaign

body. It illustrated a complete lifestyle to the teenagers world. Admiring the fantasy of idols James Dean and Marlon Brando, all connecting to the Levi guys (jeans) in the adverts, giving the impression of a sensual, healthy radiant aspect, to the gazed audience. Falling for the act, teens still continued to buy the different types of jeans, whilst new ideas were being designed. People realise now it was just a pretence illusion. Although these shams still occur in adverts today. In the advert...

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Pepe Jeans- Case Study

PEPE JEANS - CASE STUDY 1. Acting as an outside consultant, what would you recommend that Pepe do? Given the data in the case, perform a financial analysis to evaluate the alternatives that you have identified. (Assume that the new inventory could be valued at six weeks’ worth of the yearly cost of sales. Use a 30 percent inventory carrying cost rate.) Calculate a payback period for each alternative. Pepe Jeans has 3 options: Do nothing Decrease lead time to 6 weeks Build a factory...

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