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  • Jeans

    Anthro 121AC December 2013 Jeans and The Blue Denim In Japan‚ people have kimono‚ in China‚ they have cheongsam as a long dress with a high collar and slit skirt that traditionally worn by Chinese women‚ and in USA‚ people have jeans as their fashion identity. Fundamentally‚ jeans can be described as blue denim and it is very functional‚ durable‚ and mainstream in the public. Every facet of American society has worn jeans since 160 years ago. The story of jeans started by Levis Strauss‚ and

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  • Lee Jeans

    Men and Women who want to wear stylish and innovative jeans at an affordable price. Target Group Young urban men and women from the upper middle class Positioning A stylish brand with a sporty look with an American imaginery to the brand. SWOT Analysis Strength 1. The brand has over 100 stores all over the world and employs over 500 people in the USA. 2. The brand has been known as one of the top jeans producers all over the world. 3. The brand is known for its

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  • Blue Jeans

    Blue Jeans: Born to last Hardeep Singh Gill COMM171-341 Catherine Boote June 28‚ 2013 The article “Blue jeans: Born to last” by Leslie C. Smith was published in Globe and Mail in 1992. Smith gives the brief details and the history of world popular blue jeans. The main idea of the essay is that how blue jeans came into life and what does it represent. In 1980’s‚ during the time of gold rush‚ French cotton called denim came into being which replaced canvas and people called

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  • Denim Jeans

    Denim jeans were originally created for the workers in the 18th century. The original idea behind the jean was to offer protection to the plantation workers. The jean material was extremely strong and worked as a means to protect the workers bodies from harm. The jeans were a deep indigo in color and worked well due to the fact that because the color was so dark‚ the jeans did not fade quickly. As jeans made their way through the eras of the western times‚ World War 2‚ the rebel stage and the hippie

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  • Blue Jeans

    There’s More to a Pair of Jeans than You Thought Jeans are pants and a world icon for the casual look. It has been so far for decades. I t is known for its comfort and many different styles of fitting. It’s now available in many different colours but perhaps the most famous one is blue jeans. There’s more to a pair of jeans than you thought. Most of you probably think that jeans are just made in factories by machines‚ but that is certainly not the case. For starters‚ the brass wire that makes

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  • Baggy Jeans

    Teresa Bradshaw-Grace Social Argument and Research Project August 8th‚ 2012 Baggy Pants: Criminal Wardrobe or Fashion Statement? I turned 40 years old in May. I took some time to reminisce with my 12 year old son about times and trends I have witnessed in my life. As always‚ his curiosity is centered on politics‚ music and fashion. Our conversation was entertaining as I told him about bell bottoms‚ Fat Albert‚ AC/DC‚ the beginning of hip hop‚ and finally: the birth of baggy pants (as

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  • History of Denim Jeans

    History of the Fornication Pants Jeans today are much more than a simple item of clothing; they are a staple‚ a comfort and an identity. They are not a piece of clothing that is unique to one culture or society; jeans are jeans no matter where you are. Jeans have transcended nationality‚ race and even war‚ and yet they are still one of the most ordinary parts of our lives. What many people take for granted is that Jeans have become such a part of their everyday lives that they never

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  • The Invention of Blue Jeans

    In 1873 blue jeans were invented by a well known man named Levi Strauss. Blue jeans became popular for farmers and workers‚ because they were tougher and less likely to rip. Many Americans wore jeans for comfort‚ too. A 24-year-old German immigrant named Levi Strauss departed from New York with little supply of dry materials. He also had the intention of opening an extension of his brother’s New York business that he was bringing to San Francisco. Strauss did not want to be a prospector‚ so he decided

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  • Rhetoric of Blue Jeans

    “Blue Jeans” by Fred Davis talks about denim jeans‚ their creation about 700 years ago‚ and how since then this item of apparel has served as a form of expression. Jeans were and still are made from sturdy indigo- dyed cotton cloth. Before the 60’s one did not see blue jeans on everyone‚ in the 30’s and 40’s painters and artist were the main consumers‚ and in the 50’s the denim trend spread to hoodlums and motorcyclist. Not until the 60’s did jeans become universally worn‚ crossing all genders‚ ages

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  • The History of Denim Jeans

    Denim Jeans In this research project I’m going to be discussing the history of denim jeans. Did you know that denim jeans are worn though out the world? The world is covered with people nearness too say so on that note I’m going too be mentioning some main topics on jeans‚ the history‚the manufactures and‚ and the different shapes and sizes and designs. The product that I’m going too mainly be talking about in this research paper are denim jeans‚the types the history the

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