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Definition: Feminism comprises a number of social, cultural and political movements, theories and moral philosophies concerned with gender inequalities and equal rights for women. In its narrowest interpretation, it refers to the effort to ensure legal and political equality for women; in its broadest sense it comprises any theory which is grounded on the belief that women are oppressed or disadvantaged by comparison with men, and that their oppression is in some way illegitimate or unjustified...

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Feminism is a well-known movement of substantial importance under the umbrella of gender equality. The majority of people today don’t understand what feminism stands for, and they don’t realize how important it is. There is no logical reason not to support gender equality and feminism. Gender equality is the belief that men and women should receive equal rights and treatment, unless there is a sound, biological reason for men and women to be treated differently (5). This belief is also the main goal...

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 Feminism with The Yellow Wallpaper Feminism is base on the assumption that women have the same human, political and social rights as men, furthermore, that women should have the same opportunities as men in their personal choices. A feminist text will be written by woman, and it will point out deficiencies in society regarding equal opportunity. “The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Gilman is a great example of a feminist text; telling a story about a woman’s against male thinking and society...

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Branches of Feminism Feminism Defined What follows are different branches of feminism theory that are recognized by feminists and feminist scholars. These different theories of feminism are widely acknowledged and taught in women's studies courses, gender studies courses, and the like. Often people have created their own definition of feminism to best suit them. The definitions here are theoretical, and are an example of the diversity among feminists. Why one believes in feminism and what their...

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FEMINISM Introduction to Sociology Feminism Belief in the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes. The movement organized around this belief. Feminism Feminist Theory is an outgrowth of the general movement to empower women worldwide. Feminism can be defined as a recognition and critique of male supremacy combined with efforts to change it. Feminism The goals of feminism are: To demonstrate the importance of women To reveal that historically women have been subordinate to men...

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 Assignment 2 (Q) Assess the contribution of feminism to an understanding of society. (1,200-1,500). Feminism is a movement that argues that women suffer injustices in society because of their gender. “Like Marxists, Feminists take a critical view of the family and see that family as an institution that benefits men more than women and children” (Webb, R. ‘et al’, 2008, pg.43.). The development of feminism has led to attention being focused on the subordinate position of women in many...

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Feminism & a Poem

continuously working from the morning 6 am without getting leisure time to even feed their baby. when i come across this incident, i really felt very tired and depressed about our lack of social conscious in feminism and its activists. I don’t know whether, i am capable of writing about feminism or not? because, i know very well that in my past, I am also a person who expressed male chauvinism in many part of my life. In family as well as work place i have exposed the same when i got a chance to do...

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Defining Feminism

Defining Feminism What comes to mind when you hear the word “feminism” or “feminist”? Let’s start with the basics. Sex, politics, women, oppression, equality, media and etc. only make up a portion of what feminism stands for in our society today. With so many varied opinions, feminism can be very difficult to define yet alone understand. However, by conducting research online and studying the works of both Hooks and Valenti, I was able to articulate my own perspective on what feminism personally...

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Feminism and Marxism

Comparing Feminism and Marxism, both claims that society is split into the powerful and the powerless. Although they are two different theories and criticism, founded upon different claims and needs, but they have many characteristics in common. One tries to condemn patriarchy, and care about women, especially those suffered of patriotic inequalities. The other theory rejects Capitalism. Believing that landlords and bourgeoisie have oppressed proletariat through the history, Marxism promises...

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Feminism In Islam

and technologies. I will consult the works of  Lila Abu-Lughud, Leila Ahmed, and Elizabeth Fernea, feminists with similar, but idiosyncratic views on the aforementioned topics, and juxtapose their reasonings, observations, and findings. Rise of Feminism As early as the 1870s, feminists, as al-Tahtawi and ‘Abdu, lobbied for reforms in divorce and polygamy laws “without provoking violent controversy.” By the 1890s, the notion of female entitlement to advanced education “was so uncontroversial that...

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Arab Feminism

There is distinction between lives of Arab Women and their perception by American Media. The stereotypes spin out of control. Rise of US Feminism and with the rise of ‘Islam’ as enemy emerged in 1970-80’s.  History of Arab Feminism is long, layered and impressive. (Oxymoronic)  Women NGO’s in Middle East and North Africa have risen exponentially in 1980-90’s.  Ex: New Woman’s group, Arab Woman’s Publishing House, the Alliance of Arab Women, the association for the development and Enhancement...

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Feminism in Aliens

Timothy Vita Lisa Cecere CINE 120 1 December 2010 Feminism in Aliens Having carried their gender as a burden for years, woman have now grown to have a massive and essential influence in worldwide cinema. Feminist film theory challenges audiences to understand the source of gender inequality. Predominantly a masculine industry, early film have been said to contain the "male gaze," where the audience is placed in the shoes of a heterosexual male and woman are a merely objects to be viewed or...

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Feminism and Multiculturalism

Feminism and multiculturalism is about diversity and, protecting the rights of women and the minority community in our society. It is not about division, and the direction, nor about isolation (NIMAC Report, 1999). Moreover it is about the equality of opportunities for all members of groups that participate in and benefit from economic and social lives. During this paper, I ask myself whether feminism can be genuinely multicultural. The difference between feminism and multiculturalism is the rights...

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Feminism Essay

of gender difference, as well as nature/culture dichotomies, inform meaning and the production of geographical knowledge. Geographers use poststructuralist and feminist ideas in order to study human environment, society and geogrpahical space. Feminism and poststructuralism encourage us to question the set of assumptions and socially constructed meanings that give rise to knowledge claims. Poststructuralism is a popular critique that challenges our representation between relationship and reality...

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Feminism & Patriarchy

Feminism is an entire world view or gestalt, not just a laundry list of women¡¦s issues. - Charlotte Bunch Feminism is a body of social theory and political movement primarily based on and motivated by the experiences of women. It includes an opposition to male domination, the notion that the sexes are culturally and not biologically formed, and the belief that women were a social group shaped to fit male notions about a defective sex . These arguments have over the years taken different forms...

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Feminism in Pakistan

that women are far more likely to attain positions such as receptionists or PA’s in lieu of occupations such as CEO’s or CFO’s. There are mixed views when considering feminism to be defensive or offensive. 33% of the survey population believes that feminism is offensive and ridiculous. Waleed Khan, a shopkeeper, says that feminism is a waste of time and an excuse for women. However, many others refuted this point by claiming that women have a right to be heard, to have their sufferings acknowledged...

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Feminism Is for Everybody

hooks, bell. ed., Feminism Is For Everybody Passionate Politics (South End Press, 7 Brookline Street, #1, Cambridge, MA 02139). Feminism is for everybody is a political book that addresses the ideas of women's rights as a whole entire gender as well as individually. The book also ties the Civil Rights Movement as a catalyst for a feminist movement. The book is mainly written chronologically which shows the progression in thinking of the world. She writes about when she first saw and experienced...

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Feminism in Poetry

Feminism in poetry All women have a place. That is barefoot, pregnant, and chained to the stove. Ideas like this are what started the feminist movement. Women desired to be judged by their worth as a person rather than their physical appearance or biological factors. Women sought out social, economic, and political equality. Many women wanted to do their part to support the cause. Some of the most notable influences of the feminist movement were poets such as Sylvia Plath, Lucille Clifton and Anne...

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Feminism & The Tempest

Correia � PAGE �6� Brandon Correia Ms. Bradley ENG-3U1 December 10, 2007 Feminism in the Tempest Feminist theory aims to understand the nature of inequality and focuses on gender politics, power relations and sexuality. To do Feminist Research is to put the social construction of gender at the center of one's inquiry. Feminist theory is about seeing gender as a basic organizing principle which profoundly shapes/mediates the concrete conditions of our lives. In the play The Tempest, by William...

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Feminism and Marginalization

from full social and political citizenship. They argue that the constant differentiation, however has been that women have been given an inferior or secondary status in the society because of the assumed natural sexual difference pg9-10 (freedman. Feminism). For centuries difference has been the starting point of and justification for the creation of different social roles for men and women. Not only was women’s biological capacity for child birth and breast feeding and the generally lesser physical...

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Feminism in Hamlet

“Feminist Criticism and Its Integration in Hamlet” In the play Hamlet, by William Shakespeare, many controversies arose from the text, one of which was feminism. Feminism in the most general of terms is known as the principle advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men. Feminism was a largely debated issue in the context of eighteenth century literature specific to many of Shakespeare’s texts. Feminist Criticism is similar in content but is more specific and...

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Feminism Paper

Feminism Paper-Gender Inequality Sociology 101-Graham Cook March 17, 2014 “The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any” -Alice Walker The issue of gender inequality is a publicly known problem which has been occurring in society for decades. Gender inequality still exists in today’s society. The problem of gender inequality can be seen most prominently through women’s representation in the media. In order to understand this issue, one must get...

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Feminism in Literature

Feminism in Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre and Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House Feminism, if anything, has appeared majorly in the literature spectrum through all decades and forms. Feminism is the political, cultural, or economic movement aimed at establishing equality and protection for all women. No matter the time period or place feminism has always been a popular literary topic that has made a few works quite notorious, including Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte and A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen...

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Victorian Feminism

In the following essay, I will discuss the topic of feminism and the influence it had on Victorian literature. I will present my argument in relation to the ideology of the period, the female intellect associated with certain literature and the criticism that such authors faced during the period. I will argue that as a result of the oppression suffered, female authors saw such offense as their foundation for their production of literature. I will base the bulk of my argument around the author...

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Feminism v. Sexual Politics

 Today there is ample discussion about women’s full equality and the direction of feminism. Many question whether feminism has been achieved, forgotten, or simply redefined. In my opinion, feminism is anything but dead, there is simply more work to be done. That being said, the refocus of feminist’s values proposes a problem. The theory of feminism, rooted in “creation and acquiescence” has been remolded to concentrate on “destruction and refusal.” (Halberstam) This drastic change in values has...

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the Second Wave of Feminism

affected New Zealand society Event: The Second Wave of Feminism The Second Wave of Feminism flourished in the 1970s as a result of gender discrimination against women and inequality in New Zealand. The issue of abortion was a significant social feature of the Second Wave of Feminism. Women felt that they needed to be represented politically to gain economic independence and raise awareness of important social issues. The Second Wave of Feminism had both short and long term political, economic and...

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Feminism: an Argument or Success

FEMINISM: An Argument or Success In the context of the old family based mode of production In India, although they were definitely oppressed by men - women were not conscious of the limits imposed on their individual development and even less of the limits imposed on their fundamental social rights. First as a daughter, later as a wife and mother, a woman would spend her life within the confines of the home and the only society that she actually knew was that of the family basis. Women then begin...

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Defining Feminism

December 11, 2012 Jonathan Deane Introduction to Research Defining Feminism Feminism in writing has a very broad definition and varies by source and historical perspective. Generally, a feminist author will write about the women playing a role more important than society would permit. Their work is usually critical of social limits placed on women. It is very difficult to pinpoint what aspects of a book make the author a feminist whether you are a leisure reader or an analyst. Different...

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Feminism and Masculinity

assertions that masculinity has been in crisis, supposedly as a result of the feminist movement. The concept of mail dominance being in the best interests of society is greatly challenged by many feminists. Since the 1970s (find out when feminism first came about) feminism has had a great deal of impact on society as feminist protested against dominant male unity. Many other critics however believe that it is women's lives that have changed more so than men's. As Judith Stacey states in her book, Theory...

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Feminism and Institutional Oppression

As the rise of feminism advanced and reaped enormous benefits such as advancements in women rights, equality amongst men and equality within the work force, however, had failed to advance outdated ideologies that decayed societal progress creating gender and identity oppression. As feminism had risen, leaving behind the bigger problem, the epidemic of institutional and identity oppression were omnipresent in that contemporary world is a testament to this claim. Institutional oppression is the systematic...

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Women’s Movement and Feminism

non-governmental organizations, and so on. However, the realities of social life were not always so fair. Many years ago, women were not considered equal with men by a large extent. One of the most significant social movements in history is feminism. Feminism is a collection of movements and beliefs aimed at defining, establishing, and defending equal political, economic, and social rights for women. In a broad sense it is women’s goal towards equality with men in all spheres of society, while in...

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Feminism and the Rover

leads. The women in the play match the men in wit and intelligence. Their plot roles are often reversed and it is the women who shine through. It is clearly a feminist text. The lines spoken by the female characters embody the very definition of feminism. This text was ahead of its time for its portrayal of female characters and their roles in the play. Works Cited: Barry, Peter. Beginning Theory. Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2009. Print Behn, Aphra. The Rover. London: New Mermaids...

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Feminism: Gender Role and Women

Feminism is the fight for equality, freedom, respect and dignity for all women/principle of gender equality. In today’s modern world context, where women are perceived to be of equal status of men, many people may believe that there is already not a need for the practice of feminism. However, I feel that in all aspects of life and society, there is still a need for feminism due to the societal expectations, the dynamic characteristic of societies, as well as inequality and differences between men...

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Jane Eyre: Feminism

Feminism: Jane Eyre Unveiled Brittney Christensen English 153 Shona Harrison November 15th, 2012 “Feminism: The advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social and economic equality to men, statuses and classes.” The novel Jane Eyre greatly depicts many forms of feminism throughout, and is an eye opener as to how much time have changed and in a sense stayed the same since the Victorian Era. The thought of being exposed to such standards and conditions at such a young age...

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Feminism essay plans

It has been said that… It is clear that Feminism is very divided over their views, their core aims remain the same however the extent to which some want to go is far greater than others. AGREE-all are concerned to advance the social and political role of women-patriarchal structures can be challenged or overthrown-female emancipation LIBERALS-rooted in individualism(equal moral worth) and giving women a choice. Demand for equal...

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THE SHAPE OF THINGS – FEMINISM Throughout the play, the audience witnesses the determined characteristics of Evelyn. Labute portrays Evelyn as a tough, aggressive, risk-taker who happens to have an extreme theory of art. Evelyn also appears to be a strong-willed feminist, which is revealed to the audience in the ways to which she reacts about certain events in the play, including the relationships with Adam and Phillip, and her opinion of the nature of the statue. Despite it taking place later...

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Moroccan Feminism

independence and reform. Eventually, supported by the leftists, the feminist movement became secular, focusing on promoting equality and achieving a clear separation between religion, tradition, and culture. At the same time, an official version of feminism appeared with the creation of governmental associations which had the role of spreading activities throughout society that empowered women. These activities were not rooted in ideology and helped to fuse the feminist movement into the existing system...

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Heterosexism, Racism, and Feminism

 Heterosexism, Racism, and Feminism Sexuality is a fundamental aspect of being human all through life and includes gender identities, sex, and sexual orientation, roles, eroticism, intimacy, pleasure, and reproduction (Chapman, 2008). Sexuality is expressed and experienced in thoughts, ideas, fantasies, desires, manners, values, behaviors, roles, relationships and practices. Though sexuality can encompass all of these aspects, not all of them are for...

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My Response to Feminism

My Response to Feminism In my opinion, I feel that feminism still has its place in today’s world. Although, some take it too far and are somewhat extreme. I feel that as the feminist movement has progressed, more women have risen to power acquiring the taste of equality, it seems it comes at a cost. We are humans and in order to continue living on our planet we need to reproduce, and I feel that women are the best at rising children; I was raised solely by a women. I feel that women are very...

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Feminism in America - a Study Guide

Justice Simonetti APUSH The Suffrage Movement and New Feminism February 27, 2013 Declaration of Sentiments and Resolutions (1920) | * Delivered by Elizabeth Cady Stanton to an audience of about 200 women and 40 men * Resolutions * Laws that conflict with the happiness of a women are invalid * Laws that prevent a women from occupying a station are invalid * A woman is a man’s equal as dictated by god * Women should know the laws that restrain them ...

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Gone with the Wind and Feminism

Gone with the Wind and Feminism Posted by Miriam Bale on Sat, Mar 13, 2010 at 1:38 PM [pic] Molly Haskell, author ofFrankly, My Dear, will introduceGone with the Wind at Film Forum on Sunday afternoon. Gone with the Wind plays this weekend in Film Forum’s Victor Fleming festival, but is it really a Fleming film? Uber-producer David Selznick is the most consistent author, and Selznick doppelganger George Cukor directed a significant amount of scenes, giving this domestic war film some moments...

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Feminism Reflective Essay

Feminism is a very controversial topic in today’s society and has been growing greatly ever since World War II. In general, feminism refers to movements aimed at instituting and protecting equal political, economic, social rights and equal opportunities for all women. Some of these rights include legal protection, inclusion in politics, business, scholarship, recognition and building of women’s cultures and power. Feminism is contentious because it faces traditions in many areas especially for...

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Black Feminism in Britain

Black Feminism in Britain Black feminism in Britain is a very strong issue. This topic could be addressed in so many ways, so I decided to address the issue through others writings. Black women have been pressing the issue of equality for a very long time now, and being black women presents a two -fold issue on equality. Being Black automatically make you a minority and being a woman takes away from your standpoint even more. This is why Hazel Carby feels that being just a feminist is nit...

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First Wave Feminism Essay

Wave Feminism In today’s world, women are still living in a male dominant society where even when we get married, we vow to love, honor, and obey our husband. Even today we are still fighting for many rights for women, including: equal pay, the right for abortion, the end of rape, the right for contraceptives, and many other important rights that men have ( or do not need to worry about). “The movement to end sexism, sexist exploitations, and oppression . . .” (Hooks 37) is known as feminism. Today...

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yellow wallpaper and feminism

Ladan Abdullahi “The Yellow Wallpaper” and Feminism Feminism is a movement in which women fought for equal social, political and economical rights as men. A feminist text usually has a woman in a male dominated society struggling against misogynistic ideologies and social norms in a patriarchal society. ‘’The Yellow Wallpaper’’ is an archetype of a feminist text. ‘’ The Yellow Wallpaper’’ is about a woman’s journey slowly descending into madness by her controlling physician husband. The story...

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Margaret Atwood- Feminism

Jennifer Yeomelakis Major Author Rough Draft 2/13/12 Feminism in the Works of Margaret Atwood Feminism is the belief and advocacy of equal rights for woman. This belief is shown through Margaret Atwood’s works, although she doesn’t believe so “Every time you write from the point of view of a woman, people say it’s feminist.” Critics all of the world disagree with her and say that Atwood’s novels are blatantly feministic. Margaret Atwood uses time, male chauvinism, and jealousy to display...

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Rape: Feminism and Camille Paglia

are and blames women for not being careful around them. Paglia's thesis was, "Rape is an outrage that cannot be tolerated in civilized society. Yet feminism, which has waged a crusade for rape to be taken more seriously, has put young women in danger by hiding the truth about sex from them." (Page 540) Her argument here is that because feminism is hiding the truth about sex from women, it is putting them in a sexual danger. Paglia is trying to inform women about the dangers of mixed signals...

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Black Feminism

Black FeminismFeminism in general is a collection of movements and ideologies aimed at defining, establishing, and defending equal political, economic, and social rights for women.” Black Feminism is a strand of feminist thought, which highlights the manifold disadvantages of gender, class and race that shape the experiences of nonwhite women. Black feminist organizations emerged during the 1970s and they had to face manifold difficulties from both the white feminist and Black Nationalist...

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Feminism Has Only Just Begun

Feminism Has Only Just Begun Levy, Ariel. "Women and the Rise of Raunch Culture." Reading Pop Culture: A Portable Anthology. Ed. Jeff Osbourne. Boston: Bedford/St. Martin's, 2013. 158-161. Print. In Ariel Levy's article "Women and the Rise of Raunch Culture," she describes how raunch culture is a blow to more traditional feminist ideals. She describes how culture is changing and women are wearing less and less clothing. She also describes how she thinks this is damaging feminism. When Levy asked...

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Philosophy of Feminism

Philosophy of Feminism Final Exam The philosophy of feminism involves attempting to use the methods of philosophy to further the cause of feminist movements. Bell hooks is a feminist who successfully does exactly that. I will discuss how Kimberlé Crenshaw’s literature Traffic at the Crossroads: Multiple Oppressions has a very similar underlying vision shared with bell hooks about what it takes to effectively liberate women in society. I will also discuss how Judith Butler’s postmodern theories...

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Feminism in the Story of an Hour

Feminism in the story of an hour Feminism is an ideology dealing with women's struggles for the same rights as men.   It proposed that all women should be politically, economically, and socially equal to men.   The idea arose in the 19th century and is synonymous with the Women's Rights Movement of the 1900s.      Women were discriminated against by males and treated like second class citizens.   They did not have the right to vote and married women did not have the right to own their on land...

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Feminism In Jane Eyre

men so women are denied many rights both political and social. How did the origins of gender inequality in the past centuries start? It is not entirely clear why people have viewed men and women so differently. Fortunately, as the first seeds of feminism began to take root, people began to realize that men and women should be treated as equals politically, economically, culturally, and socially. Even though the existence of gender inequality has still not yet been completely resolved across the globe...

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Jane Eyre Presentation on Feminism

Jane Eyre Through the Ages: Postcolonial and Other Rewritings of a Victorian Novel Jane Eyre: a feminist tract 1. Feminism- a definition : - Oxford English Dictionary Online: 1. The qualities of females 2.  Advocacy of the rights of women (based on the theory of equality of the sexes - Dictionary of Feminist Theory: 1. belief that women suffer injustice because of the sex 2. social movement that seeks equal rights for women existing inequality between...

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Second Wave Feminism

First-wave feminism was about suffrage and getting over legal obstacles like voting rights, property rights Second-wave feminism was about much more like sexuality, family, the workplace, reproductive rights, de facto inequalities, and official legal inequalities. Second-wave feminism also fought violence with proposals for marital rape laws, establishment of rape crisis and battered women's shelters, and changes in custody and divorce law. Second-wave thought pop culture was sexist so the created...

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Feminism and Early Women Writers

in scope. Although initially a singular endeavor, rooted in social and political considerations aimed at establishing gender equality, feminism is now a series of separate disciplines with a myriad of definitions and connotations; indeed, it has transformed into a powerful cultural movement that has spawned so many ideological branches the plural form of “feminisms” is now appropriate. Without a doubt, the feminist movement has fundamentally shifted the direction of American society in virtually...

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Realism, Liberalism and Feminism

Realism, Liberalism and Feminism In our modern world we can communicate instantly worldwide, cook a full meal in under a minute, and have enough weapons to destroy not only our planet but just about any planet that gives us a funny look. Of course while technology progresses at its incredible rate, we squabble and argue over who gets what, and what they can or cannot do with it, whether or not that is what it is or if it is something that it truly isn't… and frankly it's all very confusing. Luckily...

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Feminism and the Philosophy of Science

Feminism and the Philosophy of Science A Critical Evaluation Introduction This paper is aims to critically evaluate whether feminism helps to provide a good alternative perspective to science. In the modern world, “science” has come to mean the intellectual and practical activity – characterised by observation and experiment – involving the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical or natural world.i However, in the pre-modern age “science” (from Latin, scientia) was...

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Feminism in Literature

Samuel Rodriguez 801-12-7900 INGL 3103-126 Prof. Nikita Nankov February 10, 2013 Feminism in literature Feminism is defined as a collection of movements and ideologies that are focused on establishing equal economic, political, and social rights for women. This includes equal employment opportunities for women. There is a big misconception of the feminist movement. A lot of people take a radical approach; they focus on a theory that there is a male supremacy to oppress women. The radical...

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Feminism and Literary Criticism

However, the true origins of the movement can be traced as far back as the late 18th century with Mary Wollstonecraft’s: ‘A vindication of the rights of women” (1792). Feminist Literary Criticism is informed by feminist theory or by the politics of feminism more broadly. Its history has been broad and varied, from classic works of 19th century women authors such as George Eliot and Margaret Fuller to cutting 1 Sanja Dalton, predavač, Visoka tehnička škola strukovnih studija iz Uroševca, sa privremenim...

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Feminism in Novel Makaan of Paigham Afaqui

Femisnism in novel Makaan of Paigham Afaqui Feminist literature, as the name suggests, is based on the principles of feminism, and refers to any literary work that centers on the struggle of a woman for equality, and to be accepted as a human being, before being cast into a gender stereotype. Not all these works follow a direct approach towards this goal of equality. It is only through such media that women believed a change was possible in the way they were perceived in society. Not all feminist...

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