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Unit 3 – Outcome2 Design Industry Practice

is delivered. Talk about a specific design example. All the design needs to be examined in order to figure out if it functions perfectly. (Newson’’s material that is used in nickel surfboard need to be tested in order to see if the material actually can be functional on water when it is used to make in that surfboard.) 10. Has this designer ever had major problems / frustrations with a design commission? Why did this happen? Who was involved and why? Newson’ gets along well without having...

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Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and Sunset Boards

a small company that manufactures and sells surfboards in Malibu. Tad Marks, the founder of the company, is in charge of the design and sale of the surfboards, but his background is in surfing, not business. As a result, the company's financial records are not well maintained. The initial investment in Sunset Boards was provided by Tad and his friends and family. Because the initial investment was relatively small, and the company has made surfboards only for its own store, the investors haven't...

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Narrative Essay: So How Long Are You Staying Here Carolina?

on the past. My mothers surf shed rests in the back of the yard. The tan and black edges so neat with every stroke. With the pit of courage I have left in me, I trudge to the shed. An exhale leaves my lungs as my hands push open the handles. Ten surfboards neatly line the wall. She designed each and every one of them, each one telling a different message. The blue one, my brothers favorite color. She hoped someday when he started surfing that could be his first board. Then the one with four sea turtles...

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Bethany Hamilton: A Brief Biography

the reason why I chose her. She has taught people to not give up on their dreams and have faith. Bethanys personality traits would include faithful, courageous and strong. People look up to her because she is hopeful because she got back on her surfboard only 2 months after the attack and did not give up on surfing. Bethany has taught many including me to have faith and never give up on their dreams. Bethany once said “courage doesn’t mean you don't get afraid. Courage means you don't let fear stop...

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Corporate Reporting

a prototype surfboard in 2008 at a cost of $780,000 and according to AASB 138 (21 & 57), the test for deferral and recognition of development as an intangible asset journal is that it is probable that a future economic benefit would flow to the entity. In this case McGoy Ltd received forward orders of $40 million. Therefore the journal entry to record development costs would be: 2011 DR CR Prototype Development (asset) Bank (To record cost of developing prototype surfboard) 780,000 ...

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Essay On Skateboarding

Urethane wheels was made so skaters could do a lot more, with the old clay wheels which was a noisy and bumpy ride. Thanks to the urethane it is now smooth and silent. The urethane wheels has more grip which makes it easy to stay on the concrete. Some surfboard companies like Makaha and Hobie start making more better quality skateboards with the urethane wheels. Do you know who invented the first skateboard? No one really knows! Many people have claimed that they made the first skateboard,but we will never...

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Duke Kahanamoku's Poem

size-thirteen feet. After Duke was finished with high school he devoted time for his sports, which were swimming and surfing. He made a club with all his friends it was called “Hui Nalu Surf Club” started in 1911. They competed in outrigger canoes and surfboard clubs in regattas. Going further in Duke Kahanamoku’s life, his passion for swimming led him to the olympics. He first started in Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) swimming event held in hawaii. Kahanamoku won the swimming race, the time of 55.4 seconds...

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campaign of Havaianas in the following year “Twinsbros & Havaianas Surf Team” The TwinsBros Factory has its headquarters in Livorno(Italy) and is structured specifically for the production of high quality surfboards The first goal of the collaboration is to create a set of surfboards and material competition sponsored Havaianas The second one is sponsor a team of surfers who will turn Italy to participate the races of the Italian circuit “Twinsbros & Havaianas Surf Team” Return in...

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Narrative Essay

I grab my backpack, my flip-flops, and my surfboard on the way out of the door. Lucky for me my parents don’t wake up easily, or I would definitely be getting a tongue-lashing from them early in the morning. I quietly tread the worn down staircase of our old 1800’s Japanese style house, breathing in and out slowly just to keep my nerves together. Step by step, I finally reached the bottom of the staircase. With a backpack strapped behind me and a surfboard clutched to my side, I quickly snuck out...

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Personal Narrative On My Fourth Of July

of either wine or apple cider and started toasting and said happy fourth of july. This was the very first fourth of july that I had happend to spent away from home and I felt more happy than ever before . And the last day I happen to learn how to surfboard and when everything was already packet we left and I felt as if a part of me will always stay behind but can't wait to come back next summer....

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