Traditional Clothing in Lithuania

Topics: Color, Green, Red Pages: 3 (734 words) Published: January 13, 2013
Aukštaitija' women wore long, wide, and gathered at the waist linen shirts. They were made from linen or woollen. A linen skirt in Aukštaitija was often white with a red border. And a woollen skirt was four coloured. The dominant colours were green and red with yellow and purple. For special occasions two skirts were worn. Shirts had red ornaments. Sleeves were decorated. Aprons in Aukštaitija were made of white linen, decorated red only or red and blue ornamental stripes. A woman's bodice (corsage) was especially decorative in Aukštaitija. It was made of home-made wool. Gold, silver, green or red were the most popular colours for bodices. Women's footwear was made by local shoemakers from leather.

Men in Aukštaitija wore grey, brown woollen caftans. Similar cloth was also used to make long trousers. A felt hat was an important part of their costume.

In Žemaitija women wore long linen shirts. They were decorated red. Outer skirts were usually patterned with vertical stripes. Women in Žemaitija were not satisfied with only two skirts, they wore even more. Especially colourful skirts were worn in northern Žemaitija. They were woven with red, green, yellow, violet, dark red, white, and black stripes, although red was usually the dominant colour. Shirts were usually white with red narrow collars. Aprons for special occasions were wide, gathered at the waist and shorter than the skirt. They were made of white linen. Bodices worn by most women in Žemaitija were very different from those found anywhere in Lithuania. They had shortened waists, sewn under the chest. They were rather short, reaching only the waist. Women in Žemaitija wore leather shoes with laces. The most popular headwear for young women in Žemaitija were crowns made from silk ribbons. Most scarves in Žemaitija were made of linen or cotton and were patterned red or white.

Men in Žemaitija wore caftans sewed from woollen cloth. They were dark green or black. Caftans were gathered at the waist....
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